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  1. Happy Birthday Mercenary!

  2. If you do like my work, feel free to support me with a donation: paypal.me/fr616

  3. @@raynebc A bug in the latest version (2-20-2019) I would say....when in EOF going over "Track" -> "Rocksmith" the selection options open on the left so if I go to "Fret Hand Positions" (for example) and want to move with my mouse to "Set" it closes before I can reach it. Same problem with "Song" -> "Seek" -> "Note".
  4. Happy Birthday Mercenary!

  5. Can't find Guitar tabs for this song. I will look forward to other DM songs so get surprised in (hopefully) the next few days!
  6. You can of course write some wishes but I can't promise that I'm doing them (all). Also I have to be more active at all again :D For example I think some dlcs are missing in my workshop
  7. last post so you know :p I took the showlights from a working dlc to make it work. As I could finally play he one I might get what rocksmith was struggling with...maybe it was the camera setting because of chords with a note on the 5th and the 10th fret. Not sure but maybe this was it. Anyway..it works now and thanks again!
  8. You mean manually putting the cts_showlights (which is created together with the cdlc) in the arrangements part?
  9. Hello! As you already have read in the title my rocksmith (PC) crashes. Today I wanted to do 2 new CDLCs and so I started and was doing them as I always do. I've done them one after the other and wanted to test both in rocksmith. DLC 1 worked fine, everything was good, no problems. But the other one...I really did everything 1:1 like I did with the first one but it just won't start. I go to rocksmith, choose this song, check the tuning and when the camera goes into the song it directly crashes, no real error just the .exe stopped working. After several tries and changes I deleted ALL of DLC 2's work and have redone it still the same as DLC 1, checked it again several times but still the same problem. I'm done and just upset. I've uploaded 3 of the .mdmp files which rocksmith creates after a crash. I hope someone can do something with this because its just desperate. Thanks! https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5dgrTQIm5J-c3J5YVJpcUo3WDQ
  10. I've tried it the oldschool way now and re-installed it. I also used the newest version of the .dll (http://customsforge.com/topic/33138-rocksmith-remastered-cdlc-fix/) which I forgot before. Maybe this was the reason, I don't know. There are no issues (not in main menu and not in a CDLC) yet but I will post here if they appear again!
  11. @@Alex360, there is also this graphic issue in the main menu (www.bilder-upload.eu/show.php?file=0a0674-1494933359.jpg) and it was already before I've done any new CDLC with the Remastered edition... But I'm having EOF hotfix (5-3-2017) and the RS Toolkit (v2.8.2.0-93d25281 beta).
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