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  1. I'm Brazilian. But guys, I hate World cup here. We need other things. And I completely hate Neymar, because he it's exactly the image that everybody sees and stays blind to the things that we need. Besides my family it's descendant of Germans,Italians and Spanish. And until today we carry those surnames, with proud and respect. As I am the last one of four alive with the full name. So, I'm with my lineage. Deutschland zum Sieg!
  2. Chinese Democracy is a Guns N roses Official Album. And What's the problem with solo Album and others? Slash Solo, Velvet revolver. Are all great albums, and ''guns'' style.Velvet is like Guns, but with a litte bit of their style.Slash, Needless to say
  3. I See Escape its in the list. But i Cant find it on the search
  4. Man I wish I could help you...Im Waiting for Memory and Bad Seed. Thank you for all the work guys, you deserve it.
  5. There are some songs back! Sorry I havent searched in CDLC for some time. Which ones? I think Snake has the whole discography, pretty much. I Searched every album, and there are some songs that aren't appearing on the CDLC search. Maybe they arent appearing because it's not correct the name of the album, i will search every single one after, because I need to put them back on rocksmith, since I lost everything. Edit: Double check now, found almost every song from Kill to Black, and Magnetic. But Some songs you need to search by the song name not by Album. Thats okay. Sorry guys, false alarm. Just a thought here, if someone do The memory remains, please do S&M, on the Reload i think its too graceless, S&M its coolest. And a question, will somebody in future do S&M Album?
  6. There are some Songs lost from Smithy. I just cant find it. Nino's folder on Sendspace is deleted. So, a lot of Metallica songs are now Lost.
  7. I played this guitar before, not only this by LTD. This brand (ESP-LTD) is my favorite, unfortunately i can't buy one at the moment, but if I could I would buy this http://www.espguitars.com/products/9550-ec-1000t-ctm-sw?category_id=1963292-ec-seriesIts the same as yours but white.The action is very low, ridiculously low. Its very easy to play, the entire fretboard doesnt have anything to bother.The Pickups depends on which one you will buy, but certainly it wont bother you.The tuners are locked usualy, so, no problems there.It's a great guitar to play, very easy, its the easiest i played, good for Rock, Metal, and any other hard style.No wonder that Metallica uses it.
  8. I have a Shelter Nashville, in the beginning it was hard to play. After some adjustments to the frets (change), and full setup she became a great guitar.I played LTD,Gibson and Fender's, and it is clear for me that LTD's are very easy guitars to play, i imagine ESP's and Ibanez.Usually yes, top guitars are easier to play, but you can turn a cheap guitar into a great guitar, just with few adjustments, if the wood and bridge are good, you can make a fun guitar to play
  9. Hey. I dont know if its possible, but Lords Of Summer would be nice.
  10. Where eagles dareChildren of the DammedCan i play with madnessThe wicker manHallowed be thy nameThe Evil That Men DoHeaven can waitStranger in a strange landAlexander the greatSeventh Son of a Seventh SonBring Your Daughter To The SlaughterI already requested, the tabs are there. If it helps, again, thanks for the project, i am a big fan of Iron Maiden.UP THE IRONS!
  11. I requested several Metallica songs, the tabs are there, if it helps Dyers Eve The memory remains Die, die die my darling (cover) not done yet :-| . I Like them Also, there are several Metallica songs lost from Smithy, if someone finds them please reply here,i lost several songs, because of a problem i had yesterday. I searched some songs listed on the first page of this project and they are lost... but were done for Rocksmith 2014.
  12. YEAH! haha. I look forward to see that project done!Congratulations
  13. Dyers Eve :eek: . Lars dislike that haha
  14. My option 2 Kill em allMy option 3 And justice for allMy option 4 Rust in peaceAnd my option 5 Appetite for destructionAlthough Kill em All, And justice for all and Rust in peace, keep changing in my head every time.
  15. Creeping Death is pretty hard to do the Riff. The Palm muting - not muting, and so on, is pretty hard to get. I Learned a lot through that song.
  16. http://img2.mlstatic.com/jogo-de-cordas-ernie-ball-power-slinky-011-2220_MLB-O-3982038640_032013.jpg Very good strings, although I will try 9 next time.
  17. Mine is at my signature, down here. Its a Shelter Nashville 300 Black. With huge modifications, EMG 81 and 85. The original Shelter Nashville 300: http://i.mlcdn.com.br/1500x1500/guitarra-les-paul-shelter-nashville-300preta-204001100.jpg And my guitar below:
  18. Interesting, i'm going to try this. I have the same problem. Thanks!
  19. Just saying. Thanks, you saved me, i'm learning through this now! Thank you!
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