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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 23


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A little improvement on percentage but not getting a good streak like yesterday (maybe that was down to the beer lol).  I only realised tonight that the notes on the 5th and 7th fret on d and g string are harmonics, I'd never came across these before, something new to learn!




@@diddie17 It's good to know that I'm not the only old fart on here trying to learn :)  It's all about fun at our age right, we've already done all the hard work ;)


@@Smile Nice video, how did you record that?  You play really smooth, I would like to record myself playing to see how I look...I think I am a lot more tense!

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Unfortunately, I may not be able to make an attempt this week either. I was in a near fatal car accident last Tuesday morning and now I'm stuck in a neck brace for the next two weeks. I was fortunate that I had my seatbelt on or the officer said I would have died. Anyway enough about that. I hope I'll be able to get well enough to play this week. The song list looks amazing. Good luck everyone.

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Looks like it's my last week in beginner.  Bittersweet.


Smile, how are you liking the SG?


Krazy, now you're just showing off =)


Dude!  Your guitar will still be there in a couple weeks.  Don't go TOO crazy after that wreck.  Get better =)

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@@Smile Looking at the video you posted you look like you are really comfortable playing now. Keep it up and you will see yourself getting much more comfortable. Your rhythm hand looks like you have a good grasp of the rhythm for that song. Its very impressive for someone who has only been playing for so little time. 

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