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  1. Allright, just a idea I just got watching some RS videos: Would it be possible to show which lyrics are sung by a backup vocalist in RS? (like a guitarist or bassist) Why? Alot of songs use a backup vocalist to add effect to the last word of a sentence, this overlapse with the lead singer. There is no way to currently show this in RS (Apart from useing these " ( text ) " ) But we still can't have 2 words at the same time then. As RS is for mostly made for guitarists, wouldn't it be nice if we could see what the guitarist is singing? How? 1) Is it possible to duplicate the lyrics box? put it under there, or at the right? And then create 2 lyric files, each a side 2) Is it possible to add colouring to certain words to show its the backup singer? > wouldn't work if the 2 singers are singing completly different sentences (Like the songs I'm working on now) Can it be done? or is this more a feature I should mention no the official forums?
  2. Could you tell me how to create a custom lyrics font for JVocals? [*Custom Lyrics Font DDS Glyph Texture (512 x 1024)] I want to use Japanese lyrics.
  3. Hi all, When I first tried to create a CDLC, I gave a try to UltraStar Creator, and it really is fun, almost a game... But in terms of accuracy, it's not really ideal. So I'v created a little tool that convert a MusicXML output from Guitar Pro into the TXT lyrics file based on USC's output. So far it's just a Visual Studio project with no UI not even a command line, but both could be done quite easily. It's probably not bug-proof, but worked perfectly for the 2 titles I converted. Questions: - Does that kind of tool already exist? - If it was user-friendly, do you think people here would be interested? - To the dev community of CustomForge, I don't mind giving my source / helping with it if you'd like to make it part of a bigger toolkit, let me know if it's the case. Cheers
  4. Ok so this took me about 2 hours to work out and it would have been easier to make them myself but its a 20 minute song and I cba. So I thought I'd share how to do if if anyone's interested (also hope it's in the right place). It's actually quite easy once you know how. 1. Download google2SRT and install it 2. Open it 3. put the video link in and click read 4. Select the bottom one (one with no track name, although if you see xml data once you've imported try the other one) 5. Click go 6. Import into eof 7. Break it up into words using the word split function (Shift + S) 8. Done? Have fun.
  5. How do you mark Lyrics in CDLC Ignition? When you upload your CDLC there is no checkmark for the Lyrics to be included. Only Lead, Rhythm, Bass and Vocals can be checked on the upload form.
  6. So, I keep seeing songs where the lyrics do not have sustain, the words are not properly synced or are not broken up in syllables. Let's fix that! What you need: Ultrastar Creator: http://sourceforge.net/projects/usc/ EoF (duh) The lyrics for the song Got it? Let's start. 1) Open USC. 2) Click on the folder icon next to "mp3" to load the mp3 3) Select the language of the song (required), and fill in the artist/title (optional) 4) Copy and paste the lyrics into the nice, big white box (something something that's what she said) 5) Press the highlighted button that says abc-def: http://thumbnails112.imagebam.com/34888/44d592348875521.jpg This splits the words into syllables 6) This function is far from perfect. Check every word/syllable and make sure it is correct. 7) Done? Good. 8) Set playback speed to something lower than 100%. I've seen your lyrics. You're not that great of a timer. Save yourself some syncing trouble and set it slower. Go on, we'll wait. 9) Press play 10a) Sync it by pressing the spacebar. 10b) Here's the PRO TIP: Add sustain to the syllable or word by HOLDING DOWN THE DAMN SPACEBAR. 11) Done? ARE YOU SURE YOU ADDED SUSTAIN? 12) Do it again. Add the sustain this time, bastard. 13) Save the .txt file 14) Open your project file in EoF 15) Go to Song -> Track -> Part Vocals 16) Click on File -> Lyric Import 17) Import said lyric 18) You see these words? Think of them as notes. But instead of notes, they're words. But think of them as notes. With words. 19) Get your clap on (press c, insert joke here) 20) Play the song, check sync and sustain. 21) Something wrong? Select the word/syllable, and move it around just as you would a note. See #18. Same thing with the sustain. ARE YOU SURE YOU ADDED SUSTAIN? 22) In order to get dem nice linebreaks in the game, we have to mark the lines. So select the words that make a good line with ctrl or shift, press ctrl + m and BOOM! We are off! 23) You can check your lines in the info window when you're playing the song. That is what it will look like in the game
