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  1. Championship is becoming my saturday night ritual before bed dont rly particiapte other than that Sight reads: I probably didnt listen to this band for over 10 years but i can recite the whole album word for word, this is my entire childhood lol who listened to this song and said "yeah this should be 8:30 minutes long"? so fun, will play this again 100% Decided to skip lead cuz megadeth but this still kicked my ass Great picks@ Mikson Thank you Have a great week everybody!
  2. Computer Science.. So Im basically just grinding math all day, and idk if it will make you feel better or worse but i started late im almost 26
  3. Hi guys! I started university last week so i dont rly got much time to play the championship but i really enjoyed watching the tight battles last week sight reads this week: felt more than a 2, maybe its just me my GF kept playing this song over and over so it grew on me, played it a few times before. honesly i love this song, might be my favorite from all the songs this week this is really hard for me, maybe can get gud if I RR the shit out of that string skipping riff oof, rly hard song didn't expect the arrpegios i never learned how to tap, maybe its time lol Thanks @ GeoAbraxas , great week idk if i will have more time this week. the time I do get to play i prefer to learn songs that i like. Hope everybody has an amazing week!
  4. baby metal tuning is just too weird for me
  5. WE BACK BABY it was an outlet problem, got extension cable to another outlet and we all good now sight reads: i love this week! i will try rhythm tommorow probably and @ LacrimaLuna that is beatiful!! love the color
  6. Oh my god, DT, powerwolf and babymetal in the same week.. I got to fix my setup now! Thank for the week Rodman I'll get on it tommorow
  7. @ nlbsmglsk , @ SpankNass and whoever else got emotionally involved in this and needs closure I am pretty sure Its an outlet problem, the computer was plugged into that outlet and I think that what made the guitar/cable zap me. I know this because I have a volume thingy (where u twist it to raise the volume but it is seperate from the speakers themselves) and it also zapped me. I need to get an extension cable to test this theory I have just been busy (lazy) with the move and school stuff, hopefully plugging it to another outlet will solve this so i will be able to post more in next week's thread. Thanks for everyone who tried to help! I will try to update for all those who are interested
  8. HELP NEEDED idk where else to post this, when i plug in my realtone cable (not official one, but its the one i played with for the last year and never gave me probelm) I get electric shock from my strings (not on my fingers but when i touch my forearm on them are any other part). When i plug my guitar to the amp with with a normal cable this doesnt happen. Anyone has any experience with this? I oredered a new cable anyway but it will only come in 2 weeks.
  9. Really great week, I know all these bands/albums but none of the songs so it is really what you aimed for I played almost everything so its gonna be a long post, this is first time im touching the guitar in a week as becuase I was busy moving this week. Sight reads from my new place: just got in the flow of the song I'll focus on Lead radiohead probably this week I feel like it will be challenging but not too hard. Have a great week everybody!
  10. Thanks for doing the new week! link to Dream - My will is broken sight reads: alot of nightwish recently, good begginer song to me this felt more advanced than INT but maybe its just because its not i normally play so I find this really hard way way way beyond my level, nice song tho never really listened to Vektor almost the same as lead, equally hard for me also in the 'yeah maybe in a few years' zone, too hard for me Nice picks idk how much i will be particaping this week since the only song i like is too hard for me but i hope you guys have fun and have a good week everybody!
  11. Mine was 96.4 tho, or it doesn't count in LAS? Usually I play SA. But nevermind, drunk you beat high me! I won't be trying again so u won dude grats
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