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3/27/2014 Update

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Hello all, 


On a personal note I have my 25th birthday coming up April 1st (April Foolsday), and I just got a new job last week so my life has been busy.

I have not however been forgetting about CF at all, we have active developers working on future versions of search.


I'm proud to announce we almost have 2,300 CDLC's. New features for our search:You can now "Follow" a post and receive updates when someone updates their CDLC. 

(You can check your settings here: http://customsforge.com/index.php?app=core&module=usercp&tab=core&area=notifications [under pages > Notification method for new versions of songs ]


I'm also happy to officially announce we've been working on Search3 (codename: "Ignition")

We have tons of new features that everyone will be excited about. Our developers are working hard on bringing you all of the features you want.Thank you everyone who's been supporting us, your donations help keep everything going. 

I understand it's a bit expensive right now but once major development done we should be able to have everything under $200 a month (not including IP. Board license renewals)We will have more updates in the future and thank you everyone for your support.  

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Good news to hear about all the new features on the site. Congratulations on the new job, hope its really good for you.


Thanks for making Customs Forge a successful community with a lot of people creating and playing great customs. We are having loads of fun!! Please take a couple of bucks from donations and buy a cold one, you sure deserve it. 

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Congrats on the new job and happy birthday!!


The site has been growing nicely. Thank you to our user group as they have made it so it really requires very little moderation. It's great to have such a great community here with us!


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"If you expect the world to be fair with you because you are fair, you're fooling yourself. That's like expecting the lion not to eat you because you didn't eat him."


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Happy belated buffday  and congrats on the new job. Thank you once again for keeping the comunity alive and well :cool:

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Just kicked in a few more bucks.
Looking at the users of CF earlier, there were 125 people online, 18 of which were marked as contributing in some way (donator, magna charter, mod, developer, admin, etc.) Not all charters have a particular color right now, so I don't know how many "charters in white" there were, but 18/125 comes to about 14%. Even if 18 charters in white are assumed, 36/125 is still less than 3 out of 10 who have contributed charts/money/time/effort.
My point being, if you spend much time on the site and/or download more than a few songs, please consider contributing of either your time and/or your money. I tried charting way back when, but gave up after many frustrating and unproductive hours. That being the case, I give money and try to leave useful and constructive comments on CDLCs.
TL/DR: If you're not charting/administering/moderating/developing/organizing, donate money to the cause.

For the love of god, people, no bitching/whining/complaining. If you don't like something, either state it constructively...or keep it to yourself.


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I donated but still can't download... Why?



Is a donation required to download?


You don't need to donate to download.

Mothman is real and he sold me coke in a dimly lit JC Penney's.





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hello , i'm back in the forumms ^^ (  titanfall rule ....)


i have a mistake , in the browser , i clic on the down arrow and i fall on a page without information, without link , without video .... without all in a fact lol  only a advertising for coca cola ^^


it's me or what ?


thanks for the reply and for  the explanation

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