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  1. http://customsforge.com/topic/39922-latest-rstoolkitwine-releases-10-27-2017/
  2. Iankaikkiselta Unilaulu, Pullon Henki, Kaksin käsin ja Kadonneet lisäilty. Enää olis tuolta levyltä Kummitusjuna jäljellä, mutta sen kanssa joutuu näköjään oikeasti tekemäänkin jostain kun tabit ilmeisesti jonkin sortin extended-versiolle tehty tai jotain kun ei suorilta täsmää albumiversion kanssa (toisin kuin käytännössä kaikki nuo muut mitkä tein). Mutta eiköhän tuokin vielä ulos saada! Kämmäsin itse tempon kanssa jotain ja tuohan on aika hyvä noineen. Nyt olisi tuo albumi tehty ainakin pääosin ihan soitettavaan kuntoon, joten eteenpäin sano mummo ku sano mummo, että sano mummo.
  3. Ah, I see, won't work for me in that case since I'm using that one and it still fails. Well, at least packing everything in via Windows is not too big of a deal. Thanks anyways!
  4. 10.3.18 Näyttääpi siltä että ylempi taho päätti laittaa ryhmän pillit pussiin ja jouduin sittenkin valvovan silmän alle. No, ei kai muuta kuin soitellen sotaan vaan. Väkerrän täällä listauksiani! ENG This is going to be sort of a community combined workshop for the band Kotiteollisuus. Probably will never get around to finishing the whole discography unless I really start learning how to make the tabs myself, but this should do for now. SWE Och samma på svenska. Laitan tänne Workshopin sijaan koska tuskin kaikkea saa koskaan tehtyä, ja tulee kuolleen topicin kanssa vähemmän naurunalaiseksi jos ei kukaan näe :lol: Löysin viime kesänä oikein hyviä tabeja 7, Helvetistä Itään ja Iankaikkinen levyille (vielä kun löytäisin että mistä löysin nuo niin menisi kiitos sinne minne kuuluukin), ja läjän kaikkea muuta satunnaisempaa, ja kun nyt havaitsin että USC on saatu Omenalle (tosin sekin vissiin joskus viime kesänä jo) ja kun tuntuu muutenkin nyt onnistuvan aika mutkattomasti noiden CDLC:iden teko niin voisin vaikka yrittää saada aikaan näitä. Uppailin äsken Kivireen, ja taidan jatkaa täysin sattumanvaraisesti valittuna tuon Iankaikkisen tekemisen loppuun täysin sattumanvaraisessa järjestyksessä, mutta jos vaikka aloiteltaisiin täyttämällä näiltä levyiltä puuttuvat kappaleet ja katsottaisiin sitä muuta tuotantoa sitten. Tomusta ja Tuhkasta (2000) Kuolleen Kukan Nimi (2002) Helvetistä Itään (2003) ✔ 7 (2005) ✔ Iankaikkinen (2006) ✔ Ukonhauta (2009) Kotiteollisuus (2011) Kruuna / Klaava (2015) Vieraan Vallan Aurinko (2016)
  5. So what was the magic trick here? I'm having this same problem, and would like to get back creating CDLC's now that USC has also been released on Mac, but I'm unable to generate the packages and really wouldn't like to boot into Windows to do that.
  6. Last time I wrote here I didn't have all that much, but let me add some from the last weekend: Orphaned LandForsakenCivil War (got to personally meet the guys!)Abysmal TormentPreachSaillePoemLoch Vostok (and with these damn drunks I shared a cab, I love you guys!)DimlightDesecrateWeeping Silence :plus1:
  7. True, but it's still a ton of less to do than to install Mono (the correct version, because the newest one won't work IIRC), run the Toolkit, choose CDLC and convert that. I honestly can't see any reason for the creator to leave the Mac version out. Console versions maybe, because they require other dependencies, but not the Mac version.
