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  1. Guitars & Bass go wirelessly to analog mixer strips, strips direct out to audiointerface + send to rocksmith cables. Audiointerface in mac to mainstage3, mainstage3 outputs back to mixer, mixer outputs to surround system where I can choose how much which instrument goes in which speaker. Rocksmith ingame instruments muted. Used to have mainstage3 file for every song, but it's too tiresome to make one for every song, now I use one file which has 2x clean 2x distortion channels. Double channels are clones that have same options, but have different memory for settings. Channels have 5 dif
  2. I'm learning the process of making cdlc and I want to know how to add more than 4 tones per arrangement. If you know a cdlc that has more than 4 tones per arrangement, you can just point me to that. I tried adding <tonee>asdf</tonee> and <tonef>asdf2</tonef> and declaring tone changes in <tones> and in <events>, but attempt to generate produces error "There is tone name error in XML Arrangement: Lead asdf is not properly defined" followed by change to xml that removes the <tonee> and <tonef> lines Cheers
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