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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 21

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@@Rottenboozer Believe me I know how you feel bro. I have two guitars that I use just for this game and its still a pain in the ass when you have to change tunings on songs. I really want to get mysel

step by step it goes higher :) http://s26.postimg.org/izpks0gm1/smile_kashmir_95.jpg   I thought this week I did not come so high great scores @ all

Told ya :p

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@@Smile Nice score, it seems you like you always want me to get a better score than you :P Well to rephrase your scores motivate me to get better scores. 


Edit: Note to whoever edit's the Leaderboards. I've changed my name from catalyst to cauzt1cz. I've used the name cauzt1cz for a long time and I decided to go back to it. Thank you.

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@@MaZtoR You can definitely do Kashmir with scores like that. I can't even get a gold on score attack with that song :( It's like I miss one chord and I get a strike... Don't let Kashmir intimidate you it's not that hard I don't think. It was definitely intimidating at first though for someone that's in the beginner's class.

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it was painful with hole in third finger but 



in fact this is little harder for me 




and hardest i think but played only one time


one year old bass player

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@@Szur I'm a huge Led Zepplin fan and the chemistry between John Paul Jones and John Bonham was amazing. You really have to work at learning the songs all the way through. Following Jones as he goes off rhythm and back or while he holds rhythm while Bonham goes off and back makes the songs a bit more challenging then the notes may suggest.  At least that's my take on it.

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It's good to know that everyone I idolize at one time or another in their career was where I am right now.


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Sooooooooo. @@Smile you rock. I give my best to keep up to you. The only problem I have is, that I have my top ~20Songs I like to train every day, and then the tuning to d sucks balls. So I would play it more often if it would be in E standard....


Whatever good scores everyone. Let's all try to get 100% on our level ;P


I promise i will get better :O

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Go for it!


Here's one more. I'll try to play it 3 more times, than I have to go paaaaartiing!

BTW: Somehow in Scoreattack, i cannot complete kashmir because it's not recognizing my chords (the 12/11  10/9 and so on, you know what I mean :P)  but on learning a song it's okay. How can this happen?


Whatever nice evening(if I can't get a better score the next 3 times, hrhr)


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So i played Kashmir....... Could not even keep it purple. Might have to give it a few more tries later today.






Practice makes perf.....  improvements.



Told ya :p

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sorry for the lack of recent updates to the leaderboard and for my lack of participation this week I have been sick with the flu and its kicking my ass. Really great job from all of you, those scores are really impressive. Keep them coming as you can only continue to get better guys. 


Leaderboard Updated


@@cauzt1cz your name has been changed in the leaderboard. 

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Well, my first run today rocksmith is registering pretty good and got a decent score, next run registering got worse but got a better overall score. Wish I could combine the two together. I missed some of the barré chords at the end due to registering, hadn't missed one the run before. Kinda strange.


but anyways, this is it for now: 





BTW: Somehow in Scoreattack, i cannot complete kashmir because it's not recognizing my chords (the 12/11  10/9 and so on, you know what I mean  :P)  but on learning a song it's okay. How can this happen?




Actually, what I said might be due to this... Although the 0/12/0/12 - 0/12/0/11 - etc part did register pretty good (only later in the song, the first time that part comes I actually got that strike). In LAS the barré 555755 and 777977 part went perfect, had a 200 streak, second time in SA those weren't always registering.. pretty strange. 


I do too wonder how this can happen.. 

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