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  1. I had this problem, but it works when I ran the toolkit as administrator. Just right click on it then press Run as adminstrator
  2. its not the songs that's different bpm its the guitar pro tab, I set the bpm for the acoustic part 88bpm for lead and rhythm and when I imported bass the notes were really spaced out Any way I ended up doing it by hand because 1.The tab was terribly wrong 2.It was all over the place
  3. Hi I was wondering is there a way to have different beat markers on the different arrangements in the same EOF file, I say this because there is a different tempoed acoustic part and then the bass kicks in and its a little faster, rather than moving the notes individually or starting a new EOF file is there a way to somehow stop the beats from going on the other parts. The only way I can think of is to use the same audio file and make the other arrangements on separate EOF files, but can you do it on the same? thankyou for your time
  4. you probably haven't created a preview file and its telling you that it cant find the preview file. In EOF go to song-Create preView audio, choose the time you want it to start and end, it will automatically start where the green line is, you can just scroll through the song to where you want and then generate preview. Last note you don't even need the preview file just select ok and it will use the whole song as preview
  5. hello in one of my customs the song starts of with a slide on 12 to 1 on the low e and then the camera mainly stays to the right of the fretboard and you can't see most of the notes is this fixable?
  6. ok thanks for the tip but it works now, but I changed the song length in the xml file instead thanks for the help :)
  7. also when I got to Song>seek.>end of audio it directs me to this redline, just found out the original audio file is the problem Is there a way to just change the mp3 file without having to start a new one, I already have riff repeater and tone changes set up and it would be a real pain to start over or can I alter the time of the original song?
  8. I'm afraid there are no events or phrases, there's just a red line that sits on none of the beats, and when I try to drag the last beat more come out of nowhere https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2-ngHHsf1cxcEEwUVpvQzZpdW8/view?usp=sharing
  9. hello in one of my customs there is a lot of time to wait at the end of the song when the audio is finished.There are no notes there causing this, it happened when i imported a gp tab because the beat map was messed up. Is there anyway to delete this extra space or move the red line that tells the game when its finished back? Thankyou for your time
  10. if anyone has Mississippi queen were it doesn't do this https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B2-ngHHsf1cxQU9EeEFqZVhhTkE&usp=sharing please share with me many thanks
  11. I see ill give it a shot, but I have no idea how to use
  12. yeh I wanted songs like Mississippi queen, barracuda, and american woman, I opened the xml files inside of eof and the notes are scattered through the difficulty levels, meaning even the highest difficulty level doesn't have all the notes mainly just the solo and hard riffs with lots of notes
  13. it works on the first one but the rest dont start with fretting, also it needs to be alot faster, like .5 second slide https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B2-ngHHsf1cxZUpFWlpNSXZLSVU&usp=sharing slides should be like this at 0:33 http://youtu.be/3kCKnFCOqqo?t=33s thanks for the help
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