  7. Hello, I'm trying to add lyrics to my new CDLC, butI keep getting that error: ,,Invaild Lyrics File'' I've tried this UTF-8 and ANSI encoding, but nothing worked. Here's the file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B27jv42teYxWdC04OVdKZ25QaWs
  8. Download: LRCconverter.xlsm v.2.7 (2017-02) ---------------------------------------------------- Instructions: 1. Get lyrics file in .LRC format. (see LRC wiki) 2. Convert .LRC file content in LRCconverter.xlsm 4. Import new .LRC to EOF ---------------------------------------------------- LRCconverter.xlsm is Excel(required) Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet. http://killeroyo.webatu.com/RS24_CDLC/Screenshot27.jpg Example LRC line (text is too long and 3 time signatures causing import error in EOF): [03:59.76][04:16.13][06:35.17]Something to save me from myselfAfter converting (sentence is splitted to single words and time + leading silence time is added): [04:02.76]Something [04:03.66]to [04:03.86]save [04:04.26]me [04:04.46]from [04:04.86]myself [04:05.46] [04:19.13]Something [04:20.03]to [04:20.23]save [04:20.63]me [04:20.83]from [04:21.23]myself [04:21.83] [06:38.17]Something [06:39.07]to [06:39.27]save [06:39.67]me [06:39.87]from [06:40.27]myself [06:40.87]
  9. I have a CDLC created, and everything is working as expected except for the lyrics. I added them in EOF, (used the import file option for lyrics, time coded properly) and can see then on the piano roll there when I play the track, but after going through wwise and then RST and compiling the .psarc file, everything works except for the lyrics. Any suggestions on what I could be missing to make this work, or what extra info / screenshots could I provide that would help diagnose the issue? Thanks! Onyx
  10. I've noticed recently that commas in lyrics in EoF don't show up in RS. Songs I've done in the past have the commas in them. I'm not sure if this applies to just commas or all punctuation, only noticed commas so far. Not a big deal. Just something I noticed. Thanks for all the hard work guys, much appreciated by us! Edit: Might be all punctuation: ( ) ? ! also not showing up.
  11. Although I am in no way an expert, I thought I'd write about a few things I have come across. 1. Slides http://i.imgur.com/XJPPxQD.png Example created in Guitar Pro 5 Shift slide Legato slide Unpitched slide out of a note (Slide Out Downwards) Variation of (3) Unpitched slide into a note (Slide In From Below) 1.1 Shift Slides and Legato Slides In Guitar Pro, slides where the note is picked again after the slide are called shift slides. http://i.imgur.com/31WPgzW.jpg A lot of customs have shift slides where there should be legato slides. http://i.imgur.com/QQPpi89.jpg This can be fixed either by editing the tab in Guitar Pro and changing the slides into legato slides, or in EOF by giving the first note the Linknext status (select the note and press Shift+N). http://i.imgur.com/Khi21rL.png (The red arrow at the bottom after /7 means the note is linked to the next one) A major problem is that TuxGuitar only has one kind of slide and as far as I know, examples (2) - (5) cannot be created in TuxGuitar. http://i.imgur.com/NXpQuV5.png The file created in Guitar Pro 5 opened in TuxGuitar. 1.2 Unpitched Slide Out of a Note If you have a note like example (3) in your tabs, it will look weird in RS (although in this example, it doesn't look that bad). http://i.imgur.com/ZOQjl51.jpg Most likely what was meant was something like example (4). I think it's best to edit the note(s) in EOF, where you can use your ears and possibly the spectrogram to determine where the slide out starts. http://i.imgur.com/HheYANq.png http://i.imgur.com/65jBnTQ.jpg 1.3 Unpitched Slide into a Note Rocksmith does not have this feature and example (5) will look like this in EOF and in the game if not edited: http://i.imgur.com/EvwmUPI.png http://i.imgur.com/eVYUQmd.jpg Many customs have notes like these and it took me quite a while to realize what they actually meant. This particular example is supposed to be played by sliding from a fret lower than 8 into the 9th fret. You will need to edit the note(s) in EOF and arbitrarily (depending on where your fretting hand is before the note) pick a note where the slide should start. http://i.imgur.com/tnoeERF.png 2. Chord Sustains 2.1 Chords with too long sustains http://i.imgur.com/AxCBpIP.jpg This example picture makes the cause of the problem apparent: the chord that should have no sustain at all is followed by the same chord. The fix is very simple. Apply the "crazy" status to the next chord. http://i.imgur.com/Rdg17Fe.png Select the chord an press "T". http://i.imgur.com/Y1SJBUU.png Notice how the 3D preview at the bottom changes. 