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Dale's video lessons of the day

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Hey guys.


So I had an idea. This is one of the quieter areas of the forum at the moment and that's a shame. There's potential here for a whole community within a community of people looking to learn the guitar or bass (or maybe even some other instruments?!) 


So to get us moving down the right road, I had an idea. A new instructional video every day, something to keep things fresh, give you some new ideas or maybe that creative breakthrough you've been looking for. I'll trawl the interwebs to see what I can find. 


It wont all be beginner stuff, by any means, some of it even quite advanced, but I will take requests if there's anything people are finding particularly difficult or would need further explained.


Also, I probably should have asked a mod about this first. Hopefully it's not a problem :)


So, without further ado...



Todays lesson comes courtesy of Blues legend, BB King who discusses the chords and voicings he uses in his music. Whilst not laid out in a traditional 'lesson' fashion, it's great just to listen to the mind of such a great man



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Hey guys. Hopefully yesterdays video proved to be useful to some of you :)


Today's video is all about Power Chords.


Watch here as Testament's Alex Skolnick teaches you how to build your own Heavy Metal power chord based riffs.




I'm open to suggestions if people want the videos to focus on specific genre's or techniques in the future. Just drop me a line in here or through PM.

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I'm glad you liked it mate.


I'm just hoping that with this thread we can start to engage a bit more, get some of the beginners to come and talk with us, and hopefully give a creative spark to more advanced players too. 


It's such an awesome community so it'd be good to get people more active in discussions

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Sorry guys, the daily grind has gotten the better of me today and between work and everything, I've just not had time to find a decent video. I'd rather watch a load and pick a good one than just post the first one that comes to me.


I'll find a good one for tomorrow to make it all up to you!

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Aaaaaand we're back in the room.


So Mr.Sklonick's power chord lesson seemed to go down pretty well, which is great. Building on that, or at least in a similar vein, I'm going to introduce another concept. 


7th chords in a metal setting...




And, you know, because I'm a nice guy and I missed a video out yesterday, here's a little bonus video for you all. One of my favourite guitarists playing one of my favourite songs. Brant Bjork takes you through the groovy, stoner rock tune "Doctor Special"


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I think I need to study up on the theoretical basis of roots, 5ths, and 7ths in the creation of chords.

 This might help you buddy




I'd take a quick gander from point 6.0 onwards, could hopefully shed some light on the situation :)

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Just a brief stop by for me today, I'm not long in from work and I have a new guitar to play about with. Trying to teach myself how this floyd rose nonsense works and how I can stop it :p


Something I've always loved is the exotic scales, something that just sounds a little bit different.

Here's Joe Satriani's take on it! 



Hopefully some of you can take a little bit of inspiration from this

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@@The Troglodyte , thanks buddy...what a gentleman :)


This next video is a repost from my days over a Smithy's Anvil and was very important in me building my initial understanding of music theory. The woman in the video, Karen Ramirez, manages to explain everything so effectively and succinctly that it's all so easily understandable. I'd highly recommend checking out her other videos on the subject too.


It's actually taught in relation to piano playing, but obviously it all makes sense when applied to guitar to.


(Credit to CF user JA37 for being the one who introduced me to these videos.)


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Hey folks.


Just wanted to take a few moments to let you guys know that there will be no videos today and possibly for a couple to go.


Mainly, life gets in the way sometimes and I'm working a lot at the moment, which gives me a little less time to watch as many videos as I'd like and to then get them on here for you guys.


Secondly, it's nice to take a break sometime and it'd be good to let people digest the videos that we have already, instead of rushing into new things every day. So don't worry, I'm not stopping and there'll be a video again by the end of the week, if not more, but let's just enjoy what we have for now :)

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Hey guys. I'm back!


Apologies first and foremost, as everything has been a bit hectic here. I've been dealing with some personal stuff as well as having a whole load of other things going on, so I've just not had any time recently. I'm about to pick up my guitar for the first time in about 3 weeks, which is nice and hopefully the videos will be coming back thick and fast from now on.


I'm not sure it'll be one every day, as I reckon that will very quickly lead to repetition and a lack of content to cover, but it'll certainly be a couple each week anyway.



So, onto the video.  I received a pm on here a wee while ago from another member, recommending a particular set of youtube videos and it just so happened that I've stumbled across that particular guy whilst finding a video to post on here, so kudos.


Todays video is about understanding and applying exotic scales and covers the Egyptian scale in particular. I've always been interested in exotic sounding guitar parts and have found myself listening to a lot of eastern metal recently (Orphaned Land, Kryptos, Cthonic etc) and really like how they can incorporate their particular geographical sounds into their music.


So here it is


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I doubt this Egyptian scale video will be very useful to beginner's,

I may be wrong, but this requires intermediate knowledge (about chords, cage system, basic scales) to exploit it.


However to progress, Rocksmith-only won't help you, except Session mode.

RS is a fantastic introduction to E-guitar, and it allows you to play with a band. 

That's all, it does not help you to improve and correct technique, on the contrary, it will teach you keeping bad habits.


Youtube lessons are a must, however, it's a giant recycle bin.

And all these "fast food" five minutes lessons don't offer a progressive or a complete program,

so it's a great idea to create playlists of well done video's by topics and levels.


Why not start with a Pentatonic minor and it's scale sequences, and related chords and arpeggios ?

Here's a 90 minutes video from Pebber Brown (one of Buckethead's teachers) that covers that large topic, including a pdf sheet



I'm currently gathering Youtube lessons, separating levels and topics, as I'm helping parents to get their kids interested in guitar play.

So I'll keep an eye on this thread. B)

But please keep it structured.

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