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Found 8 results

  1. So, I keep seeing songs where the lyrics do not have sustain, the words are not properly synced or are not broken up in syllables. Let's fix that! What you need: Ultrastar Creator: http://sourceforge.net/projects/usc/ EoF (duh) The lyrics for the song Got it? Let's start. 1) Open USC. 2) Click on the folder icon next to "mp3" to load the mp3 3) Select the language of the song (required), and fill in the artist/title (optional) 4) Copy and paste the lyrics into the nice, big white box (something something that's what she said) 5) Press the highlighted button that says abc-def: http://thumbnails112.imagebam.com/34888/44d592348875521.jpg This splits the words into syllables 6) This function is far from perfect. Check every word/syllable and make sure it is correct. 7) Done? Good. 8) Set playback speed to something lower than 100%. I've seen your lyrics. You're not that great of a timer. Save yourself some syncing trouble and set it slower. Go on, we'll wait. 9) Press play 10a) Sync it by pressing the spacebar. 10b) Here's the PRO TIP: Add sustain to the syllable or word by HOLDING DOWN THE DAMN SPACEBAR. 11) Done? ARE YOU SURE YOU ADDED SUSTAIN? 12) Do it again. Add the sustain this time, bastard. 13) Save the .txt file 14) Open your project file in EoF 15) Go to Song -> Track -> Part Vocals 16) Click on File -> Lyric Import 17) Import said lyric 18) You see these words? Think of them as notes. But instead of notes, they're words. But think of them as notes. With words. 19) Get your clap on (press c, insert joke here) 20) Play the song, check sync and sustain. 21) Something wrong? Select the word/syllable, and move it around just as you would a note. See #18. Same thing with the sustain. ARE YOU SURE YOU ADDED SUSTAIN? 22) In order to get dem nice linebreaks in the game, we have to mark the lines. So select the words that make a good line with ctrl or shift, press ctrl + m and BOOM! We are off! 23) You can check your lines in the info window when you're playing the song. That is what it will look like in the game
  2. I have a CDLC created, and everything is working as expected except for the lyrics. I added them in EOF, (used the import file option for lyrics, time coded properly) and can see then on the piano roll there when I play the track, but after going through wwise and then RST and compiling the .psarc file, everything works except for the lyrics. Any suggestions on what I could be missing to make this work, or what extra info / screenshots could I provide that would help diagnose the issue? Thanks! Onyx
  3. Download: LRCconverter.xlsm v.2.7 (2017-02) ---------------------------------------------------- Instructions: 1. Get lyrics file in .LRC format. (see LRC wiki) 2. Convert .LRC file content in LRCconverter.xlsm 4. Import new .LRC to EOF ---------------------------------------------------- LRCconverter.xlsm is Excel(required) Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet. http://killeroyo.webatu.com/RS24_CDLC/Screenshot27.jpg Example LRC line (text is too long and 3 time signatures causing import error in EOF): [03:59.76][04:16.13][06:35.17]Something to save me from myselfAfter converting (sentence is splitted to single words and time + leading silence time is added): [04:02.76]Something [04:03.66]to [04:03.86]save [04:04.26]me [04:04.46]from [04:04.86]myself [04:05.46] [04:19.13]Something [04:20.03]to [04:20.23]save [04:20.63]me [04:20.83]from [04:21.23]myself [04:21.83] [06:38.17]Something [06:39.07]to [06:39.27]save [06:39.67]me [06:39.87]from [06:40.27]myself [06:40.87]
  4. Hi there, First time coming across this problem. Used USC to create my lyrics, everything is saved normally as a .txt file. When I import into EoF I got a pop-up error message saying error invalid lyric file. I haven't done anything differently from my succesful CDLCs. I just packed it without lyrics and it works fine. Any ideas on troubleshooting this? P.S. I tried to re-tap lyrics again from scratch in case and I am getting the same error message when importing to EoF.
  5. Hi all, When I first tried to create a CDLC, I gave a try to UltraStar Creator, and it really is fun, almost a game... But in terms of accuracy, it's not really ideal. So I'v created a little tool that convert a MusicXML output from Guitar Pro into the TXT lyrics file based on USC's output. So far it's just a Visual Studio project with no UI not even a command line, but both could be done quite easily. It's probably not bug-proof, but worked perfectly for the 2 titles I converted. Questions: - Does that kind of tool already exist? - If it was user-friendly, do you think people here would be interested? - To the dev community of CustomForge, I don't mind giving my source / helping with it if you'd like to make it part of a bigger toolkit, let me know if it's the case. Cheers
  6. How do you mark Lyrics in CDLC Ignition? When you upload your CDLC there is no checkmark for the Lyrics to be included. Only Lead, Rhythm, Bass and Vocals can be checked on the upload form.
  7. Hi All, Having an issue with tapping my lyrics into UltraStar and would like some help: Working on a project where the song is at 88bpm. When I enter the mp3 and lyrics into UltraStar, it defaults to 356bpm! That is ludicrous. So I clicked the padlock and manually changed it to 88bpm. It doesn't matter whether I re-lock the padlock or not, UltraStar changes it automatically to 356bpm. I therefore cannot tap this song at 88bpm! I tried using it at the 356bpm but when I import into EOF, the song is set at 88bpm but the lyrics are all out of synch. How can I fix this?
  8. Hello, I'm trying to add lyrics to my new CDLC, butI keep getting that error: ,,Invaild Lyrics File'' I've tried this UTF-8 and ANSI encoding, but nothing worked. Here's the file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B27jv42teYxWdC04OVdKZ25QaWs
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