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  1. Ghost - Mary On A Cross please .
  2. would love to play Kiss the Go Goat . thanks for all the customs .
  3. I try to put up 10+ song covers in lead + rhythm per year, depending on how my health has been https://www.youtube.com/user/kasnitch/videos
  4. same right here . worked many years and now I get to immerse myself in learning music , a dream made real thanks to RS and CF .
  5. same here : getting that Whoops gone wrong message. was fine last night . nothing has changed on my PC . win 7 x 64 ult and mozilla fox . take care 2K.
  6. I am very fortunate to have two Horizons . Esp are epic imo . Have never seen that model , lovely guitar .
  7. try V Pick or Gravity . plenty of styles and thickness to choose from . I get pressure perspiration also when recording videos . these are made of an acryllic that will grip your skin once it warms up . they also have nice attack and tone. they are more expensive .. last longer . I use a standard metal file to re-profile the edges when it wears down . 6 picks per year and I play 3+ hours per day.
  8. hey Elison and TRR crew . nice to see you post here. my fav was Closing Time . nice playing as usual.
  9. Hope you get summa cum laude . your tones and customs certainly are. thanks for all your excellent work .
  10. I see your problem Vlad. you've only played the song once.
  11. I'm 9 hours up north of you. I hate the cold, but hate the city more :wacko: BTW: I always play RS2014 offline. from too many years of game producers releasing patches that screw crap up to bumps with internet providers, I prefer to play un-attached to the net. quite honestly being on disability, money is tight and if I can only play RS when I can afford to pay for internet, is unacceptable. you can modify your shortcut as follows which will force a game off the internet into offline mode. you will get a pop-up from windows firewall asking if you will allow program xxxxx access to the internet. if you want to stay offline, ignore that. example: right click the properties of your shortcut to see where the shortcut points to initiate the main executable : "D:\Rocksmith 2014\Rocksmith2014.exe" then add the following as shown: "D:\Rocksmith 2014\Rocksmith2014.exe" \offline then click 'apply' and you're done. BTW2 - were you using a quality AV program before the hostile invasion ? I've been using Avast free AV software for years now and I'm happy to say even when directed to a scum ridden webserver, or sent malicious executables as attachments, it has always instantly detected the malodorous intruders, but has also deleted or quarantined them. to my knowledge, hostile code should only be able to enter your computer by means of being executed as an application, or for some reason, allowing guest privileges for someone to remotely connect to your computer. I don't think anyone wants to go the the trouble of finding a way for code to unwrap itself hidden inside a .psarc file for a couple hundred or so victims. what they will do is infect webservers with delivery packages in the guise of popups for things like ... your flash needs to be updated instantly ... click here to download - your site certificate seems to not be in order - click here to get a new one .. blah blah and on and on. imho the only way to get rid of computer disease is to wipe all the drives and possibly even the bios as well. best of luck in the future. :ph34r:
  12. you guys should do the new Muse song Psycho .. a frigging blast to play and is lyrically one of the most important and societally relevant things I've ever heard and I've been around since the 50's ... like it or not my friends the evil m'fers controlling world's governments have an agenda and that is Totalitarian Dystopia . I say Fuck them. all of them. anyways, that is a great song I'm trying to polish up for upping to youTube and also the same for Wind of Change by PC Plum .. you all take care. :ph34r:
  13. Calgary represent ;) playing at a level where you can get leg-en on Master .... dayum I believe another Calgarian musician is LittleV Mills who does some bad-ass video game music vids on YouTube.
  14. I only hate on Oligarch's trying to create wars, famine, chaos and an elite ruling class. I also hate d-bags, human rights violators, evil. never on musicians, free spirits, passion, music etc. Geddy Lee the world class bass master and musician. Many times acclaimed as the bassist who plays like a lead player on guitar. I was encouraging Noony and maybe others after her to start using Rocksmith to learn guitar also. 13 months ago after 5 years of struggling to learn how to play guitar, I was total shite. 13 months of RS and now 4 hours practice a day or more if my fingers can take it, I'm not shite anymore, and I have a new passion and love in my life. If you can play multiple instruments, it adds so much depth, character, feel and immersion to your playing. ps. way to go Frippchen :)
  15. Noony you are getting too good .. I think you should start playing guitar and really challenge your mettle
  16. My favourite very well made - SF studio quality cdlc are: Nacholede - Metallica - Whiskey in the Jar - there are likely more great ones by him, but i haven't played them yet. PC Plum - Bryan Adams - Everything I Do - Live - Heaven - When You're Gone
  17. 7 months ago I was trying to play 4 hours a day. I ended up with thumb joint pain and fingers that wouldn't stop aching. This was from not warming up nearly long enough, and far too much pressure when fretting notes, or bar chords. I started warming up for 45 minutes using legato only. I've been training my fingers to independently fret notes across all 6 strings, diagonal runs backwards and forwards, chord shape arpeggios, 5 and 6 fret stretches, with eyes closed so your fingers can get to know where they are by touch only. Pretty much imperative to sight read while playing Rocksmith. It does take a while to train the hand, but the results have been no more pain in my hands, and much better accuracy, touch, feel and fluidity in my playing.
  18. The admins here won't allow someone to up cdlc unless they are the author or have the permission of the creator. I believe I can however, share my personal dropbox link with you to this work for your own enjoyment. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xj54nxz2oum0com/TSO%20-%20A%20Mad%20Russian%27s%20Christmas_p.psarc?dl=0
  19. http://gravitypicks.com/collections/picks/products/sunrise?variant=898682935 I just received an 8 pick sampler pack of Gravity Picks this afternoon. All of them are excellent plectrums, but for me the standout and new ultimate pick I've ever had is the 3mm Sunrise Standard. They may cost a little extra, but these suckers are handmade one at a time, and play effortlessly.
  20. nay you are not .. I was in first year university when disco got rolling .. fav t-shirt back then = disco sucks shit I just flashed back on Disco Duck ..
  21. The black one ( my favourite), is from Levy's Leather . The other is a western diamondback rattlesnake. http://i1365.photobucket.com/albums/r745/Kasnitch/GuitarStrapsNovember2_zps9c657b1f.jpg
  22. I agree almost 100% Noony ... I got camera yips really bad even when it was turned off ;) .. the archiving process helps a great deal with confidence and skill .. I'm almost to the point where I would consider playing in front of strangers .. but be thankful I don't film above the neck .. I was graced with many decent attributes .. but some m'fer took my place in the looks line at least twice, and my one mirror isn't the kiss ass one of legend :)
  23. does that song title translate to " light the fire " ? je besoin un nouveau vie, et une poid de mm. pour mon fete lol .
  24. this is only in jest of course .. ermm... if you try some A7X on full diff ... you will feel much better about it in very short order..:) patience and slowing down to 5% or even 1% will help . I'll practice a section 500 times in a week if thats what it takes. I feel almost profound sorrow looking at this man in the picture.
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