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  1. heres a little better 93% on the bon jovi jam http://postimg.org/image/x0zv6q7wb
  2. here is my best so far at the bon jovi track 91% so far http://postimg.org/image/f0tvtyq9n
  3. yes this is a good week for me the bon jovi jam is one of my favorites to play ill post some scores soon
  4. heres a go for the week wasn't into either beginner song so heres for intermediate http://postimg.org/image/6wi1qozuj
  5. just out of curiosity are we limited to selection by what we have done in the past because I see advanced members on the beginner list but my score wasn't posted. I know it says its more relaxed about it but I figured scince my score was not posted that I wasn't allowed to enter any plays for the beginner because the intermediate and mc are way to hard for me this week
  6. this is kinda funny ive been working on wind cries mary and back in black for a while now and my best on wind cries is 29% but I got 70% twice now on back in black.... cant erxplain it but wind cries mary just isn't my song I guess
  7. ok well I tried the intermediate and mc songs and couldn't get over 50% so ill start at beginner heres the link I got to 97% http://postimg.org/image/6jvnu3bej might have to stick at beginner this week the others are tough ive only been playing for 6 months but im gonna keep trying and if I get a score that's even worth posting I will
  8. ok got walkways up to 93% woot http://postimg.org/image/bgz4kz0qj this competition is driving me to do better I really like it
  9. yeah baby 91.7% heres the link http://postimg.org/image/io4yb7k3f ill post more if I can beat it but the mc song I cant get a good score on so far
  10. ok that worked I just have to type the link and not try and link it through the button
  11. ok well im trying I can type the links so lets do that but it still freezes when I try to add a clickable link my first week entering ive been playing for about 6 months now heres is sgt peppers at 100% http://postimage.org/image/v3r23t7cr/ heres parisienne walkways at 85% http://postimage.org/image/trs749ke3 im new and I hope this works and you can see it as I am competitive and think the championship will give me something to strive for ill post walkways again if I get a few more percent
  12. I have tried that I don't understand and I am good with computers I tried updating my browser and all but when I hit image or link and add the link when I hit ok it just freezes the website and I have to close it
  13. can someone please help me im trying to upload my images from postimage.org but everytime I enter the link and hit ok it just freezes
  14. can someone help me I am trying to join the championships and have the image loaded to a site but everytime I try to load the lionk it just freezes im using postimage.org but I cant figure out howe to load the link and I feel stupid it just freezes when I paste the link and hit paste
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