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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


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How's everyone enjoying this game? I'm having a blast. 

Right now I'm trying to purchase every single upgrade for everything and it's taking a while. I am having fun revisiting missions to find S rank soldiers.


Please remember to use the spoiler tags for any spoilers


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@@Unleashed2k I play in this. And have some fun, but only bcs of now no new good games, with stealth which i very like.

1. History in compare with MGS1-4 bad. (I refund my money after first chapter, it was so disappointed,  but then buy again, bcs of like stealth and close my eyes at bad history.)

2. Stealth in compare with Deus Ex, Splinter Cell more bad (AI very stupid and slow, no any punish for fail, only turn to action mode where i`m terminator, and  yet can not jump(and climb) from roof (mounts) and shock some enemy)

3. Action in compare  with CoD more bad (AI again stupid and very slow and BB have a tons health, like terminator no any challenge). Once i was blown at nade and my c4  and not die, wtf :)

4. Missions in compare with Witcher 3 more bad, a lot copy-past, same location, same target  - so boring.

Sorry :) 

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I can't afford it for PS3 and also don't have a great PC to run it. I saw videos, reviews and stuff, and i had a massive blast, it's completely amazing! 

Kojima and his team did the opposite of MSG4, the game is now more focused on the gameplay than the history, of course this is optional, because you can find a lot of tapes and you can learn more of the history on your own. And the customization is absolutely huge! 

Man, i just want to play this game ASAP! 


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@@Nacholede Developers did great work, and game have perfect optimisation on PC, so low PC too can run this game smooth on 60 fps.

If your GPU have dx11, i think it will run good (and yet  you can decrease quality graphics). 

That is the thing, i don't have a video card with DX11 :c 


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After dithering, and knowing I don't really have the time to play it, I've actually bough a PS4 to play this on...


I'm finding time.  lol


The game controls maybe don't feel as fluid as RDR or GTA (I'm not a fan of COD - so don't know how that compares), but maybe that's just because the graphics are better so it's more noticeable?  There's also a fair amount of screen clutter such as glowing plants, items and soldiers with triangles above their heads, which for a game that aims to be like a film is quite strange.  The CQC is a little easier, in that I'm not accidentally slitting peoples throats, but is less intuitive, with the instructions coming up on the screen all the time.


I'm still getting my Rocksmith time in, but this seems to be on by default once it's too late in the evening to be playing bass...


Not much housework or gardening is being done around here at the moment. :)

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How's the game for ps3 i'm playing it on a ps4 so i'm a little curious. Also is anyone excited about MGS online.


I don't have it, but it runs between 20-30 FPS, so (very) slightly worse than GTA5. While I found GTA 5 bearable on PS3, MGSV seems to be dropping way more, thus performing like crap. Then again, it is 10 year old hardware, so what they've squeezed out of it is awesome, but seems like a bad idea to me, really...


It also clearly inferior port to X360, which seems to more or less constantly perform like 5 FPS better. Nothing to write home about, but on those low figures it does make a noticeable difference.

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