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Guitar String Vending Machine!


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I was in the train station in Poitiers (France) today and what did I see?


A guitar string vending machine! I couldn't believe it!


They had a few different sets of Ernie Balls, Martins, Elixirs, a few other brands. Also had a few different types of (Dunlop) picks, a Korg tuner, a Planet Waves cable, a string winder.... Prices were pretty reasonable too.


Maybe I don't get out all that much... but I've never seen this before. Next step will be sell guitars from the machine too...

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Getting ripped off a candy bar is one thing.  If my $20 tuner doesn't fall, I'm tipping the machine over.

Shit, I do that for the candy bar.


I need my sugar fix damnit, and there is no way im letting some punk-ass vending machine go with my 2 euro's without surrendering its candy.

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What a GENIUS machine!!!!  I wiish i could find one near me, but alas here in the New Mexico desert, we are often a decade behind the general polulous which is behind the French/Japanese (or anywhere else for that mater) by at least a few decades.  haha

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My friend has seen one in Nashville, TN. But it's also known as Music City lol. This picture is from imgur of a recording studio in LA. Best of all worlds. Strings and drum sticks. Batteries for equipment/active pickups. Snacks for nourishment. Earplugs for working with drummers. Advil for the headache for forgetting to put earplugs on while working with a drummer.



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