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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 23

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picture in picture video of my playing Halestorm - I miss the misery for you guys to watch. I synced it as best as I could being the first time I used sony vegas 12   http://youtu.be/C4qLcr5H-Ec

Don't worry this doesn't count guys but its my first song that i hit 100% on in lead and I also made a video of it at the same time.   http://i.imgur.com/kDHlgTX.jpg   http://youtu.be/VBReBU2YySY

@@Hostilian i have make a ingame video for you , so u can see wich fingers i use to play play the 3 notes 5,5,7 not in the middle but on the composite rod https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2tk7yg5z2s&a

Hi everyone 

i had only about 20 minutes but http://s30.postimg.org/omde9sw0x/week_23.jpg

lowest streak bur highest % 

i hope next weak i'll have more time 

one year old bass player

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Some good scores for beginners song, I'm getting there :)  My fingers are cramping up really fast tonight, probably because I haven't played for a few days!



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just out of curiosity are we limited to selection by what we have done in the past because I see advanced members on the beginner list but my score wasn't posted. I know it says its more relaxed about it but I figured scince my score was not posted that I wasn't allowed to enter any plays for the beginner because the intermediate and mc are way to hard for me this week

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I really didn't think I'd be into that Halestorm song but it grew on me I guess :) The harmonics part is killing me though, always fail on those...


Well here's my addition to the competition!


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I was saving my best score for the last day hoping the competition will give up :P hihi What can I say about this week? Well, there was a lot of competition in beginner section, scores are so tight, and to be honest, I hate this song :( Tried Hendrix also at 50% speed but it was too much for me. Until new week, stay beautiful all! :D


w00t 430 streak!  :mrgreen:
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I have not forgotten the championship but I have much less time to participate. usually intermediate but the challenge is too difficult. I had a lot of fun with Halestorm!


Here are my scores







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@@MightyMouse We make it exciting here my new score :)


it's your turn ^^




I couldn't quite beat that score so I tried this out of curiosity.  That makes two songs I've finished on master gold now.

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