2.2 Chords with too short sustains http://i.imgur.com/Tx9pYEx.jpg If your chords suddenly look like this, it means that the section or phrase (or FHP) changed in the middle of repeated chords. You can fix it by applying the "crazy" status to the first chord in the section. Or in some cases, (re)move the section/phrase. http://i.imgur.com/XvfQaL5.png In this image it would mean marking the second A chord (at "verse 1") as "crazy". If you know what you are doing and neither of the above fixes are suitable for some reason, you can use the tail sustain as a workaround (on a single chord with a long sustain) by marking the chord as 'sustain'. 3. Bends with Vibrato http://i.imgur.com/AHZoKfW.png Depending on the speed of the bend and the angle the camera happens to be in, notes like example (1) will look weird in RS. They will look like you are supposed to apply vibrato while bending the note. A proper bent note with a vibrato should look something like this: http://i.imgur.com/rg6yxRe.png Tech view: http://i.imgur.com/yBlsU6L.png 4. Unselectable Sections in Riff Repeater EDIT: Looks like this is no longer an issue in the Remastered version. Customs should have DD in Remastered for the play counter to work anyway. This has something to do with there not being a note on the beat where the section starts. One reason might be that the notes have not been snapped to grid (Song->Highlight non grid snapped notes). You can fix this by resnapping the notes, assuming that your beats are in the correct places. Set the grid snap (Edit->Grid Snap) into a proper value. Select all notes (Ctrl+A) then select Note->Resnap (Ctrl+Shift+R). What is the proper value? It depends on your custom. For example, if the smallest notes in it are 16th notes you can select 1/16 or 1/32 and resnap them all without worries. If your custom has triplets (and does not have notes smaller than 16th notes), I think it's safe to select 1/48 and resnap them all at once (somebody correct me if I'm wrong). If your custom has quintuplets or other irregular time divisions, you should not try to resnap all the notes at once. If you cannot move the section so that it begins on a beat with a note, adding another phrase to the section (on a beat that has a note) should work, or you could try generating DD (See this thread). 5. Words in Lyrics Falling onto a New Line EDIT: Apparently this has been fixed in the Remastered version. A minor problem, but annoying for perfectionists. See this thread. There doesn't seem to be a way to predict when it will happen. Most likely after a long note or a rest. You can try replacing part of the note's sustain with a "-", but this will affect the sustain of the note in the game. If it happens after a rest, you can try replacing the rest with a "-" . A better fix is to append " -" (space followed by -) to the word at which the drop happens. In the picture below, it would mean that instead of replacing part of the sustain with a "-", keep the whole sustain and change the word to "shine -". http://i.imgur.com/AVADtPE.png Old workaround http://i.imgur.com/R3sEsK5.png New workaround 6. Play Counter Not Working In the Remastered version, the play counter will work only on customs that have dynamic difficulty. More specifically, a custom needs to have at least one phrase with at least two difficulty levels.
  12. So I've been using Ultrastar creator all the time for my lyrics and then importing in EoF and adjusting them. Now most of the time the last ~2 sentences of the lyrics aren't shown in Rocksmith when playing. I have no idea why this happens and just accepted it, as it is only a few sentences. But latest songs I made have ~half of the lyrics missing. Does anyone have an idea why this occurs? Maximum word count? Error with some characters? To much sections?
  13. Hi there, First time coming across this problem. Used USC to create my lyrics, everything is saved normally as a .txt file. When I import into EoF I got a pop-up error message saying error invalid lyric file. I haven't done anything differently from my succesful CDLCs. I just packed it without lyrics and it works fine. Any ideas on troubleshooting this? P.S. I tried to re-tap lyrics again from scratch in case and I am getting the same error message when importing to EoF.
  14. Hi All, Having an issue with tapping my lyrics into UltraStar and would like some help: Working on a project where the song is at 88bpm. When I enter the mp3 and lyrics into UltraStar, it defaults to 356bpm! That is ludicrous. So I clicked the padlock and manually changed it to 88bpm. It doesn't matter whether I re-lock the padlock or not, UltraStar changes it automatically to 356bpm. I therefore cannot tap this song at 88bpm! I tried using it at the 356bpm but when I import into EOF, the song is set at 88bpm but the lyrics are all out of synch. How can I fix this?
