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  1. Updated Devil, by Shinedown (v1.0) I will make some adjustments, but I think it's a version that's good enough to call it v1.0 I really need comments, I'm definitely not a musician but I tend to think I've quite a good hear. The challenge here was to go from scratch, as it's a brand new song
  2. Added a first beta version of the brand new single: Devil, by Shinedown
  3. Updated Familiar Taste Of Poison by Halestorm (v2.3) Fixed the vocal track (I won't wake up"" rather than "I wanna wake up", makes more sense) Fixed the way the second riff is played (lower frets) Added a variation you can hear on the lead track (measure 30, middle of first chorus) Split some arpeggio between lead and rhythm, with an open 3rd cord vs open 2nd cord Used some open 3rd cord on the bass when it made sense Shorten the gap between chord changes / hand shapes
  4. Added: Halestorm - Freak Like Me v1.0 That doesn't seem too complicated as is, but so fast I have to say it's too difficult for me, as a rookie! Lead / Rhythm mostly re-done by myself, the sources were a bit helpful but not that much Bass to be done, I feel like the sources I've found are completely off and don't want to share something I feel doesn't sound like what's supposed to be played Lead Solo is supposed to be played using a slide ring. I had to change the octgave and use and Octave Up! tunning to make it playable on Rocksmith, but the overall idea remains the same Rest of the solo doesn't uses a ring (you'll have some time to put it on right before that part, just throw it away when it's over :p)
  5. ....Ok, ok.... Well, yeah right, I should have checked this... if RSToolkit does support custom previews, then it's totally no worth spending time in WWise (even if it's not that boring once you've made the right setup ;))
  6. @@firekorn I totally get your point, but in this specific case, it works pretty well The "solo" is quite simple (solo is really an overstatement I'd say), basically a slide up from 17 up to "32" then down to 12. The only thing it changes is the speed of the movement you make from 5 to 20 then down to 0. I'll need to have someone testing it, but I think it's worth a shot ;) I'm almost done, I'm really interrested having your feedback on that one. Edit: Finished the first version, if you want to take a look: http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/freak-like-me-r34162
  7. Thanks firekorn I think I'll try something else: lowering the solo by an octave and using a custom tuning. On a gameplay side it kinda makes sense as you'll play the correct thing even if it's not ideal as it's not really the way it's supposed to be done. At least, all the notes will be there
  8. I know, but for a control-freak like me, I prefer to use WWise so I can use the settings I want, and most importantly (but maybe you can do it in RSToolkit?) manage the preview myself, especially the fade in and out that most of CDLC I've tried are missing.
  9. From my short experience: Depends on what you mean. Learning how to do it takes some time, but EOF and RSToolkit are not too difficult to understand if you're really into it, and even if they could (are keep being) improved, they do the job nicely. Then it depends, it goes from within an hour if you grab an Ultimate Guitar tab and convert it if you just want something that plays... To 10s of hours if you transcribe the song yourself, do the vocal, lead, rhythm, bass (and potentially others) parts, polish every single detail, fret position, finger position, hand shapes, exact duration, clean preview song, etc... Again, I'm not a pro, but usually my process is: - Find a good guitar pro file - Use Transcribe! to check measure after measure every part and add the vocals if I need to (and determine the BPM) - Use Audacity to adapt the audio file and create the preview close to what you hear from ODLCs - Use WWise to convert them - Use my custom made tool to create the vocal part using the Guitar Pro file - Check every guitar part to create 1 to 4 guitar tracks that sounds playable - Add Phrases for each of these track - In EOF, sets the fret positions, finger positions, handshapes, and polish the notes duration to make it look like an official DLC- Create the DLC, in RSToolkit - Debug phrase by phrase each track in Rocksmith 2014 That really takes a long time
  10. Hi! I'm facing two very special issue here while transcribing Freak Like Me by Halestorm. During the solo, Joe Hottinger uses a slide ring to play notes alternating between the 1st and 2nd cord from fret 17 up to 24... and then keeps going up to the bridge, faster and faster (I think at one point he reaches a theoretical 32th fret, from what I heard, but I'm no pro) I guess he's not the first one doing it, but well... I never saw that, to be honest. First an simplest issue is... how would you display an alternating slide between two cords? I'm thinking about either just writing the notes with no slide, or short slides of 1 fret, or slides with no ending, but I think it'll look confusing. Second, and that's a bigger issue I assume has no real solution, how to even write this part? When I try this on EOF, it tells me fret higher than 24 won't display correctly in Rocksmith 2 (and well, I can't blame it :)) Should I just ignore the part above 24? Replace by 0s or 24s? Note: the best video I found about it (well, that's where I understood how he did it) Timestamp 2:50 (already set in the following link to make it easier for you if you don't like that kind of music ;)) https://youtu.be/88VK9KcO2Jg?t=2m50s I could also do just like this acoustic version where it's been extremely simplified, but... man, where's the fun? I just wish Rocksmith would support and display slide rings ;)
  11. Added: Shinedown - Cut The Cord v1.0 Really simple song (and actually the closest available version to what's meant to be played) I think they definitely should do an official version of it. Enjoy mastering this one!
