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Do you play the $10 Walmart special or an original played by Paul Mccartney?? We want to see em and hear the stories behind them!



This was my first guitar that I bought at a second hand store. It's very light and I like the way it feels. I use it mainly for Drop D and lower tunings. It's an Epihphone Special SG.




I am 35 years old. As such when I was in high school every guitar player and lead singer that you dreamed of being played one of these. I had to have one! I understand that over the years they are pretty much all the same but that wasn't going to do it for me. I had to have an era correct one. I hunted and hunted and finally came across this heavily used, but plays perfect '99 MIM Fender Stratocaster. 


Found it on Craigslist and had the guy email me the serial number. As soon as I had it confirmed by Fender for year and such, I headed out to get it. 2 hours. I am thrilled to own it though! Totally worth the drive.



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'99 Fender Stratocaster / '12 Gibson SG (Nothing special but they are mine)

"If you expect the world to be fair with you because you are fair, you're fooling yourself. That's like expecting the lion not to eat you because you didn't eat him."


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So here are my guitars.
From left to right:
Eagle Archtop Cherry Sunburst, Epiphone Les Paul, Blast, Levin:
Here is a better picture of my Eagle Archtop:
The Eagle sounds and feels amazing, its made in the Korean factory that makes Gretsch guitars.
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Mine is at my signature, down here. Its a Shelter Nashville 300 Black. With huge modifications, EMG 81 and 85.

The original Shelter Nashville 300:



And my guitar below:

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Hi everyone :) I'm intrested to know what you guys&gals play?I have 4 guitar's & 1 bass :) I have a johnson strat which i hav'nt played much :( a BC Rich Bich which is in the prosess of being restored,a BC Rich Ironbird which is nice&fast to play,a Wesley bass which im told is hand made(but can't be sure)&finally my Epiphone SG400 Pro which is amazing!i payed £102.00 for her on ebay & is the best money i ever spent on a guitar,i customized her with the skull parts but had to make the pieace between the front pickup&neck to finish her off :)http://s27.postimg.org/514n51x03/2014_03_08_01_14_42.jpg


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these are mine


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Here's my currently playable guitars.




back row: Ibanez GSR 200, Gibson SG special

front row: Epiphone LP standard, PRS SE custom, Gibson 60's Tribute LP


I also have an MIM strat, which I was stripping for re-finishing, but RL kind of got in the way. Hoping I might be able to make the time when it's a bit warmer.

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@@dazedandbemused Nice Guitars.


E std Tuning:
Ibanez AK95-DVS

E std Tuning/Drop D (No Tremolo Easy To Tune):
Ibanez GIO GAX30

Eb Tuning:
Ibanez SA260FM

Others Tunings:
Squier Affinity Stratocaster


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heres mine;


Squier VM 70s Jazz Bass and the red one is a Silvertone from a pawn shop. The red one is getting a defretting job.

The Squier I replaced the pups with Dimarzio dp123 in series and lowrider strings. The Silvertone using the old Fender strings and cleaned her up and nice setup. Both good playersPosted Image

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Here is my family...

Left to right, Agile AL3200, Agile Dauntless Silverburst, Squier Affinity, Douglas WRL 590, Epiphone SG400, Raven hollowbody.




The 3200 is my top of the line player, bought it as a Bstock for a screaming deal! 

The silverburst is my Adam Jones wannabe guitar. EMG Selects in it, but will be switching to Duncan JB/Jaz pups.

Squier Affinity was a $40 score, since traded for a Standard model (below)

Douglas is another Rondo product, it hasnt seen much use but is a sweet player

SG was a pawn shop score, installed Entwistle HVX pups.

The Raven was my first guitar, from 1975. Needs a little work.


Here is the latest addition, traded the Affinity and some cash for it, brand new virgin! I never thought Id own a strat especially a Squier but they are pretty damn good axes!



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This is a beautiful thread, nice to see what are you guys playing.


