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  1. their is no Real tone cable gain in the options screen .... :mellow:
  2. I have try many diferent configuration with the pick ups but no changes for my problem... Also the volume of the mic in the calibration screen is only for the sing, not for the guitare !... ... thank you but i have always the problem ..
  3. Hi, I've got a real tone usb cable since a few years (Rocksmith 2012) but now i've download RS2014 and i've got a problem : 1 / When i launch RS 2014, i can't tune my guitar because the game doesn't hear the sound of the guitar. 2/ I go to sound parameter and I see that my real tone cable is 17% of the volume.... so i put it to 100% . 3/ I launch an other time the game and it doesn't hear my guitar still. 4/ I chech the sound parameter and the volume fall again to 17% .... This is a little problem with big consequences cause I can't play !! If somebody got a solution to me... Sorry for my
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