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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 23


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Agghhh. Spotted a bar with a slight bit of Orange (rather than purple) in my previous score (which I was going to submit). Looks like I was DD'ed (despite setting it to 100% diff).. Baws!


Anyway, new one on Score attack (not risking DD).. I'll have a few more goes as I quite like this song (wasn't a Beatles fan)! ;)

95.87% with 118..


My previous high score of 625000ish (in the RS leaderboards). I'm not even sure if it had a higher %age.. Oh well!  :)


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Evening peeps. My scores for today. Getting to 100% :P But enough for today, had a busy day, going to watch some online lessons, I'm on "reading the music" kind of lessons atm. 



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Unfortunately, I may not be able to make an attempt this week either. I was in a near fatal car accident last Tuesday morning and now I'm stuck in a neck brace for the next two weeks. I was fortunate that I had my seatbelt on or the officer said I would have died. Anyway enough about that. I hope I'll be able to get well enough to play this week. The song list looks amazing. Good luck everyone.

Glad to hear you got through it, although by the sound of things not without some damage.  Look after yourself and just take it easy.  The guitar will be there when you feel up to it..

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My new baby arrived. A ten years old Fernandes Monterey.

I always wanted to hace a susteiner!


i won´t have much time today and tomorrow for some back in black.


And know iam more into infinite sustain

Let´s Rock

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Challenging song, I think Masterclass and Intermediate are the wrong way around this week :P


I got 78.5% on my first attempt of Back in Black, and this is my result of *hours* in riff repeater for this song.


That said felt like I'm learning a lot from it (while in RR), I'm using my pinky more, getting better at chords and thinking more on finger placement to hit upcoming notes without moving too much. I will keep trying




Also I bought a bass recently, so here's my debut:


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Great scores guys. Keep them coming.


Played several times through Wind cries mary and Rocksmith tells my that my score could be better.

It could be better indeed considering the fact that I learned this song many years ago.

This CDLC seems to be converted 1:1 from the RS1 version. In RS1 there was no possibility to chart chord embellishments (hammer ons and pull offs in a chord).

But this song (like every Hendrix song) is full of chord embellishments. When I try to play what I see on the screen it sounds nothing like Hendrix.

I then ignored most of the notes on the screen and tried to play what I hear on the record.

Probably I can get a better score by just strummming like a maniac the chords.



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@@ryjil83 that is normally the case if you score 95% 3 weeks in a row or if you score 98% you are moved up to Intermediate. However we are pretty relaxed with the rules here and simply let people play what they are comfortable playing. We are after all here to have fun.


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A new challenger (in mc) appears.




I cant figure out why my mastery keeps rising around 10% higher than my accuracy. I have not been using RR or MM.

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Had a couple of days off (busy with other things), came back, watched @@Smile's video, had one go at it and got 98.28 (2%+ improvement over my last one) and a new high score for me..

Shows me that there isn't any point in pushing things too much...  ;)


Right, curry and beer time!  :)

Cheers again @@Smile!


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@@Hostilian @@diddie17 good to see that the video has helped you a bit :)


i love acdc, but that's me probably too difficult :(

I still can not play as well as individual notes quickly

power chords work great



this is better for me but only just 4 fun :)


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