  8. I've been playing RS for roughly 2,5 years now, and I've reached a level on guitar and bass I couldn't ever had even dreamed of before, and while I haven't been getting too much into soloing I'm doing pretty good with rhythm and bass. I still play RS pretty much on a daily basis, and while I try to push myself to play faster (as I'm a metalhead as well), I'm more into slow-er symphonic/gothic metal. Anyway to get away from the drunken rambling, I wanted to know if anyone here has "graduated" from RS to actually being in a band? Personally I feel like I'm kinda running in place and having a band would force me to really practice stuff instead of just playing the same things that I'm already good with, but the problem is that due to my lifestyle I keep on moving every few months so it's kinda hard to even think of having a band intact. So, any "success stories" I could use as inspiration?
  9. But packing them up in m.psarc takes just one more click as well, so I don't get why many charters don't bother with that. I constantly see "I don't have a bass, so bassline is not tested" when you can just use the emulated bass for that, but for some reason the same laziness doesn't go all the way to giving put the Mac version?
  10. Going two years I have two cables, one to keep at home at all times and one to travel with if I happen to come across a friend who wants to play multiplayer.
  11. Because you don't have 'Cowboys from Hell'.
  12. If your computer can't keep up with Rocksmith in Windows, it won't fare any better under OSX either. Could even be worse, as is the case many times with Mac ports of games. Judging by the OS version, you have a 2010-2012 Macbook, so ultimately you're just better off by purchasing a newer laptop and going with that. You could get better performance out of the unit by getting it thoroughly cleaned though. I have mid-2012 MBP that got to high 80's or even 90's (celsius) in temps when playing, and that would obviously make the computer throttle even more than usual. Then I got some HDD issues (not related to the heating, I presume) and got my computer checked. The guys cleaned it completely, and now my temps when playing RS are around 65C, which from the idle temps of 50C is not a huge increase.
  13. You can, but I don't understand what you mean by "duplicates". The basic song list is different on both games.
  14. https://www.facebook.com/OfficialMotorhead
  15. Got my overflowing edginess on and got Kerry King Wartribe 1 with the Onyx coloring from BC Rich. Spent the weekend in Lithuania so I haven't had too much time to try it out yet, but should be good enough - at the very least with replacing the pickups (or so I've heard). Wanted to go for the Warbeast, but the one I wanted was OOT and since I've already spent two months without playing, I went with this. http://i.imgur.com/N8kgFBT.jpg
  16. Okay now this week the song is to my liking, although I kinda doubt that my bass'll go down to D Drop C... Should be fine with guitar though, gonna give it a go tomorrow when all the gin wears off. Also, I won bass last week? My name there is spelt wrong :P
  17. Not really my type of song, (and to not make that sound like an excuse:) also my fingers are not made to fit those chord shapes on rhythm. Just leaving these here as not to drop out of the game. http://i.imgur.com/AkZ33ie.jpg http://i.imgur.com/r4RtAdD.jpg
  18. Retail is most likely going to be a bit cheaper than the Steam version, but otherwise there is no difference as you'll need to register that one via Steam anyway. But you won't get access to the already purchased PS3 DLC, which is a bit stupid considering that you could use your UPlay account to verify that.
  19. I also use Mac, and sometimes the conversion could fail, or the original file simply not work. In those cases I try to convert again via Windows, and if that fails there is not much to do. I guess you could try to repackage the files again, but you'd need Windows for that, as the Mac version of the toolkit can't handle the packaging. I haven't felt that as a very common problem though.
  20. More than worrying about CF going down, I'd be more more worried about the individual downloads going down as distributing these files is, after all, illegal in many jurisdictions, so the hosting companies could take them down. So it's better to keep local backups, as like said external HDD's or even DVD's are not expensive anymore. Nothing is guaranteed, but that's the most surefire way to keep the files available. Even a simple thumbdrive would suffice for most, as like in my own case I have like 200 customs, and with 4MB average size they'd only come down to 800MB. 1GB drives are given out left and right anyway.
  21. Missed last week because half of it I was too drunk to speak, and half of it I was too drunk to speak and out of country. Here's my INT bass, I'll try better tomorrow and also fire up lead after I'll get around to changing my strings. http://i.imgur.com/mfNGZ2J.jpg
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