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  1. So until now, Microsoft allowed any app to eavesdrop :ph34r: Spies must have had a hard time to listen to RS players :lol:
  2. I've cancelled my TV Channel Provider some years ago, because of too much advertisements between programs, I recently checked on a Streaming TV site, it has become worse. Actually there are now some programs in between advertisements :blink: I'm not giving in to that mental mass manipulation: Watch TV, Obey, Submit, Consume, Buy, Sleep, no Thought. If donations of 240.000 members can't make the greatest site survive, I don't know what can. If 240.000 members can't find a way to donate, once in their lifetime, merely 10 bucks to access 30.000 free songs ready to be played in the greatest guitar software, they don't deserve it. :angry:
  3. I try to keep it about 1.500, disabling them in CFSM, as the loading time stays in acceptable limits. Adding/Removing, I'm still left with 1.640, I often keep songs I don't like, for a characteristic technique. I organize them in sub-folders in the DLC folder, it's easy to move sub-folders to a folder level above, so they won't load. I don't trust the setlist manager, CFSM is a great tool, but feels somehow unreliable, illogical :huh: Enumerating is faster when you stay in the Profile screen, waiting for the hard-disk to calm down. (we have to wait for quantum computers for real multitasking, loading the program, sounds and graphics while computing the song list simultaneously, without stumbling :lol: ) Takes about a big minute, or two, time I use to play riffs from memory. ;)
  4. Yes, Once I have noticed the bug in RS, and now that I know where it comes from, I can manually Remove DD, and Repack DD in the Toolkit, and it works fine. But isn't it annoying to "correct" cdlc in the Song Manager, (edit or repair) and then notice some other day that arrangements have masses of repeated full drawn chords? First thing I thought for over a year now (and many users may think that too) : yet another bad unplayable custom, bad charter, delete it and avoid the charter :(
  5. The issue "highdensity bug" still remains in the song manager on many customs released before RS Remastered. I'm using SM v1.4.1.4. I messaged @@Chlipouni about it. The problem rises when the DD is not regenerated. (I'm using DD3.4) It may happen in the toolkit too. In the Song manager, the option "overwrite existing DD" must be checked in the Repair menu, to avoid the bug. BUT when the option "Edit Song Information" is executed, DD is never rebuild, It then creates the highdensity bug, It can be very annoying not to see the forest for the treesSome examples of many where it happens : The Zoo, Scorpions (rhythm part)Ghost Bowl, Bonamassa (rhythm part)Cum On Feel the Noise, Quiet Riot My conclusion would be that the Songmanager and the Toolkit should systematically rebuild DD versions older than the version released after the RS Remastered. I also wonder why keep an old version of DD in a subfolder of the Song manager, a link to the toolkit subfolder would be obvious. Finally, is there a chance one day to be able to select a cDLC in the Songmanager, and start the Toolkit to import it. (I know it requires collaboration on both sides of programming) Thank you for reading.
  6. It's about guitar music, yes ? So better put a bucket on the head and close that shirt. :D
  7. BitChute is a peer-to-peer content sharing platform which means, it doesn't have the videos on their servers, sounds great ;) p.s. I'm getting sick of companies on Youtube claiming they own copyright, when they do not. They are not blocking your videos, but they make money out of it by adding advertisements. Their is no way given by Youtube to question their claim, or to get any proof of their copyright ownership. Now this is a big imbalance of rights in freedom of expression. So I look forward of using Youtube only as a link to BitChute
  8. I think it has much to do with promotion and advertisement, it requires more business talents, then artistic. You need a good manager, a famous label, people who really want to turn you into cash. Most famous bands aren't really great musicians or players anyway. Most of time they play for a big ignorant audience, who would not even notice a tone change. And this audience is expecting more of the same, which ultimately kills creativity. Jumps to my mind Linking Park, Bon Jovi, Coldplay. Rush, what musically poor stuff they made since they entered the hall of fame. And then Managers tend to impose an "Image" Something that captures the attention : Jumps to my mind - Ghost - really pushed forward to win prizes they don't deserve, considering the level of art. Prizes specially made for hidden promotion. Like an Armani catwalk. Finally it's about keeping your soul, not selling it, making the music you feel you need to play, and not play what most people want you to play. So not becoming famous is really something to be proud of, being recognized by musicians is much more rewarding. Jumps to my mind : Eric Johnson
  9. Silver Condor ? what a great song they made : or even better
  10. Changes in life happen. Nobody can expect a Charter not to take a break. Dead links can´t be avoided, except maybe if the site would make a backup of every cDLC submitted. But I guess that would go against their careful policy. The best way to recover a dead link : 1. Check when the Charter was last online (float mouse pointer above his name). If he was recently, private message him. (friendly) (sometimes a simple comment on his page is not notified to him) 2. If he's away for too long, do a little spying and identify - who follows the cDLC - who likes the cDLC - who thanked the Charter on the Forum page of the cDLC (I never understood why there are 2 variations of a cDLC page) Chances are some still have a version, we like to collect, just in case... PM an identified User, preferably a Magna Charter, (politely) they know best how to re-upload the song temporarily, until the Charter is back. I think that's how a Community works ;) p.s. This way Rumble by Link Wray has been temporarily uploaded, Thank you @@Antithez
  11. The best way to learn guitar is to get yourself a real teacher. That's also the best way to quit, as their stuff is often dead boring, and they like the classic way, clean technique clean rhythm first, so don't expect them to teach you mainstream songs any soon. Best Teacher on Youtube : I still go for Pebber Brown, very systematic, Jim Bowley is also my favourite, versatile. First you should care about watching your fingers on the frets, away from Rocksmith, because Rocksmith teaches you a very bad technique, because most of the time you have to play blind. Of course I have to recommend my melodic scales, at slow speed. And then, guitar playing is so versatile, solos, chords, strum patterns, a lot of secondary techniques, there is no best way to learn. Keep on, you will progress constantly, slowly, be patient!
