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CDLC Requests

Message added by Teinashu,

Post all your CDLC requests here.
Since we no longer have the "Popular" Request system, you can now post them in this, and only in this, topic!

Posting a request here does not mean that someone will make it. Spamming the same song over and over will get you suspended. This is not a demand area. The Charters that post their CDLC on CF do so because they want to. You cannot force them to make your song. Do not send PM's to every single charter asking for your song to be made.

Basically this is a dumping ground for your requests and nothing more. 

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If anyone might be interested in charting "I Drown Nightly" by Vitriol it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any consideration!

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I'm surprised this one hasn't been made yet. It's my Favorite Alice Cooper song.

Can someone please Bass tab is one out?

Also, my favorite Bob Dylan song.

Anyone want to take a shot at this one for the Bass?

Thank you! 

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On 5/6/2023 at 1:10 AM, D34dlyK1ss said:

Any of these:

Maximum the Hormone - Tsume Tsume Tsume
Maximum the Hormone - Beauty Killosseum
Maximum the Hormone - Shimi
Maximum the Hormone - maximum the hormone
Maximum the Hormone - maximum the hormone II
Maximum the Hormone - HAWATARI NIOKU CENTI
Maximum the Hormone - KAMIGAMI


Planned on doing the Chainsaw Man ED one but lowkey forgot about it ;w; Now that I came across it again on here, I'll try to get that one done soon

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First time here so let me know if I'm doing something wrong:


How about songs from the game, Let It Die

Just any song.


Also songs from No More Heroes series like

  • "We are finally Cowboys",
  • "Night in Prague",
  • "No more No",
  • "Come to Me"

Other games like:

  • The intro to Evil Within,
  • Marathon Durandal Opening,
  • Marathon Infinity Opening,
  • more S.T.A.L.K.E.R guitar tabs,
  • "Old Snake" from MGS4,
  • "Shenmue" and "Shen-fa" from Shenmue (if possible lol), 
  • some of Critical Velocity OST like "Break Time"


Some anime songs:

  • "Shounenki" from Doraemon,
  • "Men of Destiny" from Gundam 0083,
  • "Tobe Dunbine" from Aura Battler Dunbine,
  • "IN MY DREAM" from Brain Powerd,
  • "Star Overhead" by FLCL Alternative (the pillows),
  • Some of Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou soundtracks
  • Not anime but Pickle's Rehab song
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if someone could re-upload Black Sabbath's Computer God. It was on here but the link to the google drive it was on stopped working.


This saint even uploaded it to youtube, so the psarc is still out there. I commented to see if could get it to me someway if not back on the site as a whole.



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