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  1. I've played a few more tracks and I'm still having the scenario where some tracks start at near to 100% difficulty when playing them for the first time, and others are absolutely silly low difficulty with a single note every 16 bars, hardly progressing in level through the whole playthrough. Is there any way to have cdlc behave like official dlc and have tracks start at somewhere around your current skill level? Is the difficulty set by the cdlc creator? Does cdlc still adapt to your accuracy and lower or raise the difficulty as you play through the tracks? I have dynamic difficulty on, level up speed normal, and sight reading set to auto.
  2. Would you like me to report which ones they are on here, or is there somewhere else I should be going to?
  3. Sorry, one more question - some transcriptions are tuned slightly wrong, as in the track should require you to be slightly sharp or flat. Is there a way to alter the track details to show and require the correct tuning, or is it a case of remembering which tracks are marked wrongly and tuning up by ear when you load it up?
  4. Yeah, I found out DL#s definitely isn't an indication of quality! Thanks for the tip on the comments. I've only just realised you can access a 'record' page for each track, as I was hitting the 'add' button previously. I'll be sure to check in there for feedback, cheers One more question - I noticed a few tracks gave me 100% mastery even if I only hit a fraction of the notes. Is that a bug with some transcriptions? Also, some tracks seem to have pretty nasty 'leveling up', throwing me right in at the deep end on some, and on others, offering 1 note every 4 bars. Is that down to how the transcriber chose to have level progression for that track, or does rocksmith do it all on the fly?
  5. Hi. New CDLC user here. After spending a fortune on official rocksmith DLC, I've come over to CDL for my fresh rocksmith fix. I've just downloaded and played through a few tracks - some were brilliant, others were not so great. I appreciate the time people put into transcribing, but I'd also like to avoid the worst of the bunch if possible. Is there anywhere that lists the cdlc with some kind of user rating? Is there anyone who transcribes that I should definitely pay attention to (and anyone to avoid)?
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