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  1. There is an update to the ddc for the song toolkit which when updated removes the chords if you re apply DD to the file hope this helps
  2. Any body know how to regenerate xml files in EOF to remove chords and replace with empty ghost windows ?
  3. Tried out a few songs on #8 version , all converted without 100% error and kept their original stats , but all the chords still show in all windows except hand mutes which are still ghosted ? I hope this helps many thanks.
  4. I have used the toolkit as instructed on several different songs with the 100% bug , firstly changing the version number . This worked and the 100% bug was fixed, but user stats were reset as expected . I then tried your suggestion and repeated the fix without changing the version number , this also appears to have removed the bug but also preserved the songs stats . Is there a way to due this in bulk without changing the version number, by the way all the blank chord windows were filled in all of the converted songs .Many thanks for all the work that has gone into these fixes .
  5. Has anybody had problems recently with antivirus software preventing the RS toolkit from opening? I have successfully used the toolkit on many occassions but will not open as it is classed as malware by the antivirus sortware , any idea's
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