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  1. Clean Bandit Mastodon Ghost Biffy Clyro Avenged Sevenfold Metallica All on Monday at Pinkpop. It was such a great experience.
  2. Kingmaker isn't even comparable to Five Magics in terms of difficulty. But so is all of Rust In Peace, I guess.
  3. I'll go to Pinkpop, but just on the 9th June. So I'm going to see: - Mastodon - Ghost - Rob Zombie - Biffy Clyro - Aveneged Sevenfold - Metallica Maybe other bands, too, but I won't go to far away from the mainstage. All those bands I listed are playing there and I want to have a good spot for Metallica. I also think about going to Rock Am Ring for one day, too, but daytickets are so fucking expensive.
  4. I read the rules for this week and my question is: Isn't there any up - or downleveling anymore?
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