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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 464


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Welcome to the CF Rocksmith 2014 Championship!

-= Week 464 =-

(capo week)

FAQ: => How and Why join the Championships?

=> Rocksmith 2014 Championships rules

Last week's winners:

- Beginner: @kayteck (94)
- Intermediate: LOST TROPHY
- Advanced: @avastreg (97.74)
- Masterclass: @Bottledpat12 (97.37)
- God of Guitar: @Bottledpat12 (95.15)

- Beginner: LOST TROPHY
- Intermediate: @rumbler (97)
- Advanced: @Mikson (94.63)
- Masterclass: @avastreg (94)
- God of Rhythm: @avastreg (91)

- Beginner: @luckyoldme (96)
- Intermediate: @rodentwentyten (96.18)
- Advanced: @jellisjenius (99.69)
- Masterclass: @IBOE555666 (99)
- God of Bass: @Lilumina (99.49)



Congrats to all winners. Well done!

Rocksmith Championship Leaderboard

This week's songs are:

Lead Path:
Beginner: Paweł Kukiz i Piersi - Całuj Mnie (3*) selected by week 130
Intermediate: Yellowcard - Always Summer (5*) selected by week 174
Advanced: PJ Harvey - Sheela Na Gig (6) selected by week 149
Masterclass: Opeth - Heir Apparent (9*) selected by week 199

Rhythm Path:
Beginner: Paweł Kukiz i Piersi - Całuj Mnie (2)
Intermediate: Yellowcard - Always Summer (4)
Advanced: PJ Harvey - Sheela Na Gig (6)
Masterclass: Opeth - Heir Apparent (9*)

Bass Path:
Beginner: Paweł Kukiz i Piersi - Całuj Mnie (2)
Intermediate: Yellowcard - Always Summer (6*)
Advanced: PJ Harvey - Sheela Na Gig (7)
(Eb standard)
Masterclass: Opeth - Heir Apparent (9*)



You can submit your song suggestions for the championship here:



Share with us your opinion on this weeks songs difficulty scores (1-10).


Classless, Fearless FreeBird Members in their endless battle with the fb police:

Let us know your opinions on the accuracy of the difficulty scores (1-10) for this weeks songs.





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I haven't tested these songs so it's all based on past ratings. I chose songs that were only played once in the period between 100 and 200 week.

Today's Rocksmith problems scare me a bit, I hope it won't be that all CDLCs will stop working soon ...

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3 minutes ago, BluesMcGroove said:

Seems like the link for Caluj Mnie might be broken, it only loads the toast JSON not the mediafire link. But, the MF link is still valid.


Are you sure? The links work for me.

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I love Heir Apparent! Definitely keen to be giving this one a bash on bass.

I *could* clear it on lead and Rhythm but I will stay in my lane for R (Adv) and L (Adv) until I improve my guitar chops haha.

>> Rocksmith Championship - Screenshot Folder Link <<

Peace, love and grindcore. 🤟

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1 hour ago, Anitomer said:

Did the patch break anyone else's game? How do you guys play? my Rocksmith wont even start up


Anyway, it was due to yesterday's problems with Rocksmith that I only noticed that a few days ago it premiered on PC Rocksmith + 🧐.

Someone is buying a subscription? I must admit that the price of $ 99 per year is prohibitive for me considering that I have to multiply this price by 4.7 (the current dollar exchange rate). The more that Rocksmith Remastered provides me basically everything I need. However, I'm sure the money-hungry Ubisoft will seek to exclude the current Rocksmith from CDLC, so we'll soon be going underground and playing offline. My biggest concern is the Ignition library and the thousands of CDLCs available there...

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Backed up my rs install so all my custom mods still work, yay.

Wasn't a huge fan of the other opeth tracks we've played on the cs, but this one's pretty good.

oof the clean parts.

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Ea3cCUQ.png                                                                   「愛こそすべて ,ギルティキス」                                         Gh59blB.png

Utsu-P Discography                                           Modding thread (dead)                                        1000 songs hype

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