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  1. All fixed. Many thanks for the solution. You have no idea how much this was annoying me.
  2. Hi all, I've had Rocksmith from launch and this hasn't been a problem until recently. I'll be in TeamSpeak or Discord while launching Rocksmith and they'll work until the start up logos are done playing. Then, my microphone transmit ability will die in Discord and TeamSpeak with the only way to fix them is to close Rocksmith and just relaunch the VOIPs. I can still hear voice activity coming in; it just disables my microphone completely, push to talk or voice activated. First thing I checked was to make sure audio exclusivity was off and it was and turning it on didn't change anything other than adding static feedback. I haven't changed anything to my audio setup when my VOIPs were running fine with Rocksmith. Any ideas?
  3. Just the one with the game from launch month. Might buy another as a backup at some point just to hold in the box. Have the cables been restocked?
  4. This would happen to me as well even as far back as around launch. Though in my case, it usually only triggers after an hour plus of play and a restart always fixes it. It doesn't occur frequently or synonymous with any one CDLC for me however. I also had this theory for awhile that alt tabbing frequently would more likely trigger it, but I never really pinpointed it.
  5. I was the same and went to outside resources, including friends, which helped me quite a bit. I always have these roadblocks I come across. First, it was a simple power chord, then it turned into alternate picking, now its something like high pitch string palm muting which I can't quite get down, but I'll work on it. The best advice a friend gave me to learning guitar was "Don't worry about getting it. Just practice. One day, you'll just wake up and be able to do it". It happened and I started knocking down chords and techniques. For intermediate/advanced players, I see most people recommending Rocksmith as a way to just learn songs really fast. They don't have much to learn here, but they don't have to read through tab/sheet music to play.
  6. Only for a handful and they're mostly what most would consider simple/easy. High 80s/90s for ones I practice a lot. The dream is to play my favorite song outside of Rocksmith from memory. One day...one day, but for now, lots of practice.
  7. Apparently it was an original Rocksmith on disc song that didn't transfer even through the import tool due to licensing issues. https://www.reddit.com/r/rocksmith/comments/2soe37/cant_find_sunshine_of_your_love_on_steam_store/
  8. Little bit of Piano in College. Clarinet in Elementary school for a year. Though looking back I wish I wasn't a little derp and picked Violin instead.
  9. Thanks for the input, guys. @@Puddle Of Mudd , @@firekorn. I ended up missing the sale the day of anyways. I'm still a total newb when it comes to finding tone, let alone messing around with amps. Just when I started getting guitars, gotta throw amps into the mix zzz. I'll poke around some shops more and try out a variety. I wouldn't mind dishing out around that much for a head/cab, but it's hard for me at the moment to tell the difference in quality for anything I try out. Unfortunately, all my guitar friends are all across country as much as they would love to help me in a store. I was mostly looking at the Marshall MG combo amps for something simple to plug and play while dragging it around some places without much hassle. If it helps to point me towards any direction, I started learning guitar almost solely because of this band/song. I'd say my budget is $500ish for the whole setup. If I really notice a massive increase, I could be convinced for $1k. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXOLRiXdcoM
  10. Anyone have experience with Marshall’s MG amplifier line? The Marshall MG30CFX is currently $40 off it's normal price on Amazon until midnight today PST. I’m a beginner turned immediate player and have been looking for a new amplifier to upgrade to. I’m using some cheap, starter Ibanez amplifer at the moment. I have a pre-08 Gibson Les Paul Standard and I heard Marshalls and Gibsons were a match made in heaven so this is looking awfully tempting...
  11. Just DO IT! ™ I was in your exact position right when I started, though half your age with some of my own health issues. I would have never thought of even trying to play guitar without Rocksmith until I looked into it. At the beginning, all I would do is stare down at the fretboard to play, then glance up and repeat over and over. When I first tried the A5 chord, the only way I could get it to register was to bring my hand over the top of fretboard and play it upside down so to speak. I never thought the arcade would help at all, but one day I decided to give it a shot and decided to mess around with the duck fret game. I ended up getting addicted to it and playing nothing else for like five hours straight. It was one of first games I scored over 10 million on for the achievement. I ended up trying the other games and sometimes use them as warmup and practice. There are these things I like to call blocks. Some technique or skill you come across that you just cannot for the life of you, ever get down right even with consistent practice. Two big blocks for me were basic power chords and alternate picking. I practiced and practiced everyday, but it just never came out right. I got so discouraged, I just stopped playing regularly. I didn't have someone nearby who knew guitar to show me and ask questions. I did Skype with my friend and he told me the best advice that helped me personally. Just keep playing and you'll get it. And it worked. One day, it just clicked and I could do both fluidly. In my opinion, the best thing you can do is just play everyday for as long as you're comfortable or have time for. Doesn't matter where it is, lessons, songs, jam sessions, or guitarcade. Even if you have like 10 minutes, just do it. Also, you can use YouTube for supplemental learning. Theres tons of free tutorials and lessons out there. Good luck!
  12. Definitely buy/save up for a new guitar, especially if you're getting more serious with practice. Decent ones usually start at $300ish. There's always used ones if you have a friend or someone with you that really knows what to look for. My friend lent me his guitar to start with until I was able to decide how serious I was going to be, so I was fortunate to skip that phase. I started poking around guitar shops and the internet looking for my first one and all I knew was it had to be a red Les Paul. It took me half a year of looking before I found my dream guitar, a used 2006 Gibson Les Paul Standard in Cherry Burst. Just make sure to look out for these things when you're looking around. Get something that looks visually appealing to you that will make you want to play it every time you look at it; it'll help you keep up with regular practice. If you don't know where to start in a massive guitar wall, visit your local, friendly guitar shop and ask to see if you can pick up guitars at random and try them out. Pick different body shapes out and narrow it down by how comfortable it is to play/hold.
  13. I just simply enjoy playing music I like, especially music I have a personal attachment to. As to keep playing consistently? I can't answer that because I fail at it lol. I did everything I possibly could to motivate me everyday. Post it note reminders, a guitar figure on my desk, bought my dream guitar, named the dream guitar, etc. Yet I'll still go on two week or longer dry periods of not playing/practicing. One thing that was helping me though was asking songs my friends would like to hear me play and I compiled them. Sorted them by easiest to hardest for my skill level and started cracking at them along with my normal playlist. When I'd get competent enough at it, I'd play it for them. Some would karaoke along or just listen. It also helped me practice variety of genres and styles.
  14. http://www.meetup.com/Rocksmith-Party-Club-Guitar-Karaoke-Music-Jam-South-Bay/ That's been around for a bit locally.
  15. You could read all the reviews/opinions on any one guitar to pick it up at the store and realize you don't like it at all. Everyone has their own personal guitar Excalibur, you just need to find yours. Try out some more if you feel like it. Try one of everything. If you still don't find anything you like that just sings and feels right to you, you found it. Get something that feels right and makes you want to play it every time you look at it. Good luck. It took me seven months to find mine, but I"m pretty picky and stingy. I haven't played the LPJ too much, but it's a solid guitar for the price with Gibson on it.
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