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  1. Happy Birthday blackened!

  2. Happy Birthday blackened!

  3. i removed the phrase and work:)) anyway thank you for you help, for the way to do them next time!
  4. the CLDC works but i can't change the section when i wan't! http://postimg.org/image/d2pmpwdez/
  5. Hi! i made a CDLC but in rocksmith i can't change the section! i put in eof sections phrases! what should be the problem?
  6. I want to put in order some cldcs exercise ! how to change the "in game " name on finished CDLCs?
  7. why the back track(song) of the cdlc is not synced with the notes, in eof everything is sync!
  8. why the back track(song) of the cdlc is not sync with the notes, in eof everything is sync!
  9. I don't know how to add rhythm in a CDLC! any idea?
  10. so stupid :)) tnx mate, work fine now!
  11. Hi ! When i play some songs at 100 % speed i have video lag! Any thoughts?
  12. can you guys recommand me some CDLCs in folk genre like Eluveitie!
  13. thanke you guys! your the best! good stuff here! Thanks again! sorry for my bad english!
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