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  1. Shauruga, intermediate lead; my score:85 % accuracy 85 streak
  2. My 2 scores for this week in intermediate lead:34 streak 83%
  3. Tw scores for this week. Shauruga, intermediate 86% accuracy, 36 streak
  4. my score; shauruga intermediate lead 94% accuracy 125 streak
  5. My score; Shauruga, interm lead; 80% accuracy 57 streak
  6. This will be my score for this week. I'm going out and i won't be able to play guitar. Shauruga, interm lead 90% accuracy 63 streak
  7. Shauruga, intermediate lead. my score; 95% accuracy, 76 streak
  8. the image of the performance https://www.dropbox.com/s/kzwoahao9c4srpc/blondie.gif
  9. my performance for this week. Shauruga intermediate lead. 80% accuracy 55 streak. Didn't have time to practice. Hope i'll have it next week
  10. My score for this week; Shauruga, intermediate lead, 90%accuracy 99 streak
  11. Here's my performance; 207 streak, 96% accuracy
  12. And second the Unforgiven's lead; 93% accuracy 282 streak
  13. My two songs for this week; First the ramones tribute;
  14. The tribute sounds good. This week i will perform 2 songs, the intermediate lead and the ramones song.
  15. today died Tommy Ramone, the last alive member of the mytic band The ramones. Maybe we should tribute him and his band playing some songs of them. It's a suggestion. If it's too late for this week (the songs are already choosen ) we could do it for the next. Greetings.
  16. Hi, here's my score; Shauruga, intermediate lead. 90% accuracy 157 streak
  17. My score for this week; Shauruga, intermediate lead. 87% Accuracy 42 Streak. Still using only 3 fingers on the fret (I cut my 5th last week) Hope i recover it for the next song!
  18. my performance for this week. Shauruga intermediate lead 90% accuracy 101 streak. I don't have an image because i need to reinstall the dropbox (i'll fix it this week). Also i have to say that i've played the song only with 3 fingers on the fret. I cut my fifth finger with a knive and i needed 2 stitches (nothing important). Hope to do it better next song!
  19. Sorry for the last week. I didn't participate cause i was too busy. My performance; 87% accuracy 79 streak. Shauruga, intermediate lead
  20. My score for this week. Shauruga, intermediate lead guitar 84% accuracy 52 longest streak.
  21. Really loved the song of this week. follow this path. i've enjoyed a lot playing it.
  22. my performance for this week: Shauruga intermediate lead 82% accuracy 40 streak
  23. my score for this week; Shauruga, intermediate lead guitar. 89% accuracy 68 streak. Love this song!
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