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  1. yeah wife and kids. and about a year ago, the pc had a catastrophic meltdown, lost everything. not long after that my mega storage site got shut, so the stuff i had worked on, and completed etc... gone too at that point i just went "fuck it"
  2. ill take a gander anyway. fingers could use some frank zappa. whats the patcher thing about ??
  3. i forgot one of the ultimate texas blues bands.. ZZ Top
  4. hmmm status quo...i think I have some of their music somewhere.. theres a few music channels on youtube talking about the death of guitar (and its stringed kin).. blaming no real innovators, very few guitar icons left, and a whole host of other reasons... personally I think they missed the boat on the new generation of kids who are choosing auto tune or dancing over learning an instrument.. because its easy to load a program on ya computer, dork around with various sound programs..dump it on youtube and instant what-have-you. problem with instant gratification is theres no real 'accomplishment' .. where as, I did the hard yards, and now I reap what I sowed ..sow ..sue... is dying RS did something amazing (something GH could never acchieve, and Rock Band 3 came close to doing) and put REAL instruments in the hands of users..and you really can learn to play. Rocksmith 'future' has to build on that by actually loading in some music theory in there.... eg Thunderstruck ... Key of E Major.. 135 bpm.. scales you can use are that Major scale.. blues major/minor this... or B mixolydian) (the secret to AC/DC is keep it simple..and lots of mixolydian) expand on the lessons by doing a scale and showing them "this is your 3rd... this is the flat 5th... this is the 9th, 11th 13th.." Dissonant notes lesson i would think is a must.. along with how to resolve.. etc.. so they arent just learning the vocabulary (chords, scales and keys) but how they work if they can figure out how to do that and keep the same general RS we've come to love... they will have a winner. I also think they know this... what they must avoid at all costs is doing an Activgreed and pumping out any old shit for a buck. cos everyone knows who fucked the GH franchise to death ... now to go look @ my Status Quo tabs...
  5. any Eric Clapton, SRV, all of the King's, Gary Moore and David Gilmour (he loves him some minor penatonic).
  6. get a mega account (or google drive) and store all your CDLC on there... then you can re-download all of them at once whenever you do a clean or whatever reason.
  7. almost all guitar teachers will tell you to keep your strumming hand in motion (down up down up) even when the strum pattern calls for down down up or something of that nature. Never pause. if the pattern is down pause down up. you strum would strum like this down , up (lifted slightly so you don't touch the strings) , down, up. etc.. in knocking on heavens door... the Cmaj with your pinky on 3rd fret of high e (which is a g note) is up strummed by dylan. do you have to play it that way, no. music like art is subjective.
  8. for anyone interested, im currently uploading 68000+ tabs (GP3 4 5 and X) off my drive to my MEGA storage.. im gonna share it all so feel free to look for tabs you may not have.. they are all sorted by band name / musician name alphabetically.. (surname 1st) eg : Simon, Paul obviously there will be inaccurate ones, doubles and multi versions. hoping this helps someone out there lookin for that song but can't find. https://mega.nz/#F!B4dA3SqK!ZMtFnqzXLvANPX9wcScYmQ
  9. cross Elvis Costello Pump it up off the list.. posted it last week :) tho i had no idea about this list until just now
  10. Dm Em and Am are all part of the key of C. they are the 2 3 and 6 chords. G (5 chords of C) in place of Em can work musically. The guitar is a tough instrument to write for (unless the music is specifically written for the guitar) this is because there a multiple ways to play each chord (inversions etc). it could be the G is used as harmony to someone elses Em an example of this is Shoot to thrill (ACDC). the chorus is A G and D, but the bass plays A B and D (in parts). Cliff is playing the 3rd of G and not G itself.
  11. ok CTRL+T is for changing tones.. how do i set the default tone?
  12. will that method (ctrl + t) work at assigning a tone at the start of a song ? sounds like it will, but can't hurt to clarify. the vid was 51 min long "how to make a cdlc" by foopjohnson
  13. recently joined the list of CDLC makers... but for the life of me I cannot assign a tone to the tracks.. youtube vid says select the first note of the track and name it to the tone you want to set..(both by pressing N and by selecting beat - rocksmith - RS Phrase) eg the lead tone i set it called "lead" (no inverted commas). import the tone i want set to it in RSTOOLKIT name them exactly as set in EOF test the song... no tones assigned.
  14. thanx for black and blue...one more on my list...if yuu may...dont let him go by reo speedwagon...it burns on guitar

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