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  1. Ah, a missed step! I did not add an XML file to the arrangements. What I did was import a lyrics .lrc file into EOF, but nothing else. Would a XML file be generated by EOF, or do I nered to manually conver the LRC file to one? Cheers, and thanks! (Ok, went back and found the XML, added it, and Lyrics now show! Most excellent!) As a follow up, my lyrics just show the whole line, do I need to have a LRC file that has a timecode per word to have the display show the words as they are sung? Thanks again!
  2. I have a CDLC created, and everything is working as expected except for the lyrics. I added them in EOF, (used the import file option for lyrics, time coded properly) and can see then on the piano roll there when I play the track, but after going through wwise and then RST and compiling the .psarc file, everything works except for the lyrics. Any suggestions on what I could be missing to make this work, or what extra info / screenshots could I provide that would help diagnose the issue? Thanks! Onyx
  3. Brilliant! I knew I was doing something wrong. (Incomplete understanding of the tool.) Where can I switch it back to a 4 string display, I seem to be missing that part? Very much appreciated! Onyx
  4. I was worried it might be lite on details. Using the RST, I unpacked the CDLC, enabling the options to convert sng to XML, and also decode the audio. After unpacking that to its own folder, I open EOF, and do a file/new, loading the .oog file (larger of the two) I enable the waveform view and also set the beats to 90 for the song. the song/track and set to "Part Real_Bass" So far everything is fine, I can play the song in EOF, and see the waveform just fine, and the piano roll shows 4 strings. As soon as I do the "file/rocksmith import" and pick the XML file (The one ending in Bass.xml here: http://i.imgur.com/hKhLPij.png ), the piano roll goes to show 6 strings instead of 4 (even though I picked the bass part xml) and no notes are shown. (I see this: http://i.imgur.com/aCMKmo8.png ) If I can provide any other details that would make it easier to tell what is happening, please let me know, would love to figure out what I'm doing wrong! Cheers! Onyx
  5. I've been trying something similar, wanting to edit an existing CDLC, but when I do the rocksmith import, no notes show on the piano roll. (It also shows 6 strings instead of 4 even though I have the track set to Bass.) I have the song itself imported, BPM set correctly, and song->track set to part_real_bass. The import seems not to do anything though. I'm probably doing something horribly wrong, is this something that has been discussed before and my search missed?
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