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  1. I find myself spending a lot of my time creating CDLCs but also "fixing" other people's CDLCs for my own enjoyment. Things like volume levels of tones and stuff like that are things that for me can really ruin playing a CDLC of a song I like but not only that but that's usually a starting point. You may find yourself doing the same thing.
  2. @@firekorn knows this stuff better than I do for sure, but here's what I do (just from the picture not seen the EOF yet). I delete extra phrases like "picture somebody". All that I have left are the ones for verse chorus etc and all my events lists are only the PS ones (exception is count but I only use that one once). I'd suggest deleting those extra phrases because as far as I know they don't do anything but might cause problems. If you mean for them to be the lyrics know that the lyrics go elsewhere (on the lyric track)...
  3. Even though it seems like you should be able to put images in posts here it doesn't work for me either. To post images here I have to link them from elsewhere (imgur) click this thingy and paste in the URL.
  4. Did you set phrases in Editor on Fire yourself? If you didn't then it kind of randomly splits things up. You have to manually click on the timeline and enter sections. (Intro, Verse, PreChorus etc). You can't just click on the song anywhere like you can with tone changes, you have to click up top on the timeline on a beat marker.
  5. genre tags, and artist pages sound like they will be the most missed from that list. Anyway, awesome can't wait.
  6. Step 3: Editor On Fire Open up your song in Editor On Fire. I'm going to assume you are familiar with the basics of CDLC creation. This part you should be familiar with, there are separate tutorials if you need to follow another tutorial for that such as this: http://customsforge.com/topic/35318-cdlc-creation-for-rocksmith-2014-remastered/ Now, you should switch to the vocal track and import the SRT file you created from Subtitle edit. Press F5 to view the waveform. You should see something like this once you browse the song to where the lyrics start. Now you'll need to select all the lyrics, with CTRL A and left click and drag them to the starting point you identify by listening to the song. When lyrics are selected they turn green, they can be dragged and moved at that point. Deselect everything after you have the lyrics lined up by left clicking on an empty space in the timeline or by pressing Ctrl-D or going to Edit -> Selection -> Deselect All. Now highlight the entire first verse (in this example "I heard the news baby") and press Ctrl-M (or Note -> Lyrics -> Lyrics Lines -> Mark) Now, just go through the rest of the song doing each verse and chorus into groups. Fix any errors like in this particular example there's a bunch of "Hey hey heys" at the end that needed to be adjusted but for the most part the rest should be smooth sailing. In the end, save your file you'll get a PART VOCALS_RS2.xml that you can use in the Rocksmith Toolkit. FIN.
  7. Now you go to %username%\.youka\youtube\ There should be a folder "Y-IUB62zDlA" there. That is the youtube video's extension that was pasted for the song into Youka. In that folder, there is a file word.json that you will need to import into subtitle edit. Step 2: Subtitle Edit Open up Subtitle edit, then go to File -> Open and find the file identified above, word.json in your %username%\.youka\youtube\Y-IUB62zDlA folder. Or you could also drag and drop it onto Subtitle edit. You should see something like this: Now File -> Save this onto your computer. You will create a .SRT file that will be imported into Editor on Fire.
  8. Software required: Youka https://www.youka.club/ Subtitle Edit v3.5.16 (or above) Note that the current (Sept 2020) beta that supports this: https://github.com/SubtitleEdit/subtitleedit/releases/download/3.5.16/SubtitleEditBeta.zip Here is the regular website for newer stable versions as they are released depending on when you read this tutorial: https://www.nikse.dk/subtitleedit/ Editor On Fire Process overview: Use Youka to generate lyrics then import that into subtitle edit to convert to .SRT that can be read into EOF. Step 1: Youka Youka is a free software that creates karaoke songs out of any YouTube video. In this example, I’ll be adding lyrics to the song “Ain’t Talking Bout Love” from Van Halen. First step is finding a youtube link for the song. This does not need to be the exact same audio length to the microsecond as you will be using later in Editor on Fire. It just needs to have the same lyrics, be the same song. The actual timing will be adjusted later. Open Youka and paste the youtube link and the program will start doing it’s thing… when it's done it will start playing the song (continued)
  9. Think I figured it out. All the lines line up now and it sounds right.
  10. So I'm working on this custom, and the chord sounds wrong at this point in the tab (or maybe I'm crazy.) As I understand it, the solid line on the spectrogram should go through the dark blurry line and it's way above it. How can I use this info to fix the tab to play the right chord? Are the bars on the far left of the spectogram semitones or something like that? It seems like this is something basic I should be able to grasp. Can someone explain please what I'm missing.
