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  1. Is there an issue with the dates in the database. Seems like it's going from 3/3 to 2/3 then to 1/3 skipping all the dates in between. I know there is maintenance being performed is this related to it? EDIT: After looking further it looks like maybe some of the dates are in US format and some are in European ie 3/2/2016 or 2/3/2016
  2. I'm using the IP that my router is setup for? I have always used the same subnet its not a Mac or apple IP range there is no such thing. You can set your IP to whatever you want regardless of the operating system. I use network because my modem is hard coded to use and I don't want my networks conflicting. I don't understand why the Mac address or internet address would make any difference since I shouldn't even need to be connected to the internet at all. I'd there not a way to remove that check all together? Its an exe file not a DMG file so it wouldn't install on anything apple regardless Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk
  3. After disabling my network connections 1.7 works. Is there a settings file to change the way that it blocks those IP'S?
  4. Does anyone have a link to an older version that doesn't have the Mac error?
  5. I'm also getting the Mac address error. My network is set to use
  6. gh0st19

    Gh0st19 WIP

    @@Alex360 Yeah definitely. I've got it all done except for tones, as far as I can tell. I've played through it a few times and seems to be correct. I'll upload what I have and send you a link.
  7. gh0st19

    Gh0st19 WIP

    I wanted to just post a quick list of things I'm working on since I'm not sure how many people use the request form. All of these are tabbed and set in EOF I just need to finish the tones on them. Anthrax -- Safe Home Nazareth -- Love Hurts 3 Doors Down -- Away From The Sun Alice In Chains -- Don't Follow Alkaline Trio -- Burn Breaking Benjamin --Polyamarous Drowning Pool -- Creeping Death Finch -- Letter to You Finch -- What it is to Burn Guano Apes -- Open Your Eyes Guns N Roses -- Yesterdays Hellyeah -- Moth P.O.D -- Beautiful Sick Puppies -- Odd One Staind -- How About You Staind -- So Far Away Taproot -- Poem Three Days Grace -- Lost in You I'm willing to share if anyone wants to help out with tones or has a tone that they think will work well. If anyone is working on these already let me know and I can give you what I have if you are interested as well. Thanks!!
  8. For DD to work the dlc has to have sections and phrases which need to be added in Eof. You will have to unpack the dlc and open it in Eof and add these then repack it.
  9. How will the 2012 to 2014 conversion deal with custom tones? They will still have to be created for use in 2014 right?
  10. I want to try the Hetfield I've never used unter but hear food things. I am currently using Brain pick Snarling Dogs. 88 I love the texture on them and the top part works great for scrapes. http://thumbs4.ebaystatic.com/d/l225/m/mSeoCmDf-fh_UiYKDP0QxTA.jpg
  11. I will have to mess around with it. I figured getting RS to recognize it correctly when it was done would be the hardest part. Is there an option in Eof to have a portion of a chart be excluded from having to hit a correct note?
  12. Is there a way in Eof to chart a pick scrape? Will RS recognize it? Thanks
  13. Yes. If you click on the note you can lengthen or shorten it using the brackets [ and ]
  14. You should be able to grab the last beat marker of the tab in eof and drag it.
  15. @@Azrael Good eye, I had the files names reversed. I got it all sorted. Posting the CDLC now :p
  16. I've gotten this error if I create the xml using a gpx file and then convert the tab to gp5. If you go back and change the tab used in go play along and re-export it that should solve the issue. It keeps all the links in place as well.
  17. I'm using the correct filename but that does sound like a possibility. I could have renamed them backwards
  18. I'm having the same issue with a song I'm working on except mine gets about 30 seconds in and quits and tells you your score. I've tried un-packing re-packing redoing phrases. Not sure what the issue is.
  19. You are able to add multiple parts in eof. You can use the song drop down and then track. Rhythm guitar would be real guitar 22. Just import the guitar pro tab as normal.
  20. I'm not sure about software for Mac but editing an already existing custom is pretty easy especially if you are just adding lyrics. You should be able to add DD to any custom as long as it has riff repeater enabled. It will work without but I prefer it with the riff repeater. To add DD it's basically drag and drop into the custom toolkit.
  21. I got ahold of a copy of go playalong. It has really saved a ton of time for tabs that won't sync well using other methods. You can set some link points and the program will recognize similar points throughout the track. Worth the 19 bucks imo.
  22. I have had the same issue with Bitdefender 2015. I've had to put an exception in so it would stop deleting the file.
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