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EOF will have created the WAV file version of the song automatically if you enabled its preference to export Rocksmith files.

Off topic but why is WWise necessary? I always skip wwise and go straight from EOF to the toolkit when creating cdlc's. Seems like the toolkit calls wwise during the Generate process but Im not sure..


What do you mean you don't know why is WWise needed? (sorry i'm not totaly understand what you saying :P )

My Customs


The reasons why most of my customs are not updated yet:

1.)I'm lazy to do it because I have no motivation for it

2.)I'm not at my computer

3.)I'm working on a song that I haven't made it yet

4.)I don't have any song to work on it




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That's one thing, they did not go over. How do I enable that?

Open File>Preferences and the "Save separate Rocksmith 2 files" option will be near the top.


Off topic but why is WWise necessary?

I think newer releases of the toolkit will automatically use Wwise behind the scenes to convert audio, but the last I read about it, Wwise still had to be formally installed on the computer:


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Well, I have figured it out, but sadly my I was trying to fill out the tuning, and it would not accept it, all fields were filled but it was telling me, they were not. But, I have at least figured it out, back to EoF to redo the song and make it actually all connect. It's by Infant Annihilator, so it is a very quick and technical. But, it is Drop E, can anyone help me figure out whats going on with the whole tuning thing?

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