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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 329


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Wow, busy day to start the week off!  Here's my start:

Congrats to the Level Up!




Thanks!  This qualifies for leveling up?  Hoorah, long time in the making!


Do I start this week, or wait for the new one coming up?


I noticed you have been in beginner bass for almost 6 years. Are you sure you are ready? ;) You can start this week or you can start next week.





When I started here way back when, I wasn't comfortable trying to objectively evaluate and assess my own ability.  So I decided to start in the beginner class and remain there patiently until my efforts got me bumped up.  Learning new things comes much more slowly at my age, and it seems every time I was about to get somewhere life would rear its ugly head and put me on hiatus for while.


Anyway, it seems the system and my patience has worked at long last, and here I am.

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@@diceslinger - that Squier mini - such a great guitar (and i own.... 11 non-acoustics, so maybe i can tell) has been my travel guitar for over 5 years now, and i would rebuy that immediately if it broke.


@@KJParsley - congrats mate!!!!! can´t wait to fight you in adv, now that you are in upleveling mood!



Thanks!  Don't stop me now, I'm on a roll!  A dinner roll maybe, but a roll none the less...

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the 90ies




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