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What Guitarist do you Admire?


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Doesn't have to be your favorite music to play or listen to.  Just someone with skills or someone that inspires you.  Got thinking about this topic when flipping through Stevie Ray Vaughan stuff. Great player don't listen to all that much of his music regularly but every time I do I'm impressed.  Then I ran across a clip of him handling a broken string.




So who's skills keep you coming back?



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Dave Grohl and Alex Turner (Foo Fighters and Arctic Monkeys) Dave's unbelievable use of turning chords into broken down notes and technical mastery of music regardless of teaching himself ,along with Alex Turner's ability giving unique and diverse sounds with his unrivaled mastery of lyrics is amazing.


Theyre the reason i picked up a guitar 2 years ago.


They may not fall into 'guitarist' category since both of them are talented with many different things

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I listen to mostly metal and rock, and obviously my favorite guitarists play a bit heavier stuff. Give it a taste, listen especially the solos in the songs.


Samuli Peltola, Medeia, the riffs are amazing  


Marko Utriainen, Diablo


Per Nilsson, awesome sweep doodling, check his impro


Marc Tremonti, 


Kyle McKnight, Threat Signal


Flemming C Lund, Arcane Order, awesome solos https://open.spotify.com/track/1IIv4gSyhNoZTPcpXV7s6O


Rabea Massaad, Dorje, check out solo of White Dove https://open.spotify.com/track/3WEl2IGaZraH5qKHLsQdxO


Andrew Jacobs, Mutiny Within


Josh Middleton, Sylosis

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While I have a lot of respect for the usual guitar heros, the thing I admire most is when two guitarists play together perfectly, serving the song first, without one being the lead and the other the support. My heros are all the great dual attack pairs like Gorham/Sykes, Tipton/Downing and Murray/Smith, but also Sundin/Henriksson of Dark Tranquillity.

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