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Replacing background with video? Is it even possible?


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This is more of a question regarding the stage when playing a song. I recall back on frets on fire it was possible with a mod to change the backdrop/stage to a video.


For example, a song would trigger the bands music video to play in the background instead of the default venue.


Would something like this be possible on rocksmith? I have not done much modding on this other than CDLC.

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A CDLC have only control over the showlights in the background, everything else is not managed by the song files.


And looking at how some people have a hard time to create a good greenscreen effect in RS, video seems like a quite complicated task but maybe not impossible.

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Would be great and even one of the things many are waiting for....


I still havent dropped hope for a new Rs with new long awaited features like rge above...


Anyone has any news?

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On 11/8/2016 at 8:32 PM, Vodka said:

I hated Royal Republic prev. time. I hate it this time too.

UPD: OK. I hate every song. I guess I need to stop.


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@@raynebc, someone should get a key and algo :P
I defined basic structure of the file with audio stems, but BF is dead, pretty much I've seen yousician forcing itself using RS hype train, bloody bastards :'\

anyway, RS has container for bnk vids in lessons, maybe someone could remap gamebryo interface to allow such thing, but it's not a trivial task even for ubi themselves so please use green BG mod and do some hacks with windows opacity by chromakey etc :D

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I doubt my experience could be used in this case , as it was on win 98 & Fofix, i exploited a bug to render videos background as it was not possible to do it in the game's options.


Here's what i posted in 2012:




""Fofix 3.120 Video Background Win XP ONLY

Several years ago i've discovered a usefull Bug in fofix 3.120 but only with win XP.

A particular black - grey color is not rendered in plein color, it's transparent !

So If you've got VLC running behind fofix, on the windows desktop, you could see the video though Fofix !!

your video could be in any format, if vlc can read it, you'll see it in fofix.

You Must use this particular Background in order to make this work:

the only problem is the alpha channels (half transparency) is no more rendered and you'll have a plein color when it's supposed to be semi transparent.

As I'm using Windows 7 now i'm no more using this tips (it seems that win 7 don't allow 2 applications to work at the same time this way.)

PS: I don't know if it still work with the news VLC you have to try.""








It was a perfect mod as it was using VLC for video treatment (low ressources used) & you've had the possibility to let your video folder out of the game & on another HDD. It was working perfectly.


I doubt it could be used with RS but it may give ideas ?

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To me the video thing sounds awesome. But the file size get really crazy.  Not everyone has cable internet or cracked their phones for unlimited hotspot use.

Seeing how the RS screen is somewhat supposed to reflect you looking out from the stage. Why can't there be an actual audience. That has been done, but it kept the file sizes lower and with some tweaking it was fun to see the reaction of the crowd when you were on a roll in a song.

 Just my $.02!

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