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  1. On the tones for stairway, I do substitute the soft part with a clean tone in my presets and then when the chords kick in a bit I switch over to a more distorted/reverb one. That fender amp sounds like a beauty
  2. @@GetTheLedOut By the way, this weekend I only played one song the entire weekend - Stairway to Heaven. I had learned how to play the finger picking part and the middle part a while ago. But, my goal this weekend was to learn the entire song and play it at an acceptable level. Well, 20 run-throughs later I was able to go from 73% to 88%. The finger picking is probably where I miss the most notes and the one part in the solo that is the fast B13-B15-G14 progression. All in all it was so much fun playing this song over and over again. Awesome job on this custom and I can see why its gotten a couple of downloads lol...
  3. @@manchot66 I ordered the splitter from Amazon. Looking forward to playing through my Marshall amp.
  4. @@avdocatwork So, with that splitter I put the male RS and regular guitar cable into the female ports and then plug the male port into the amp? What do I do about the guitar volume in RS? Wouldn't that have to be turned down? If that is the case, how does RS register notes? Sorry for all the noob questions here…..
  5. @@avdocatwork @@manchot66 @A51Ripcord: Can you link me to a decent splitter for the amp/RS that I could use? Also, any other tips/tricks I should know about (i.e. RS configuration) or is it just plug and play?
  6. Dumb question but what exactly MIDI audio and how does it differ from the actual song? Is it like a synth version of the song or something?
  7. ^^^^Actually just looked at ignition and someone has created a bunch of Allman songs as of 6/18. Anyone know if this cdlc creator (KyleAbent) provides solid cdlc? @@GetTheLedOut - looks like you have left some comments on Kyle's work. Any thoughts here? Edit #2 - I also didnt realize there is a Blue Sky version from 2014 by J1nn. Seems to get a solid review from members. Anyone here have any opinions?
  8. @avdocatwork You mentioned that Ramblin Man had some issues. Should I wait for a v2 before playing? Honestly wasnt going to play Dreams as much since I dont know that tune. I will re-dl Melissa though. Any plans on Blue Sky? I heard that on the radio yesterday and was thinking about how much fun that would be on RS. BTW, great work on CCR - I heard it through the Grapevine. A great way to spend 12 minutes of your time!
  9. @@avdocatwork Going to dl Dreams and Ramblin Man now and hopefully give them a go the next few days.
  10. @@avdocatwork I played Melissa the other day and really enjoyed it. Thanks. For some reason, it was a lot simpler than I would have expected on lead guitar. Thought it would be more insane but what do I know...
  11. @@avdocatwork Melissa!!!! Yes!!!!! Never understood why more AB wasnt on the site. Downloading now and will give it a go soon. Had an ex named Melissa but that is a story for a different time....while being at least a few beers deep.
  12. Im looking for some good country songs to play and was hoping I could get some suggestions. Some cdlc that I have played so far that I have liked: Chris Singleton - Tennessee Whiskey Carrie Underwood - Good Girl Alabama Shakes - Hold On
  13. Ok maybe I had a bunch of dlc in my RS 2012 folder that I never brought over then. I will check. @@firekorn
  14. @ I am having the same issue where RS 2012 official dlc is missing. Do I need to install RS 2012 for your steps above to work? I only have RS 2014 installed and have all the RS 2012 songs except the official dlc.
  15. @@avdocatwork I will have to check out those tunes from aludog especially Tommy... Right now if I need a tone change for aN acoustic song I use iron maidens fear of the dark clean tone.
  16. DD allows you change the level of difficulty of each section in the song. Each section is represented by the square blocks at the top of the screen. If you have DD set to 20% on each section and get 100% of the notes right you have only mastered 20% of that song. If you bump up a section to 100% it will become purple. If all sections are 100%, you are playing the entire song. Songs with no DD are at 100% difficulty no matter what.
  17. @@manchot66 Love that movie. The scene where he plays Johnny b Goode is awesome. The CDLC creator was smart enough to take out the insane EVH inspired solo at the end as well.
  18. For you Johnny B Goode fans, I recommend the Back to the Future version as well. Played it the other day and it was good.
  19. @@avdocatwork - The tab I found was really good. Couple that with assistance from @@GetTheLedOut and you get one solid track. I was doing real well on the Lead in EOF until the final solo where the tab fell off a bit. That's where GTLO came in and helped out. He also found a few spots where the main riff was just off slightly.
  20. @avdocatwork - Thanks for playing Thunderstruck and the multi tracks and the kind words about it. For anyone interested, I released a multitrack version of Thunderstruck (Live at Donington)
  21. Welcome guys - awesome additions to this great subgroup!
  22. Now I know the inspiration for the Love Yourself cdlc. I had to give it a go out of curiosity.
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