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  1. Kyuss - Whitewater wooaaahh im floating thru spaaace
  2. what in the gordita crunchwrap supreme?!?!?!?!?!?! how is the official taco bell song by the taco bell band not on here this is a complete disservice and honestly a little discriminatory towards taco bells everywhere Scowl - Opening Night
  3. Unwritten Law - Tell Me Why need this classic banger
  4. Curtis Mayfield - Pusherman is it possible to get a version of this with guitar and bass together, tryna play some multiplayer with the homies
  5. Violent Femmes - Sweet Misery Blues yeahhhh im gonna corner you in a elevator
  6. Queens of the Stone Age - Time and Place this song bangs hard af
  7. Smile - Staring at the Sun funny enough I looked up smile on a whim cause I thought it'd be a cool band name and found these guys. this album slaps bratwurst bruv sounds like american silverchair
  8. Soft Play (Formerly known as Slaves) - Punk's Dead a track talking smack about the ppl mad about your name change and it BANGS?!?!?! too good to be true
  9. Silverchair - The Lever maybe i really AM on the lever
  10. blink - 182 - lemmings dude....bro...dude
  11. Black Sabbath - Under the Sun hyyunddeerrooouuhhhffunktuoooit that's the sound i make when i hear this song
  12. Violent Femmes - Country Death Song banger
  13. this guy knows whats up
  14. Queens of the Stone Age - These Aren't the Droids You're Looking For funkaholics anonymous called they said this a tasty jam!
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