  15. I want / need to display the minus sign "-" in my vocals. In EOF, it looks like the way it is supposed to be: Ih-ah! Ih-ah! Now the following is from the generated XML: <vocal time="67.810" note="254" length="0.997" lyric="Ih-"/> <vocal time="68.810" note="254" length="1.247" lyric="ah!"/> <vocal time="70.060" note="254" length="0.747" lyric="Ih-"/> <vocal time="70.810" note="254" length="0.997" lyric="ah!+"/> And in Rocksmith this becomes: Ihah! Ihah! Is there a way to "protect" a minus sign from beeing interpreted as a separator of syllables? Edit: I tried including a "dash" instead... First I tried –, but this gives an error in the toolkit. Then I tried ‒, but this gives only an empty space in Rocksmith Now there are many more codes for dashes, if noone has an idea I will probably end up testing them all...
  16. Hi, I'm trying to make CDLC for RS 2014 and I have found theese problems so far. I searched for a solution in the forums but I haven't found anything. 1. I don't get an .xml archive for the vocals when I save my Eof project. I get this error message: http://s22.postimg.org/5nh4ysg7l/lyric_export.jpg 2. When i put my bass line (part real_bass or part real_bass_22, i tried both) it says it's not valid for RS 2014. It works if I make the DLC for RS 2012 : http://s28.postimg.org/wgtntk3dp/Valid_arrangement.jpg 3. I tried to "fool" the Tool Kit by uploading the bass for RS2012 and then change the dlc to make it for RS2014, but then I got this other problem and then it crashes. I followed the tutorial to get the .wem, so that shouldnt be the problem http://s27.postimg.org/9ds29ozeb/wem_not_found.png I hope you can help me, especially with the second problem because i think that's the main reason I cant get my cdlc to work
  17. I completed a song, imported the lic and it worked flawlessly. Went onto a completely new song, tried to import a lic which is identical (different lyrics) and it fails. I was not able to find any documentation on any requirements on what the file should have inside of it. Can anyone comment on this? Lyric file that "has no lyrics" is in this pastebin -> http://pastebin.com/3JeUgUq4 Eof Log snippet, not sure if there is a debug setting that will give more info.093: eof_detect_difficulties() entered093: Importing lyrics093: Detecting lyric format.093: eof_detect_difficulties() entered
  18. Hi, I'm new to creating customs and was wondering how to get lyrics for a custom I was working on with EOF. Thanks, Sam :)
  19. Hi all, with the help of tips from BHMath, pgboyd and raynebc, I was able to conduct some tests to help me verify how lyrics work in Rocksmith. First my conclusions and if you are interested I substantiate those conclusions with screenshots below. Each conclusion made has a corresponding number in the Substantiation section. Perhaps it is worthwhile specifying here that I only tested Rocksmith 2014. CONCLUSIONS 1. pgboyd's suggestion to me of keeping a pitch-adjusted or sustained lyric as one word but sustained with the ] button or mousewheel in EoF works and imo is elegant in its authoring and in its presentation. 2. So a dash at the end of a text note, in EoF, attaches that word with the next. The intent of adding a dash at the end of a word is to separate a word into separate text notes for each syllable, and the game concatenates them into one word without a dash, but highlights the word in blue 1 syllable at a time as the lyric text is sung. 3. So a dash inside a single text note, in EoF, puts a dash inside the word in-game. 4. i) The existence of + symbols in the EoF interface, no matter the number of them, do not seem to be responsible for line-wrapping in the case of a lyric line resembling the format "No more li + + + + + + es" ii) As raynebc stated, the + signs after a text note, in this case "Li", serve to adjust the amount of time the text note stays blue (i.e. should be sung). iii) The + signs in EoF simply indicate a duration that the text note need be sung, without any distinction between pitch changes or constant pitch vocal sustains. 5. i) Reducing the blue-marked lyric line length in EoF, using the CTRL+M shortkey, has no effect on the undesired text wrapping problem, no matter how long or short the blue-marked lyric line is. ii) Blue-marked lyric line length has no effect on how quickly the lyric lines scroll from one lyric line the the next. What does affect the lyric line scrolling speed is how imminent the next lyric note of the next lyric line is. Interesting that the triggering lyric note on the next line can be a + sign which will be invisible in-game, therefore cannot turn blue to indicate player to sing. iii) Blue-marked lyric length in EoF does, if possible, fit the lyrics in the marked area in one line in game. iv) If a lyric line is short enough, and an adjacent lyric line is not blue-marked as a lyric line in EoF, Rocksmith 2014 will put both the short blue-marked lyric line and as much of the non-blue-marked lyric line possible on the same line in-game. 6. i) Undesired lyric line wrapping onto a next line in game is independent of + signs in the EoF lyrics. Rocksmith seems to simply want the duration of lyric lines space between text notes, be they syllables or entire words to be less than approx. 