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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 20


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New score for resistance... But the pinch harmonics are playing hard to get :(




that's because they're in the middle of those fast chords, when I do them outside a song I can easily achieve them. 


Very nice score man! I'll be attempting to beat it tomorrow.



Exactly right, and that's where that red X always comes in for me... Very frustrating :/, but with a bit more practice it shouldn't be a problem.


Thanks, and good luck :D

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I found this site and joined last weekend. I signed up for my first shot at joining the fun.  Can anyone tell me when you require the screenshot posted ? ie  Friday sometime or Saturday at a specific time?


I picked Resistance and want as much time as possible to improve my score.  Turns out I really enjoy this song, although I've never had to learn so much in less than a week.


Pretty sure my guitar skills are going to improve even more than Rocksmith 2014 has already trained me, entering a regular "do your best in one week", format.


Thanks to all for making this possible.


Lastly, is it ok to participate when I would like to? At this point I'm getting saturated with all the hours I've put in, and until I can learn new songs faster, I may only be able to do one every 2 weeks at this point.

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@@Kasnitch You may post a screenshot any time you want. There are no penalties here. If you can't join a given week or the songs are too difficult, we do not force anyone to participate. We are here to learn and have fun and watch others have fun while learning. 


The only time you can't post a screenshot is obviously when the competition for the week has ended but you have until 2:00pm Eastern Standard Time to post it or 18:00UTC time every Saturday. 

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I really wonder why I got platinum for this, this wasn't perfect at all.. I thought you only got platinum for perfect playthroughs..


also, I got the perfect game (medium) and perfect game (hard) achievements for this.. I didn't even play medium.. or do you automatically unlock this achievement because if you do it perfect in hard, you'll do this too in medium?

Here's what I've noticed in score attack:


The phrase starts green.  After enough errors, it goes grey.  From there, errors turn it yellow to warn you it's about to fail.  After that, it goes red and you see the X.  "Perfect" doesn't mean 100% accuracy.  It's just what they call the green phrase.  If all of your phrases are good enough to remain green, you'll get platinum.  If any turn grey or green, you're downgraded to gold.  From there, it depends on the amount of red phrases.  The threshold to drop to each level appears to be based on the number of notes within the phrase.  If you made a few errors in phrases that have large number of notes, you can still get the "percect" phrase.


The achievements appear to be "this level, or harder."  If you complete it in hard, it will give you credit for easy, medium, and hard.  If you're looking to maximize achievements without going crazy going through each level, you can handle them all on hard/master and skip the easy/medium options, yet still get credit for all of them.

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