  11. it is still saying "this item might not exist or is no longer available"
  12. So I watched Stranger Things 3 and it has a cool part where the Neverending Story song is featured and I checked the CDLCs here and neither had lyrics. So I made them I tried to contact the CDLC authors and didn't hear back from DM so I'll just put them here for anyone that wants them they can be added to the CDLC. Just extract using the toolkit, add the lyrics, and repack. Limahl Never Ending Story CDLC Vocals http://www.mediafire.com/file/xsf7rtbxq2nnd89/PART_VOCALS_RS2.xml/file Dragonland Neverending Story CDLC vocals http://www.mediafire.com/file/puxir4xqsl4aeko/PART_VOCALS_RS2.xml/file
  13. @@coldrampage@@lokariototal I uploaded a very short video to youtube that you can kind of see how goplayalong works. The song I'm using, "Wait for You" by Bonham, is a pretty standard tempo song without many changes I shows the autosync. The tab is no good around measure 60 so I go into manual sync mode and you can see how easy it is to move around bars and beats if needed. I don't fix the problem because the tab appears to be wrong, but I did sync the first beat correctly. It's really a super easy software. It does fairly on songs with more complex tempos as well - as long as your tab is close. If your tab is way messed up you will have problems no matter if you do it manually or use goplayalong. I'd argue that using goplay along is easier to see where the problems are because you can jump right into the bars easily while comparing the tab and your mp3. Here's the video:
  14. It's better than EOF. The interface is nice. The midi playing on the tab is very robust, there's something similar in EOF but it doesn't seem to work as well. To me, it's better to sync in GoPlayAlong and export than to manually do it in EOF. You can fiddle all you want and then export (and import into EOF) and go from there. For me, if you have major problems, like you need to add a bar or something maybe, it's more difficult to overcome them in EOF than it is in GoPlayAlong. The automated syncing is great, you can specify the BPM in EOF but most music, especially a little bit older music, there some variation and things get off. GoPlayAlong generally autocorrects for that type of thing very well and if it's off it's super easy to drag bars to where they need to go (yes there similar in EOF but not as fine tuned). When manually adjusting the sync there's a great view of the spectrogram (? is that the word) (the view of the music). There's a tiny one in EOF, this is better. If you can afford it, I'd say it's totally worth it.
  15. I use it all the time. It helps A TON. It was totally worth it to buy. It syncs the beat to the tab very well and lets me focus on other big picture things to work with (and usually makes it clear where the tab is wrong). Sometimes, it doesn't sync like a certain strange part 100%, you can manually adjust just those measures. GoPlayAlong has a midi thing that you can hear what it would sound like if you played the notes along with the track. Overall, I'd say it's the best thing for creating CDLC. I also check some karaoke sites for lyrics that can be imported into EOF, that can save a ton of time too as I'm very picky about my CDLCs and try to provide lyrics along with the tab. If you want I can provide a little more detail on the process.
  16. Yeah, that Halestorm cover rocks! I think I like it more than the original. Will check out that MJ cover...although since I have a Floyd on my guitar, alternate tunings are mostly verboten...lol Yeah it's in D drop C which is pretty odd but the song is really pretty good. I have a digitech drop tuner and while the I don't use a floyd, I do have evertune lol, but anyway it's just tune to drop D then use the drop tuner to drop it all down another half step.
  17. Halestorm's Bad Romance DLC is a pop cover I like. There's a CDLC cover of Michael Jackson's (somewhat obscure song) They Don't Care About Us that is fun. The tuning is non-standard so I don't play it super often but if I do end up in that tuning I do play it.
  18. @@firekorn I've had issues with tone changes as well and want to make sure I understand the process, so you are saying: Let's say in your EOF project, you want to set a tone change a 01:30, then you change to another tone at 02:30, then change back to the original tone at 03:30. Lets say it starts out as distortion (0:00), solo (01:30), fuzz (02:30), then back to distortion (03:30) right? How do you do that? I believe you add the tone changes in EOF at 1:30, 2:30, then 3:30. EOF does make you pick a default tone, you're saying that doesn't really affect things? What would the toolkit look like? Three tones? Four? Guitar (distortion, solo, fuzz) or Guitar (distortion, solo, fuzz, distortion)?
  19. CONAN THE BARBARIAN - Metal Guitar Version (Chris Barker) Tab
  20. Wikipedia says it is estimated that between 70 and 95 percent of the world's population is right-handed. It seems like there's a disproportionate amount of left handed people playing guitar. I'd like to see a poll. :)
  21. Another solution that may or may not be practical would be to buy another guitar and use it for standard tuning excercises.
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