3 seconds, or perhaps approximately less than 1.5 measures. This number is by no means exact but reflect findings for one CDLC. Perhaps these guidelines will apply to other CDLC, but that is uncertain until more tests are conducted. Not currently planning to test further, unless you guys compel me to. ii) This issue of undesired text wrapping came about due do the use of + signs to sustain the text note. If a text note was not split up in Ultrastar Creator and EoF, then presumably this issue would not arise. Though it is expected that there is a limit to a lyric line character length that will display on one line in-game. This limit is unknown to me at this point. I did witness very long lyric lines in Nirvana-SmellsLikeTeenSpirit-ex5-v.1.1-ForRS14PC-RR-Lead,Rhythm,Bass,Vocals-Estd-ACESHIGH_p.psarc that may be worth observing. 7. All this long-winded post to recommend that you simply follow BHMath's & pgboyd's 2-line recommendation posted above summarized in Conclusion 1. Otherwise as per Conclusion 6, you can keep the + signs you imported from Ultrastar into EoF, but must be careful to avoid the end of the intended lyric line being too far from the beginning. How far is too far exactly would require more testing, but maybe a lyric line shouldn't exceed approx. 3 seconds or approx. 1 or 1.5 measures. Maybe this changes with a different BPM song. 8. You can biff me in the head for being such a nerd. I just hate having worked so hard on a CDLC for it not to be perfect. Any way, I hope some of this can help you demystify lyrics in Ultrastar/EoF/Rocksmith 2014. CONCLUSIONS ADDENDUM 6. i) It is not the duration of lyric lines that must be less than approximately 3 seconds in order to prevent wrapping, as originally concluded, but rather the time between adjacent text notes that must be less than approx. 3 seconds to avoid text-wrapping to the next line in-game. See test screenshot in the corresponding substantiation numbered section below. 9. Building on Conclusion 2, the only way to concatenate text notes that are more than approx. 3 seconds apart is to author in EoF, all but the last text note intended for concatenation with a dash at its end (Example: In- doc- trin- a- tion). See test screenshot in the corresponding substantiation numbered section below. 10. The "+" signs exported from Ultrastar Creator into EoF simply add sustain (text blue longer than nominal time) to the text note preceding it and as soon as an adjacent text note (be it a syllable or a word) occurs more than approximately 3 seconds later, the text will wrap to the next line. A "+" sign in EoF is therefore not a concatenation character string as implied in UltraStar Creator's help tips. Note that although the use of the "[" and "]" are better suited to add sustain to a text note, the use of a "+" text note will override whatever sustain is defined in the bottom of the piano roll for that note. See test screenshot in the corresponding substantiation numbered section below. 11. If two text notes are far enough apart in time, whether both marked together as being part of a super long lyric line or not, the first part of the lyric will eventually disappear after 3 or 4 seconds, and then, when the song approaches the end of the lyric, a new line will appear. See test screenshot in the corresponding substantiation numbered section below. 12. Marking a lyric line in EoF by selecting the text notes in question and pressing CTRL+M places a "+" sign in the EoF-outputted-Vocals-XML file at the end of the last text note of the marked lyric line. This "+" sign serves in the XML file (we're not talking about the "+" sign in EoF anymore but rather in the XML!) to indicate to the game that a carriage return is required after the last text note marked. If the marked lyric line exceeds a certain maximum, then it will simply wrap the remainder to it's own next line of text. 13. In the absence of a lyric line being marked with CTRL+M, no "+" carriage return sign will be exported to the output vocal XML file and Rocksmith will choose how best to split up a sequence of unmarked lyrics, such as concatenating as many text notes as it can to fit in one long line of text or wrapping text notes (possibly just syllables if notes were broken down into syllables) to the next line of lyrics shown in-game that it may have to share with the next lyric