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Found 9 results

  1. How it works. Request a Tone in here. 1. Post a youtube link of the song. 2. Give a link for the CDLC without tone. (Keep the default one in the toolkit) 3. Say for which instruments you need the tone. 4. If you feel the song requires more tones. Say so and Say where in the song the second tone is so that the tone creator can hear it. 5. Wait patiently. 6. If your tone has been made and sent to you. Don't forget to say thank you and give them some credit when you post the CDLC. So hopefully some people are willing to help you out in here.
  2. I have two questions that have bugged me and I can't seem to find an answer for anywhere. First one, in Editor on Fire, say you have your song completely done. When you play it, you notice a slight out of sync on the whole song, when this happens do you really need to edit on EOF then go back to Wwise and then repackage the song again? Or simply saving it with the changes on EOF and then repackaging it will do the trick? Next question, I am familiar with how to make tones, how in the world do you get them out as an xml. file and how do you find them? I am having to do the technique where you get the amp or pedal and then you copy the numbers as is onto the toolkit, is this the only method?
  3. I'm doing the cdlc of Mind Mischief (actually i already have the tracks ready) I just need help to create the tones, because the tones of my previous cdlcs sucks and Tame impala have that awesome effects that cannot lack. So i invoke you who like Tame Impala to help me please because we get high with a little help from our friends ; )
  4. I'm currently working on a new CDLC with a special tone in it but I'm bad as hell in tone creating :D Does anyone have the time and could create a tone for me matching to the beginning riff in this one? http://listenonrepeat.com/watch/?v=wESn4Ppr4G8&s=0&e=11#Parkway_Drive_-_Dream_Run_%5BLyrics%5D_%5BHD%5D It's on repeat for the part with the tone. Thanks!
  5. Ok so I've been wanting this question answered but can't find it anywhere and hoping you all can help. I first got Rocksmith for XBOX 360 and when I couldn't fix the lag with my current audio settings I gave up and waited for Rocksmith 2014 edition on PC. Since I got the game I have been using the Real tone cable that came with the original Rocksmith for XBOX 360. My question is, is there an issue in using the XBOX 360 cable and if so should I invest in buying a new cable on Amazon that was meant for the PC edition? Any help or thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated. (:
  6. The more I played RS14, the more I got annoyed by bad tones. Not tones from charters, but the tones RS14 generates on my hifi. Even official customs sound poor. :huh: Santana doesn't sound like that, neither does Eric Johnson. Amp plugins like Amplitube, Guitar Rig, Waves GTR sound so much better on this same hifi. I envied my friends here who could play RS14 with a Y-split cable connected to the guitar, to split one cable to RS14 and the other to an effect pedal and their Amp. I read about some noise in threads by @doctorz and by @Hostilian how to get rid of it, by buying more electronic stuff, costing about 40€ for 1/4" input/outputs. It didn't convince me because I had real noise in the Amp and in RS14 when connecting a Y-cable... RS even recorded noise (speakers show waves) without connecting pedals, with the Amp shut off but plugged in. I start this thread because I couldn't find the tag "ground loop noise" Thanks to youtube, someone explained that electronic stuff "fights" for the ground. The one losing this fight gets current in his ground line, which causes the noise, and is not secure. To remove this noise, one item has to be connected without ground. I happen to have an elder plug without ground, and connected the Amp. And the noise was gone.. completely ... silence, a new world opens, what a difference to play through pedals/ amp. :lol: Now, I don't know the risks, specialists warn (should anybody play RS taking a bath, or outside, or during a storm?), but if you feel uncertain, don't do it. However many electric items have non grounded plugs (three connectors) desk-lamps, videorecorders, PS2, Hifi Amps, even my TV ... And I guess it's more secure not to have ground then to have an electric current on the ground line, at least for the equipment. :huh: Looking for another solution, I found out that some power box (maybe weakly grounded) reduce the noise of the Amp. Using a laptop with battery also silenced the ground noise, strangely only with the y-cable between the Pedal and the Amp. But the final (free) solution came when I didn't listen to the specialists (again) who say all connected pieces must go into the same power box. In fact I connected the PC to an opposite wall plug and no ground noise anymore, and no risk :) And if that doesn't help, consider the Behringer HD400 Microhd 2 Channel Hum Destroyer (about 40€ or 25$ / strange currency difference :huh:)
  7. I have started making CDLC and for some reason I cant figure out how to add in auto tone switches so in game I can have a verse tone and a chorus tone PLEASE HELP
  8. Soo I'm working on Rolling Stones-Doom and Gloom right now, but I don't know what tone should I use ... Any suggestions? :)
  9. I just downloaded Guitar Rig 5 and i wanted to create a tone wich has settings desttripcion and i have 3 questions: 1.)How can i set very specific settings for amp cabiant and etc.? 2.)How can i get back the numbers to see, ex:the master setting,wich is 7.5? 3.)How can i convert the saved tone to an XML. file? Edit:i Solved the second question,here is the website what i found I'm new to this and there's many thing that i have to know,Thanks!
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