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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 21


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Da Rules


(Credit to the Ubi Forums for some Ideas!):


1. Anyone may join the contest as long as he's a forum member.


2. You can play "Score Attack" On Hard or "Learn a Song" with all sections mastered (all purple): You may also play a song which does not have DD on Score Attack easy if you cannot get through it on hard as all the notes will still show up on easy but it won't X you out as easily.


3. There are three classes: Beginner, Intermediate and Masterclass. If you enter to the contest the first time, you choose your class.


3.2 You are then leveled automatically as follows: 3x =>90% (3 weeks in a row) or 1x 98% qualifies you for the next class. If you score <=79% on a level two weeks in a row you are leveled down one class. You may choose to follow this rule or not we are very laid back on this rule as some songs are either easier or harder so if a given song in a class is too difficult for you please feel free to enter by playing the song you feel comfortable with.


4. Both instruments are leveled separately.


5. You may only enter in one class per arrangement. (Bass, Rhythm, lead) but you may participate in all available arrangements


6. One Song is chosen for all Instruments and classes


7. Every Saturday new songs are chosen. From all participants of a class, one is chosen at random by Kaijin, Krazyone or Richomat.


8. Every member should put the song he/she would choose in the Song Selection List


9. Only 1 song per class will be selected and only custom DLC's with at least 1 arrangement for guitar and 1 arrangement for bass are allowed. Also Originally included DLC may be selected as well. NO OFFICIALLY RELEASE DLC is supported at this time. .


10. You only need to change the song in the list if you are selected. If not, you can keep the same choice, or choose another, it's up to each one of you.


11. On Saturday, if your name is picked and you didn't entered any song in the Song Selection List, another member will be chosen.


12. Starting with the publication of the songs, you may enter your score.


13. The scores are entered in the corresponding google doc: Leaderboard Kaijin, Krazyone, richomat and afterdark take care of entering the scores.


14. You must post a screenshot with your score showing the Accuracy %.


15. Ranking is done by percentage first, then by Longest Streak.


16. If you play LAS (Learn a Song), you percentage will be always, xx.00%, if you prefer SA (Score Attack), your percentage will always be xx.xx%.


17. You may choose any song for your class as long as it's provided on the forums and has at least 1 arrangement for each instrument.


18. Every song is up for discussion until Sunday around 23:00 UTC. If you think a song is to hard, please let us know in the thread, so we may discuss it.


19. After Sunday 23:00 the songs are set and are not allowed to change.


20. The contest closes the next Saturday around 18:00 UTC


21. The winners are announced in the OP of the corresponding week's thread.


22. Rules may change without notice. So watch out.











Beginner:Asian Kung Fu Generation - Haruka kanata


Intermediate: Led Zeppelin - Kashmir


Masterclass: Guns N' Roses - November Rain



Last weeks winners:


Lead Beginner: Smile

Lead Intermediate: ffsimaloos3r

Lead Masterclass: Mr Pi

Rhythm Masterclass: Cannalonga

Bass Beginner: Kabraxis

Bass Intermediate: Szur

Bass Masterclass: Cannalonga


Congrats to all the winners. Now lets get this new week started.

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I guess I will start it off with my first score for the MC song. 




This song is long but its gotta be one of my all time favorite songs. I will do better I am sure as this is the first playthrough I tried with all sections maxxed. 

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  @Krazyone Does the song selection list get updated every Saturday to reflect a new weeks choice by us? I want to play November Rain - Master Class   please.


Not because I think I'm master class capable.   Rather,  because I watched the video of November Rain was almost overwhelmed with emotion and memories.


Conversely, while respecting the talent of most of the musicians in Led Z., I must confess to a life long dislike of Mr. Plantes shrill voice.

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Kasnitch you are welcome to play whichever song you want to play. We do not force people to play anything. The song selection list spreadsheet is editable by all and you may enter in there any song you want to play. If your song gets chosen one week you then need to switch the song to a new one but only if your song was chosen for the current week. If your song selection does not get chosen you may leave your choice on there for the next week unless you decide you want to play something else. 

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I think everybody from lower classes is very welcome on higher classes.


But i think its best that if higher class players play lower classes they shouldn't  score to have a better competition and motivation the lower class players.


@@Thrallsa - last week it was cvery close as in same of the last weeks!. Great playing!


I love November Rain  but never played it before. Already tuned my Epiphone Slash to Eb. Its great to play this song with a Slash Les Paul

If i have enough time this week i will try to go beyond 95! 

Let´s Rock

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@@Rottenboozer Believe me I know how you feel bro. I have two guitars that I use just for this game and its still a pain in the ass when you have to change tunings on songs. I really want to get myself some more guitars as well just to keep each guitar at a specific tuning just so I don't have to retune the guitars every time I want to play a new song. 

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Ok decided to try intermediate this week. Like the song :smile:


More to come I hope, wife is out of town I'm off the next two days.


Posted Image

It's good to know that everyone I idolize at one time or another in their career was where I am right now.


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I removed that part of the rules as we are very relaxed here and don't want to limit people in playing songs. Some songs are easier to play than others and to be pushed into a difficulty that one may not be comfortable playing in is unfair. Everyone may choose what difficulty they want to play in. If a song is too difficult for someone they aren't forced to play it just because they are in that "level". We will still recommend people to play in certain difficulties though. I myself am playing the MC song this week even though I no where near think of myself as masterclass material. I tend to go up and down depending on the songs that area picked.


Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk

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I am going to have to withdraw for this week. The November Rain custom is not working properly on my computer. I tuned to Eb standard, but the chord names and chord positions are confusing the hell out of me.


As the song starts a B chord is shown to be played  but the tab shown and sound is for a Cmaj chord. Then the scroll shows an E chord is next, and the tab notes and sound is an F chord.


Too confusing for me.  Sorry about that.

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Aww don't give up. It threw me for a loop at first but then u just ignored the actual chord names and just played what it shows on the screen and that worked perfect for me. Being that it is in alternate tuning those are the real chords that you are playing. Just pretend that you are using a capo but without the capo.


Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk

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Aww don't give up. It threw me for a loop at first but then u just ignored the actual chord names and just played what it shows on the screen and that worked perfect for me. Being that it is in alternate tuning those are the real chords that you are playing. Just pretend that you are using a capo but without the capo.Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk


I went back through the song after a couple Rocksmith reboots to make certain...  the volume drops right off in a couple spots later in the song, and notes stop appearing on the scroll way for one section also.


I hope you get a good one this week Krazyone :) I'll use this week to hopefully put up Knights of Cydonia on the tube and start working on Unnatural Selection.

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