notes, whether marked as a lyric line or not. See test screenshot in the corresponding substantiation numbered section below. VERY NERDY SUBSTANTIATION OF CONCLUSIONS Test 0 - Original Problem: Here is a look at what I did. In Ultrastar I entered the following" No more li+~+~+~+~+~+~+es No more li+~+~+~+~+~+es The Ultrastar output file looks as follows for the two lyric lines in question: : 8168 2 0 No : 8175 2 0 more : 8183 2 0 li : 8194 3 0 ~ : 8209 2 0 ~ : 8220 3 0 ~ : 8234 2 0 ~ : 8245 2 0 ~ : 8252 2 0 ~ : 8269 2 0 es - 8281 : 8292 2 0 No : 8303 2 0 more : 8310 2 0 li : 8324 2 0 ~ : 8337 3 0 ~ : 8369 3 0 ~ : 8378 3 0 ~ : 8387 2 0 ~ : 8395 2 0 es - 9265 Which PART VOCALS_RS2 imported as: <vocal time="395.888" note="254" length="0.079" lyric="No"/> <vocal time="396.163" note="254" length="0.079" lyric="more"/> <vocal time="396.478" note="254" length="2.794" lyric="li"/> <vocal time="399.862" note="254" length="0.079" lyric="es+"/> <vocal time="400.768" note="254" length="0.079" lyric="No"/> <vocal time="401.200" note="254" length="0.079" lyric="more"/> <vocal time="401.476" note="254" length="3.109" lyric="li"/> <vocal time="404.821" note="254" length="0.079" lyric="es+"/> Which surprised me a bit since there is only a line-break information (+ sign) and not pitch change information as I had intended in Ultrastar with the addition of +~ symbols. In EoF it appears as follows: http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad41/Berneer/SmithyAnvilStuff/Lyrics%20Questions/EoFView_zps5b7ffdce.png?t=1389931384 In game it appears as follows. http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad41/Berneer/SmithyAnvilStuff/Lyrics%20Questions/LyricLineUndesiredSplit_zpsca46e8af.png?t=1389930534 "No more li + + + + + + es" as displayed in EoF wraps "es" alone to the next line in-game as per above posted screenshot. "Li" part becomes and stays blue until the singer sings "es" of the word "lies", then "es" on the next line quickly becomes blue then quickly becomes dark again as the next line is sung. Test 1 - pgboyd's and BHMath's elegant suggestion: Removed +'s imported into EoF Interface from Ultrastar; erase "es" of "Lies"; Change "Li" to "Lies. Use "]" key to increase sustain of "Lies" note and see bar just below the piano roll increase in size. RESULT --> "Lies" stays blue in game for duration of the time that word is sung out by the singer. Test 2 - Effect of dashes at the end of the word as per raynebc's and BHMath's posts : Removed +'s imported into EoF Interface from Ultrastar; erase "es" of "Lies"; Change "Li" to "Lies". Then add dashes after each word: "No- More- Lies- " RESULT --> Appears in game as "Nomorelies-" Test 3 - Effect of Dash in the middle of a word as per aludog's post: Remove +'s imported into EoF interface from Ultrastar; erase "es" of "Lies"; Change "Li" to "Lies". Then add only a dash in "Li-es" RESULT --> Appears in game as "No more li-es" Test 4a - Try to make lyrics work with + signs to corroborate raynebc's assertion. Remove 1 + sign between "li" and "es" in "No more li + + + + + + es": RESULT --> If remove 1st + sign --> The word "Lies" is still split over two lines. If remove last + sign --> The word "Lies" is still split over two lines. Test 4b - Remove 2 + signs between "li" and "es" in "No more li + + + + + + es": RESULT --> If remove first 2 + signs --> The word "Lies" is still split over two lines. If remove last 2 + signs --> The word "Lies" is still split over two lines. The "Li" half-word loses it's blue shading earlier since the removal of the last plus sign ends the sustain earlier. Presumably same thing happened in Test 4a but was less perceptible since only 1 + sign was removed (less curtailed sustain) Test 4c - Remove 3 + signs between "li" and "es" in "No more li + + + + + + es": RESULT --> If remove first 3 + signs --> No change If remove last 3 + signs --> No change. Sustain even shorter on "Li" Test 4d - Remove 4 + signs between "li" and "es" in "No more li + + + + + + es": RESULT --> If remove first 4 + signs --> No change If remove last 4 + signs --> No change. Sustain even shorter on "Li" Test 4e - Remove all 6 + signs between "li" and "es" in "No more li + + + + + + es": RESULT --> No change!!!! STRANGE, no plus signs and "Li" and "es" are still split!!!!! Looks like text wrapping is a lyric-line marking or duration related problem as raynebc thought it might. Test 5a - Play with marked blue area length in EoF: Mark the lyric line (CTRL+M) from "Li" to last + sign. RESULT --> See screen shots in EoF and in-game. Very interesting, the reduced lyric line blue area didn't solve the word wrapping problem, but the following "es" seems to be short enough that the game chooses to put the following lyric line on the same line as "es". This is unexpected because, presumably the lyric