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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 303


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Who did the bass songs scoring this week? :O


This one is probably the easiest song, actually. Not quite beginner level but may be 4 or 5.



1? You kidding me?



This one definitely harder than Savatage. And it's quite chaotic too, especially for those who haven't heard it.



About right


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Also agree with the above. Funkytown is actually pretty challenging for bass just in terms of holding that octave for that long consistently. Savatage was definitely easier than Coheed. 

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Oh, Funkytown... I'll be honest that I didn't liked the song and completely forgot how it was going, so when making the post I took the rating that was in SSL. But now when you all have mentioned those octaves, I remember it, yup it's probably harder then beginner  :ph34r:


I felt that Gutter Ballet was faster and more complex than 2's and 1's as it seemed easier at 1st run, or maybe I played too much and it all meshed together.

That 100% needed focus but wasn't that hard to pull off:


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Okay, definitely harder than 1, but still probably the easiest if you can play finger style and have strong enough fingers to keep the octave shape for a long time.



I reckon this is actually the hardest one



Or this might be the easiest if you don't know how to fingerpick




Streak improvement.


Latest championship entries (click each timestamp to see the full screenshot.)



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Bass Path:
Beginner:        Lipps INC - Funkytown (1) 83%
Intermediate:    Coheed and Cambria - 2's My Favorite 1  (5) 78%
Advanced:        Savatage - Gutter Ballet (6)  (Drop D) 90.51%

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Oh! The piece of mind was masterclass, not advanced. Fine. This didn't feel like an advanced song. Perhaps 4 or 5 at max? Definitely easier than Gutter Ballet.


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Latest championship entries (click each timestamp to see the full screenshot.)



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Peace of mind indeed.





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Latest championship entries (click each timestamp to see the full screenshot.)



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