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  1. I use even cheaper (1.5 $) Y adapter (6.3 male to 2×6.3 female) and I have no buzz. Did you have the buzz from day one?
  2. My Dean Deceiver Classic White: http://s16.postimg.org/5xs3jaqmt/20140627_170717.jpgscreen capture tool
  3. I'm on an online guitar lesson site. A lot of videos covering every aspect of guitar and music, from gear, general music theory, songs, artists studies, techniques etc. They say there's like 5000 vids and i believe them :D After few months with RS I figured I'll need some theory and guidance because RS wont make me play out of my head, it wont teach me music.
  4. This score is funny, I hit all the bends but miss a lot of power chords :( http://s22.postimg.org/uobnyl2wx/2014_04_17_00002.jpgimage hosting 20mb For this song I'll post my score just once because I'm not into Amorhpis at all. http://s30.postimg.org/p6v0aedk1/2014_04_17_00001.jpgfree image uploader Happy shredding!
  5. New scores: http://s2.postimg.org/g49k92utl/2014_04_10_00004.jpgimage upload no compression http://s27.postimg.org/dqha1twz7/2014_04_10_00006.jpghosting image
  6. I suck at rhythm. Even I hit most of the notes, I'm not consistent with the rhythm. One second I'm faster, the other one I'm failing behind etc... Would be great if you could actually turn on a metronome ingame :o Anyways, here's my little score :( http://s12.postimg.org/yqidy3g3x/2014_04_07_00002.jpgfree upload image
  7. @@RevT2 wow, we have the next Gary Moore right here! 97.7% amazing
  8. Just chipped 5$. It's a great site! ;)
  9. @ I feel this song is charted as rhythm. You can clearly hear solo guitar at part where are those power chords. ?
  10. @@Collision True, we all are tired of another set of power chords, but remember, practice makes you perfect :) We should discuss song selections this week because if members wont participate then there's no purpose with this competition. I can suggest new songs from Arctic Monkeys, fairly easy and good songs afterall. What you think guys?
  11. Gary Moore <3 And more power chords in beginner sections :( I'll hit it once and that's it. http://s28.postimg.org/sffsfc665/2014_04_05_00001.jpgimg host http://s29.postimg.org/hja7oyopz/2014_04_05_00002.jpgpost a picture http://s7.postimg.org/solywicor/2014_04_05_00003.jpgupload image online
  12. Haha :) I'm done with this song. Well done, the better has won! See you in new week :D
  13. I'm not 40 but close enough :P Anyway, After 3 months in Rocksmith it was obvious for me that I will need some music theory and someone to show me how to actually play. So, I subscribed to one online professional guitar lessons and now I know all the notes on 1st five frets, how are chords created, and a bit of scales (i'm into it atm). In short, there's thousands of vids covering every aspect of guitar, from theory to gear. I would advise anyone, if they are financialy able to ofcourse, to take some kind of lessons. Because, if you watched some cool vids about some guy or girl destroying the guitar while jamming... well,, you wont be able to that without some theory behind it. At least it would be a lot easier for you.
  14. I was saving my best score for the last day hoping the competition will give up :P hihi What can I say about this week? Well, there was a lot of competition in beginner section, scores are so tight, and to be honest, I hate this song :( Tried Hendrix also at 50% speed but it was too much for me. Until new week, stay beautiful all! :D http://s10.postimg.org/i5hyzt4qh/2014_04_03_00001.jpgfree photo hosting w00t 430 streak! :mrgreen:
  15. New score :D http://s1.postimg.org/cetd0jefj/2014_04_02_00001.jpgupload image
  16. Evening all! Since some (or many, idk) guitar amplifiers have a support for midi, I was thinking is it possible to get the real in-game tones on your amplifier? Could we connect our amp with a usb-midi cabel to our PC and let RS2014 configure our amp? I was looking for such topic on official forums but with no luck. But it could be just me :( Anyone knows something about this?
  17. @ Just saw the video of 100%! Damn! :P Any chance you can record yourself playing it? I always enjoy vids with the guitar in it, there's always something new to see from another guitarist. GG
  18. Evening peeps. My scores for today. Getting to 100% :P But enough for today, had a busy day, going to watch some online lessons, I'm on "reading the music" kind of lessons atm. http://s16.postimg.org/v4vhz244x/2014_03_31_00001.jpghttp://s7.postimg.org/m5ndtpzpj/2014_03_31_00002.jpghttp://s17.postimg.org/r989m3znf/2014_03_31_00003.jpghttp://s12.postimg.org/5mhrimcx5/2014_03_31_00004.jpg
  19. Maybe this song is too fast to be beginners songs, i dont' know. My 3rd finger is in an akward position after the slide from 3E-5A to 1E-3A lol. Overall, it's a fun song. Good luck guys! :D http://s16.postimg.org/4ioymdp2d/I_Miss_the_Misery.jpgimage free hosting
  20. Try skipping this song for now. Do something else, there's so much more to do in RS2014. That's what I usually do. I remember doing some lesson tracks that were a bit heavy for me at that moment and skipping them for a week or two. When I returned to those tracks i was amazed how much i've improved.
  21. I'm new with the axe, playing 4 months, so I'd like to join as beginner. Here's my screenshot: http://s4.postimg.org/p0pz41arx/The_beatles.jpg greenshot
  22. Hey! Nice beginner song is Arctic Monkeys - Do I wanna Know and maybe Arctic Monkeys - Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High. Also from The XX - Intro.
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