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Community Answers

  1. Happy Birthday I)ark_Seph!

  2. @@Rockfirstlast Paper Wings (Rhythm track) from Rise Against has exactly what your looking for.
  3. @@raynebc Seems like when I try to download latest EOF hotfix, it always says MP3 support disabled, even though I have installed it long ago. But it only seems to go away when I reinstall it. Im on Mac btw. I think this can be easily fixed. And also, I think yours preferences and export/import settings gets saved on Windows, but not on Mac. Might be easily fixed if you can get around that.
  4. @@Telboy It's up to you either way works. EOF just had been updated to work with High Sierra and maybe Mojave afaik. As for RS, I don't see anyone having problems with running the game. As for the Toolkit if you want to make cdlcs or convert pc to mac, you can grab my port in my signature and install it from there.
  5. Nevermind it works now. It just that I had the 11-1-2018 build already opened, and thats why 12-5 wouldnt start up. Always gives the MP3 not supported warning, even though I do have Lame and Vorbis tools installed, and the preferences, import/export settings aren't saved upon updating. Don't know if thats normal.
  6. @@raynebc Did you forget to update the Mac build for people that are running High Sierra and Mojave?
  7. New CDLC released! Check out and learn "I Love Rock 'n' Roll by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts on any guitar or bass!
  8. Don’t know if this can be fixed but speaking of difficulties, would there be an import option when importing xmls, the difficulties show up instead of the full chart before exporting? It annoys me cause even hitting Remove difficulty limit removes notes.
  9. Happy Birthday I)ark_Seph!

  10. Wow, it actually does work properly! Thanks! @@raynebc Although seems like the preferences and import settings dont get saved upon restart, but other than that everything else works great!
  11. @@raynebc I can confirm 1.8RC10 does work on High Sierra! I guess its time to see if the hotfixes will be able to run? EDIT: I just tried copying the Contents folder of the latest hotfix into the 1.8RC10 build, and yes it does crash.
  12. @@rhyspinot Don’t use the Mono toolkit. It’s very unstable and never works no matter what version of Mono you try. I built a Wine port of the Windows version here: http://customsforge.com/index.php/topic/39922-latest-rstoolkitmac-releases-9-20-2018/
  13. Mac version has been updated along with Windows version (2.0.113)!
  14. @@Marshi28 As Alex said, use the wine version. Its bigger size, but fully functional: https://customsforge.com/index.php/topic/39922-latest-rstoolkitwine-releases-10-27-2017/
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