  12. in guitar pro you can type notations as well as tabs, and it translates / displays them both
  13. That were the kind of songs that really killed my interest in learning guitar from a teacher, when I was young, luckily, your son has the option to keep interest with 1000 of RS Songs ;)
  14. Buckethead Quite easy to play http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/sketches-of-spain-for-miles-r3421
  15. Satriani https://youtu.be/ARYsNfHAwR4 http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/andalusia-r13981
  16. how about some John 5 http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/noche-acosador-r25942 not for beginners, though OR
  17. Strumming is far more complicated, of course not if you are into headbanger. There are a dozen of patterns you should train and be able to play with or without change of cords. Most easy are 1/8 patterns, when it comes to 1/16 patterns, it gets tough, it's not without reason we find so few country songs here. They know how to strum, these cowboys. ;) Why not start with the Bo Diddley Beat Study the strum patterns in official RS songs in groups of 4. If you have 2 Strums, and the first starts on a main beat, or a change of chord, its most surely a downstrum. If after the 2nd Strum you have a pause, a single gap, ( a downstrum is left out) next strum is an Upstrum If you have 2 gaps, next is a Downstrum. If after the 3rd Strum you have a gap, (an upstrum is left out) next strum is downstrum If its a double gap, its an upstrum Simply put in a 1/8 pattern: Downstrums are uneven 1, 3, 5 ... Upstrums are even 2,4,6 2Strums with 1 Gap = 3, next strum is 4th (upstrum) 3Strums with 2 Gaps = 5, next strum is 6th (upstrum) 3Strums with 1 Gap =4, next strum is 5th (downstrum) Questions is always how to strum after a gap. And more often it is difficult to see the number of gaps (left out strums) in RS
  18. you should check the RS Lessons Chords 202 and 203. Search the net for Strum Patterns. It's not an easy topic, as it depends on your strum rhythm, 1/8, 1/16 to achieve a strum pattern Strum up often lefts out the lower 2 strings of the chord, so it sounds brighter. Sometimes you find a chord showing only the upper two, three or four strings, followed by another chord with the same handshape, adding lower strings, then you know which to strum up. (ex. Neil Youngs Dead Man, rhythm arr.) Personnally I think it's the most disturbingly bad implemented technique in RS, because it is not shown when you should start with a strum up. (ex. Blue Hotel starts with a strum up) To visualize this clearer, I try to show upstrums as a chord without a box. You can see this quite well in my cdlc : Gustavo Santaolalla Relatos Salvajes (Wild Tales) This helps me a lot, and I change the customs in this way. I still look forward to do exercises on strum patterns, as soon as I've reached a satisfying knowledge on that topic
  19. I think the difference between a teacher and Rocksmith is that the teacher stays on a topic as long as required, while with Rocksmith you jump from one song to another, with eventually very different techniques, so yes, a teacher will give your more profound sustainable education. But Rocksmith can do that to, if you manage to stay with a particular song for two weeks, that's what I do now, currently with 2 Die 4, a song I would never have dreamed of being able to play
  20. Thanks for opening the Triumph topic. It may help to distinguish which tracks are bass only. For me, Triumph is Rik Emmett, bass and drums are rather basic, compared to his skills, and he went off to a solo carrier, not so popular, but even more challenging. (I did a solo track in my early days which needs a rework, only to see I was far from being able to play it) If someone could do the live version of Rock'n roll machine, from the US Festival 1983, which is an official album (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Live_at_the_US_Festival) that would be amazing !
  21. I don't think recommendations should be done. Malwarebytes is the worst software I've ever tried, in the way it made changes to my system without asking. In fact it removed a perfectly clean windows file which prevented then Windows to restart, running in into blue screen.
  22. hit and run ? :thumbsdown:
  23. you should check my exercise collection, there is a topic about chord exercises
  24. Variations from E-Standard are exceptions, 2/3 of songs are in regular E-Standard It's nothing special to have to retune after a first song, as strings fit in place when strummed. Before I play, after a tuning, I strum them, or bend them, and notice some will be out of tune. Maybe you need to enlarge the nut, depending on the thickness of your strings. By the way, you can always stop a song and check the precision of the tuning on the left bottom page. You should also renew strings regularly, because old strings, like 2-3 months, won't hold the tuning, neither so well, nor so precise. If you change tunings a lot, the strings will wear out faster. Cleaning them helps against corrosion. I don't need to retune for days, weeks, except for a slight adjustment on one or two strings, mainly after temperature change, climate change have an influence on strings.
  25. XLR Line level is ok to send the signal to my Firehawk FX, The other output could be used for the RS Cable. I hope if used together, signal quality will not be weakened, because that would really spoil the tones on the Firehawk. I currently use the FX Send of the Firehawk FX to connect the RS Cable, but I have to configure all my tones with a "FX Send" first in line. Wireless Guitar without needing the FX Send would improve my configuration.
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