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  1. I know im new here but i wanted to say congratulations on 400 weeks! thank you for every one who takes part in this and organizing the championships I am seriously having so much fun these last few weeks! ♥ I decided im gonna try to sight read every song and then decide which one i would focus on in every path so its gonna be a long post, sorry! (some of them bugged on the % but the acc should be ok) Amazing picks this week Rodman, probably my favourite week since I joined begginer lead: Int lead: ADV lead: Begginer Rhythm:
  2. im really bad at sight reading but i gave it a go guess with some practice it will be much better 'we live in a society'-the song wasn't that hard either, I think this will go better than last week
  3. I really am stuck.. I keep winning Intermediate but im not good enough for advanced, last week's song was just too fast for me to pick. I'll try this week too
  4. had to have another go for the weekend, such a fun song
  5. This song is way too hard for me and i dont like it enough to keep grinding. this was my last attempt this round. Have a great week everybody see you next week
  6. Im starting to think i bit off more than i can chew.. im having a really hard time with this song, i have to pick whether to focus on rhythm or lead this week cuz this will take a few days to 90%+ i think.. I will stick with rhythm for now cuz I am really bad at chords and those fast fret hand mutes, is there a secret for it? what do you guys do to frethand mute? just 1 finger?
  7. huge leap from INT... im bad at sightreading anyway but this is some in flames\ iron maiden lead stuff.. hopefully i wont obsess over winning this and have time to play songs that i like too lol
  8. 100% is bugged but still it was fairly easy to get 94% so i guess i will move up to advance on lead too. this song is too damn fun tho and I listened to the grateful dead song and it is so boring for me... you guys pick the best songs for INT its not my fault
  9. I get what you mean but honestly last week's advanced on lead was definetly too hard for me it would take alot of time on RR to get it right and I still have my songs that i want to work on in the time i get to play... bump me up to advanced on rhythm even tho i really dont like the grateful dead song... And if I feel INT on lead isnt too challenging this week I'll move up mid week Thanks for the encouragement to challenge myself the championship IS good for you
  10. hopefully im not spamming too much lol, just on a playing roll and kinda psyched on myself
  11. yeah you understood exactly what i meant, i alternate picked everything (up down up down up the whole song). maybe ill try your way
  12. I realized i suck at 1 note per string altpicking... is that how ur supposed to play it? or am I supposed to sweep pick it? ill try to 95%+ it and then ill move on to rhythm (which im not sure im competing, can you guys add me to INT at rhythm path too?)
  13. rhythm path definetly easier but still some work to do, this is such a fun good song thanks for this one OP
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