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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 258

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-= weekly leaderboard update =-     so many leader changes !!! :ph34r:   Great Playing, Everyone!   Rock On!!!!

hey guys, I fell off a roof and broke my right wrist last week so I'm going to be out of the Championship for a while. I already have Cars DL'd and have almost gotten 100% so it sucks that this happen

Thanks guys, yea I'm going back to work tomorrow so hopefully by next week I should be playing again. At most 2 weeks from now, no matter what. Oh and advance bass players better watch out when I get

I went to work way to fast, that didn't work out. Back started killing me within the first hour. Still going to be back within 2 weeks, might have to play sitting down for a while though. Why do basses have to be so heavy! lol Oh and thanks for the diehard badge, I wasn't being serious about the special treatment though so if I haven't played consistently enough feel free to remove it. I do wonder why winner badges don't stay on your profile though. I really wanted to have all the bass badges show up under my User's Awards. Maybe a monochrome badge for previous champions?

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@@Hughmonty I am so sorry! I was going to give up, but decided I'd give it three more chances.

Then this happened:


The biggest fluke of my life! All tries between 7th and 18th have been 96 - 97.2 %, so I definitely didn't expect a +1 %. This is one of those weird songs where you miss one strum and suddenly you are totally out of rhytm for 2-4 bars.


Phases are a bit annoying though.


Latest championship entries (click each timestamp to see the full screenshot.)



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Last time I entered the challenge (which happened to be also my first participation) I had a strong pain on my left fingers, so I decided to rest a bit, and now I'm trying more the bass path. I have played the beginner bass some times: 


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+1 free point for master mode. Thank pete for that rule change. I don't have to do that again to get that 96.4+ :D


Latest championship entries (click each timestamp to see the full screenshot.)



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