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Rocksmith 2014 Championships Week 19

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@@MisterDC try this link http://www.mediafire.com/download/i1dggkzlsdkt4i1/JP_BloodBrothers_2v1_DD_p.psarc for the DD version or http://www.mediafire.com/download/3zq7dyxpqclydm5/JP_BloodBrothers_2v1_

Welcome to the championships MisterDC great job on that score.    Leaderboard Updated

@@Helderdje The secret to the beginner section is to treat it like barre chords except your single note playing them. Its E5 into B5 for the intro then C5 and then D5

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Well done!! GZ!

Tried a couple of times again when ever I had some minutes to play but even failed to beat my own result. Sadly I'm done for this week as I'm ill and lie in bed...


Of course congratulations to everyone!

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I can't seem to post a screenshot, how?? it'll add a screenshot in my post, I click "post" but my post is never posted...?


Editing a post and adding the screenshot won't work either, oh well.. than a link only I guess..


So I tried the song three times in SA, failed the same part all three times (you'll see the first red marked part, that's where I get the first two strikes..) 


I guess I gotta go RR the part a bit before posting my score, wow. Really could use a Non DD version :P



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Great scores guys you guys are making me look bad lol. I will try again on blood brothers and see how i fare. At least im still top 3 lol. Love the competition thats finding its way here its very motivational to keep me playing. 


Leaderboard Updated 

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