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  1. What is a correct term to google here? I used "song name" pedals, "song name" gear, "song name" tone.
  2. Is there a website where i would be able to see what gear they used for the song? As far as I know, its not pretty often they say what they used.
  3. Heya all! So i've been into making CDLC for RS14 for quite some time now and I made a few of them by now. But what all of them had in common is the lack of their own tone. I cant seem to be able to find or make a correct custom tone to go with the CDLC that im making, so my songs are usually just sitting in my project folder as im stuck with giving them the correct tone for the song. Sure there is a Tone Request forum section but that hasn't been used in a while with any replies that tell you what tone you're supposed to use. Is there a way most of you amazing CDLC creators use to create
  4. Would anyone be willing to help me with getting the right tones for this song? Thanks :)
  5. Ah of course! Its both done on a sustained note! This is how I tried to do it before: http://i.imgur.com/aL7al2D.jpg I have updated the notes like this: This eems more believable: http://i.imgur.com/F8Mr8mh.jpg Thank you!
  6. Heya! Im currently manually tabbing a song (becuase there's no gp files for it out there). I need to tab a bend that bends for 2 steps and then goes to original position. I can do that with Tech View but i have no clue how to. Could anyone provide some assistance? Thanks!
  7. The tone I assigned at the end? It has only amp. I also tried without assigning tones and just adding the tone under "Tones" section. But then you cant bind it to the arrangement?
  8. Okay so let me explain in detail about exactly what my situation is: I am in EoF, i have my chart all done. I want to use one tone only in my entire song. (i have taken one from the ace of spades). I go to 00:01 in the song and put a Tone Change there and i name it "X". Now since EoF requires at least two tones for that, i go to the end of the song and add a Tone Change named "Y". Now i will set "X" tone as default one. Save the project, and lets go to toolkit. I go add a bass arrangement. It comes out as "Bass [E Standard] (X,Y). Perfect. Everything seems fine. I fill out the rest of the sl
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i14OTcviMGk The BossHoss- Dos Bros please Need that Baritone Tone. :) Here's a link to almost finished song (only need the tone then im posting it): https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwNJnLgzthiJT3h1NFY0UjJ1VEk
  10. Im working on The BossHoss - Dos Bros, bass version. Since its not actually a bass its a baritone i think you need to go an octave higher from bass ? And then put the pedal effect to it. Which brings me to why im posting this. I need a custom tone for my CDLC. I have no bloody idea how to make one. I included my best tone (but super bad) attempt at re-creating the baritone effect. If anyone could help me get the right tone for this, id be grateful. Ofc you'd get a special mention! Here's the link! https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwNJnLgzthiJT3h1NFY0UjJ1VEk
  11. I think its higher now. I set it to 0 again and seems okay? I'll check again and see if someone complains after i release.
  12. I put my CDLC at 0 and it was pretty quiet. Tho the original is pretty loud. Maybe volume got lost when using Wwise? That possible?
  13. Its a terrible news to wake up to. I loved David Bowie, had tons of really amazing tracks. He is gone but not forgotten. Make sure to go play some of his CDLC and buy any piece of Official DLC they have of him. Its worth it.
  14. I finished one of my CDLC and after exporting it to Rocksmith, the track is really quiet. Now i know if you mouse over the volume area of the toolkit it explains that 0, -1, -2, -3 ... Is higher. That being said, which one of the values will give me the highest volume to the soundtrack? Sorry for a newbie question, I'll learn some day!
  15. I have an issue where I start working on CDLC but then i give up and later on start again :/

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