line "No more li + + + + + + es" may be too long to fit on one line but the game suddenly has enough space to fit it all if the "es" is placed in front of "No more li" .... hypocrite :) http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad41/Berneer/SmithyAnvilStuff/Lyrics%20Questions/ReduningBlueMarkedArea-tilllastplussign-EOFview_zps194077e0.png http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad41/Berneer/SmithyAnvilStuff/Lyrics%20Questions/ReducingBlueMarkedArea-tilllastplussign-Gameview_zps1fd43ad2.png Test 5b - Mark the lyric line (CTRL+M) from "Li" to 2nd last + sign.: RESULT --> See screen shots in EoF and in-game. --> Line wrapping problem not solved. In-game the lyric lines look the same as Test 5a. --> Note that with the shortening of the blue marked area in EoF, the result in-game was to carriage return more quickly than when the blue marked area was longer. Perhaps the blue marked areas really do have an effect in game after all. http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad41/Berneer/SmithyAnvilStuff/Lyrics%20Questions/ReduningBlueMarkedArea-till2ndlastplussign-EOFview_zps47413ccd.png http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad41/Berneer/SmithyAnvilStuff/Lyrics%20Questions/ReducingBlueMarkedArea-till2ndlastplussign-Gameview_zps1678a25a.png Test 5c - Mark the lyric line (CTRL+M) from "Li" to 3rd last + sign.: RESULT --> See screen shots in EoF and in-game. --> Line wrapping problem not solved. In-game the lyric lines look the same as Test 5a. --> Again, lyric line in-game scrolled faster to the next line. http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad41/Berneer/SmithyAnvilStuff/Lyrics%20Questions/ReduningBlueMarkedArea-till3rdlastplussign-EOFview_zps48ad0404.png http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad41/Berneer/SmithyAnvilStuff/Lyrics%20Questions/ReducingBlueMarkedArea-till3rdlastplussign-Gameview_zps1238f891.png Test 5d - Let's jump a couple of steps and see what happens when we mark the lyric line with CTRL+M in blue from "No" to "Li" with no plus signs in the marked area.: RESULT --> See screen shots in EoF and in-game --> Line wrapping problem not solved. In-game the lyric lines look the same as Test 5a. --> Again, lyric line in-game scrolled faster to the next line. Very fast this time, almost immediately after the "Li" text note was started. You can sort of get proof of this in the screenshots of Tests 5a,b,c,d because I had to gradually, with each successive test, take the screenshot with the F5 power chord further away in the distance or else the lyric line would scroll to the next line. http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad41/Berneer/SmithyAnvilStuff/Lyrics%20Questions/ReduningBlueMarkedArea-tillendofLiinLies-EOFview_zps599d0e09.png http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad41/Berneer/SmithyAnvilStuff/Lyrics%20Questions/ReducingBlueMarkedArea-tillendofLiinLies-Gameview_zps0949e57b.png Test 5e - Keep "No more li" as one blue-marked lyric line like Test 5d, but now mark the " + + + + + + es" as another lyric line.: PURPOSE --> See by careful selection of blue-marked lyric line, if can disrupt the in-game pattern of displaying: "No more li" "es No more li" RESULT --> See screen shots in EoF and in-game --> Interesting, this time the blue-marked choice had an impact. Defining a lyric line for " + + + + + + es" forced "es" to have an in-game line to itself. --> Again the "No more li" scrolled to the next line very rapidly as in the previous case. --> Since "+ + + + + + es" in game appears as "es", it is short enough that in previous tests 5a,b,c,d, Rocksmith allowed the next line "No more li" to fit on the same line since I didn't impose any constraints. Now that I imposed a constraint, " + + + + + + es" becoming an independent lyric line, the game respected the new blue-marked lyric line and gave " + + + + + + es" a line to itself and appeared as "es" on a line by itself. --> My theory as to the reason for the faster scroll with shorter blue-marked area is not that the blue-marked area tells the game when to scroll to the next line, but rather I noticed from examining several lyrics throughout the song, that an in-game lyric line stays put, even if the blue words turned dark already, until the next lyric of the next lyric line starts. In our case, in Tests 5a,b,c,d, we simply blue-marked one less + sign at a time. So the reason the in-game lyric line "No more li" was sung and increasingly quickly (with successive tests) scrolled to the next line was that 1) there were less + signs in the lyric line to sustain the "Li" text note and 2) the next + sign, the first of the next lyric line (whether marked as a blue lyric line or not) triggered the lyric line