  12. 2009 - Halestorm It's Not You [by SmellyOrc] I Get Off [Official DLC] Bet U Wish U Had Me Back Innocence [by Tremonster] Familiar Taste of Poison [by Toopee] + [by Sharkman828] I'm Not an Angel What Were You Expecting? Love/Hate Heartbreak Better Sorry Than Safe Dirty Work [by Sharkman828] Nothing to Do with Love2012 - The Strange Case Of... Love Bites (So Do I) [Official DLC] Mz. Hyde [Official DLC] I Miss the Misery [Official DLC] Freak Like Me [by Toopee] Beautiful with You In Your Room Break In Rock Show Daughters of Darkness You Call Me a Bitch Like It's a Bad Thing American Boys Here's to Us [by Ildknfl] 2015 - Into the Wild Scream I Am the Fire [by cica] Sick Individual Amen [by Electroheart] Dear Daughter New Modern Love Mayhem Bad Girl's World Gonna Get Mine The Reckoning Apocalyptic [by Larsjee] What Sober Couldn't Say I Like It Heavy 2018 - (New album) 2011 - ReAniMate: The CoVeRs ePSlave to the Grind Bad Romance [Official DLC] Hunger Strike Out Ta Get Me All I Wanna Do is Make Love to You [by Ildknfl] I Want You (She's So Heavy)2013 - ReAniMate 2.0: The CoVeRs eP Dissident Aggressor Get Lucky Shoot to Thrill Hell Is for Children Gold Dust Woman 19962017 - ReAniMate 3.0: The CoVeRs eP Still of the Night Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover I Hate Myself for Loving You Heatens Fell on Black Days Ride the Lightning
  13. Update: Added Shinedown - If You Only Knew v1.0 First final version, if you have any feedback, let me know!
  14. 2003 - Leave a Whisper (deluxe edition) Fly from the Inside [by musefan16] Left Out Lost in the Crowd No More Love Better Version Burning Bright In Memory All I Ever Wanted Stranger Inside Lacerated Crying Out 45 [Official DLC] Simple Man [Official DLC] Burning Bright 45 (Acoustic) Simple Man (Rock version) Leave a Whisper (Leave a Whisper sessions) Start Over (Leave a Whisper sessions) Soon Forgotten (Demo) No More Love (Demo) Falling Fearless (Demo) Left Out (Demo) Emptiness Man (Demo) Notice Me (Demo) Fly from the Inside (Live acoustic)2005 - Us and Them The Dream Heroes Save Me [by Rivinhal] I Dare You Yer Majesty Beyond the Sun Trade Yourself In Lady So Divine Shed Some Light Begin Again Atmosphere Fake Some Day 2008 - The Sound of Madness (2010 Deluxe reissue) Devour [by Snake3169] Sound of Madness [Official DLC] Second Chance [Official DLC] Cry for Help The Crow & the Butterfly [by mystery415] If You Only Knew [by Toopee] Sin with a Grin What a Shame [by Toopee] Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide [by Toopee] Breaking Inside Call Me [by chlipouni] Energy Son of Sam I Own You Junkies for Fame Second Chance (acoustic version) The Crow & the Butterfly (Pull Mix) Her Name Is Alice [by PyroBillie] Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom) [by PyroBillie] Breaking Inside (featuring Lzzy Hale) [by Toopee]2012 - Amaryllis Adrenaline Bully [official DLC] Amaryllis Unity [by Bolding13] Enemies [official DLC] I'm Not Alright Nowhere Kids Miracle I'll Follow You For My Sake My Name (Wearing Me Out) Through the Ghost 2015 - Threat to Survival (Japanese bonus tracks) Asking for It [by Rockman2641] Cut The Cord [by Toopee] + [by Crossbolt242] + [by demonizer84] State of My Head Outcast How Did You Love It All Adds Up Oblivion Dangerous Thick as Thieves Black Cadillac Misfits Never Gonna Let Go Reject 2018 - Attention Attention The Entrance Devil [by Toopee] Black Soul Attention Attention Kill Your Conscience Pyro Monsters Darkside Creatures Evolve Get Up Special The Human Radio Brilliant
  15. Finished the first final version on Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide! I'll have to check the bass line, but I think the rest is fine.
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