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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 555

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Do players get anything for winning  the level / levels below there categories like a bonus point or anything . Obviously the main players competing in that category get the main points.
I just thought a bonus point for winning It would be good as an incentive to play lower rated songs.  Just a suggestion. 

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Thanks @ Mikson  for choosing this song! I really liked it! It has become one of my "hits" for this year!

I sent it to my past bandmates that really like Yes! 😄👍 

Besides that, I am happy to achieve more than 90% in a MC song that is 8 minutes long! 🤟🤩 

(This is after a serious two hour session of RR...)





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Scores from testing


It can be a bit difficult to achieve high accuracy with a large number of slides, but this is the easiest song I could find with the five in the title. Apart from that, this is quite a nice song.


I really like this short instrumental composition, I remember this from when we played this for the first time in the championship, ahh a long time ago.


From what I've read, this is a song from the Tony Hawk PS2 game (the part I haven't played, so I haven't heard the song before). Short but fun to play, so I decided to add it to the selection.


One of my interesting discoveries when testing songs for theme selection. It's amazing how popular country music is in the US, but not much of that popularity reaches Europe, I feel. The chart is difficult and technical because this is a combination of two guitar tracks. But I like playing it!


Difficult, too fast, but this is a really good chart. I'm even happy that I achieved this score here.



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WEEK 555!!! YEAHHH!!! 🤟🤩🤟🤩🤟🤩🤟🤩🤟🤩🤟🤩



I had to play this song again... Is so much fun!!

This is the kind of song I like more playing than listening... but again, my theory is that music is primary for the players, and listening is the byproduct...



Little improvement...




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this reminded me the tv series!


nice song, 2 minutes of good old punk, I will replay it for sure



Rocksmith said my performance "Could be better" - I definitely agree 😅





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