This are mine:


From left to right: Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded Cherry, I bought this one in Chicago where I lived some months a couple of years ago. This and my first guitar, a classic one were the only ones I purchased brand new.
Jackson JS30 KV with floyd and EMG 81 85 ZW combo, I got this one on a online sell site (like US craiglist), the guy played this evil looking Jackson V on a church and that's where I met the guy and tested this axe. Then I won the auction for the Emg ZW combo on ebay with were cheap. Now planning to pimp it with a cool truss rod cover and install a tremol-no so I can drop tune with it.
Washburn Shadow Series bass with Emg, I got this bass when I traded my first electric guitar a Washburn brand also, X10 series black strat. She was a really good player for a cheap guitar and sometimes I miss her but having 3 electrics was to much for me and bass is a different instrument so i guess it was worth it.
My first guitar was a cheap beginner classical Memphis guitar (I will never sell it since I have an emotional connection with her  :P),  wasn't room for her on the sofa and its not RS enabled hehe
Really nice axes around here guys, cant comment about all of them but I really like the silverburst les paul.
@@AtreidesGhola both a Fender strat and a Gibson Les Paul, the best of both worlds. I have massive GAS for a maple fingerborad bass or guitar.
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@@AtreidesGhola What year is your LP? I thought they come with burst buckers stock, mine has the BB Pro. They say that 498 pick ups are higher output, I might exchange them some day.


That Taylor is gorgeous, where I live they cost more than 2k usd, that's insane!! An acoustic is what I want also but I'm waiting to travel to the States to get one hehe


@@klack that's some really cool looking Paul for a beginner guitar, congratulations, and BTW Slash riffs are giving me some hard time, that's why his so good I guess


@@dazedandbemused and @@dave you both have some beautiful guitar collections, I guess you both have some serious Guitar Acquisition Syndrome


@@Spades Nice truss rod cover, I have seen that one on ebay, some months ago a german company called snake customs or something like that offered some cool metal treadplates for truss rod covers matching pickups thing to. Never see them again on ebay, bet they would look sick on my V.

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http://i.imgur.com/bTS2BXG.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/5sQbwv2.jpgThese are my two guitars. First one is an Ibanez GiO series guitar I use for most E standard tuning songs I play. I got it last march from Guitar Center after trading in my Epiphone Les Paul Studio which I slightly regret because of the build quality of the Ibanez but I still like it. The guitar on the bottom is my ESP LTD MH-1000FR deluxe. This I used for drop C and D standard. I got this off Ebay almost brand new fo $650, I'd been going after a guitar good for drop tuning, metal-ish songs. Only problem I have with it is the Floyd Rose bridge, I've broken the high e string 3 times already in the past 3 months I've owned the guitar.

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Hi piepesado nice collection there m8,Here is a link to the guy i got my skull parts from he does a collection of parts for a flying v!I used the jack plug skull part from that collection for my SG,cose he does not do one for it&i had to make the peace between the neck&neck pickup,the peace's made my guitar uneake&looks the bollox(i my opinion :) )



Regards Xacuit

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Here's mine:




On the left is my Epiphone Les Paul Jr., and on the right is my Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Special. I've had the LP for about six months and it only cost $10 at a garage sale! I've had the Jaguar for about a month and I also got it used. I found it on the Guitar Center website for $99 and free shipping...who says you can't find good cheap gear?! :D




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Acoustic Guitar:  Seagull Maritime GT  Playing Since:  8/11/2011

Electric Guitar:  Epiphone Les Paul Jr.  Playing since:  9/25/2013

Bass Guitar:  Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Special  Playing Since:  2/17/2014


"The road of life is rocky, and you may stumble too. So while you point your finger, someone else is judging you." --Bob Marley

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As soon as I figure out how to post pics. 


Wolfgang Stealth Special


Fender Telecaster *Limited Edition Heineken 1/250


Epiphone 60 LP Tribute Plus


Epiphone Prophecy EM-2

Ibanez Talman (acoustic/electric)

Fender acoustic

Ibanez Gio


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@@irongoats http://postimage.org/

copy/paste the BBcode part including the ] & [/img it's free no registration, takes a second i'm only using their services.

it should be like that:

[img ]http://s7.postimg.org/6yvh0hrej/2_PCS_Funny_sticker_for_your_Electric_or_Acoustic.jpg[/img ]

(exepting the added spaces i've added after both img to fool the BBcode generation.)


when searching your guitar reference on google you can specify .png in the search field, you'll have guitars displayed without white background.

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