scroll. http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad41/Berneer/SmithyAnvilStuff/Lyrics%20Questions/ReducingBlueMarkedArea-Blue1tillLiBlue2es-EoFview_zps041f0243.png http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad41/Berneer/SmithyAnvilStuff/Lyrics%20Questions/ReducingBlueMarkedArea-Blue1tillLiBlue2es-Gameview_zps0f69d943.png OK, so the wrapping text problem could only be a lyric line length/duration issue. Let's check below. Test 6a - Shorten the duration of the intended lyric line to gauge how long the game will accept: Shorten the lyric line to the last + sign, replacing the + sign with "es" RESULT --> See screen shots in EoF and in-game. --> Lyric line not short enough, "es" in "Lies" still wraps to next line. http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad41/Berneer/SmithyAnvilStuff/Lyrics%20Questions/Removelastplusandreplaceswitheserasingfartheres-EoFview_zpsb0872415.png http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad41/Berneer/SmithyAnvilStuff/Lyrics%20Questions/Removelastplusandreplaceswitheserasingfartheres-Gameview_zps13ad1d0e.png Test 6b - Shorten the lyric line to the 2nd last + sign, replacing the + sign with "es": RESULT --> See screen shots in EoF and in-game --> Ta-da!!!! The intended lyric line. No text wrapping to next line. Small forgivable space appears in-game between "Li" and "es". The "Li" becomes blue during the sustain, then the "es" in "Lies" becomes blue as intended. --> This works perfectly, except that it's not a solution for this song since reducing the duration of this lyric line in EoF, means the singer is still singing the word "Lies" after the word "Lies" goes dark, while we wait for the game to scroll the lyrics to the next lyric line. --> This test shows that the game is designed to display lyric lines that last too long --> My guess is that it is a time duration problem that cause the wrapping since the words "No More Lies" don't really constitute a long lyric line, given that + signs in EoF disappear in game and are instead transmitted from EoF to the game via the PART VOCAL_RS2.XML file which simply knows text note length via variable "length" --> The PART VOCAL_RS2.XML file lines in question that yield success in Test 6b was as follows: <vocal time="395.888" note="254" length="0.079" lyric="No"/> <vocal time="396.163" note="254" length="0.079" lyric="more"/> <vocal time="396.478" note="254" length="2.086" lyric="li"/> <vocal time="398.930" note="254" length="0.100" lyric="es+"/> <vocal time="400.768" note="254" length="0.079" lyric="No"/> <vocal time="401.200" note="254" length="0.079" lyric="more"/> <vocal time="401.476" note="254" length="2.440" lyric="li"/> <vocal time="404.170" note="254" length="0.100" lyric="es+"/> First of the two problematic lyric lines: Total duration: 2.344 seconds. (approx: 1 3/16 measures) Second of the two problematic lyric lines: Total duration: 2.698 seconds. (approx: 1 3/8 measures) http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad41/Berneer/SmithyAnvilStuff/Lyrics%20Questions/Removelast2plusandreplacewitheserasingfartherplusandes-EoFview_zps6479a594.png http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad41/Berneer/SmithyAnvilStuff/Lyrics%20Questions/Removelast2plusandreplacewitheserasingfartherplusandes-Gameview_zps4306dc73.png TESTS ADDENDUM (Results appear in Conclusions above) Test 6a (Take 2) - Time between adjacent text notes must be less than approximately 3 seconds to avoid wrapping: RESULT --> See screen shot. http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad41/Berneer/SmithyAnvilStuff/Lyrics%20Questions/TEST6iAddendum-INDOCTRINATIONNODASHESNOPLUSSES-InEoF_zpsa73b1243.png Test 9 - Using dashes to keep syllables of a same word from wrapping to two different lines in game: RESULT --> See screen shot. http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad41/Berneer/SmithyAnvilStuff/Lyrics%20Questions/TEST9-INDOCTRINATIONWITHDASHES-InEoF_zps3cba53a9.png Test 10 - Using "+" signs in EoF as a an alternative way to control text note sustains: RESULT --> See screen shot. http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad41/Berneer/SmithyAnvilStuff/Lyrics%20Questions/TEST10-INDOCTRINATIONWITHPLUSSES-InEoF_zpsf2fef88e.png Test 11 - How a long marked lyric line with distant text notes behaves: RESULT --> See screen shot. http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad41/Berneer/SmithyAnvilStuff/Lyrics%20Questions/Test11-LongLyricLinewithMarkinganddistanttextnotes-Notsyllables-InEoF_zps26a190ef.png Test 13 - How unmarked lyric lines behave: RESULT --> See screen shot. http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad41/Berneer/SmithyAnvilStuff/Lyrics%20Questions/Test13-LongLyricLinewithoutMarkinganddistanttextnotes-Notsyllables-InEoF_zpsed8acc65.png
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