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BandFuse Customs Research (Is there a better place for this?)


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PikminGuts92 is still working on it, but my understanding is that it's not going to be as straightforward as Rocksmith CDLC. Each DLC in Bandfuse has a list of all DLC that existed before it, so relevant tools will probably have to rebuild a song list or something every time CDLC is added or removed. Bandfuse customs are closer than ever before though, which is exciting.

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Yep, basically what raynebc said. I haven't implemented much in the past month. I mostly just added MIDI export. Although I'm still refining the spec. I think it looks pretty clean but I doubt many others would enjoy authoring using REAPER.



I also worked on the CELT encoding. I had fixed the issue with previews not playing correctly and implemented packet offset calculations. Result is a smaller file size.


The main things I left to implement are an GUI for song conversion/import. I'm also thinking about how I want to package customs so that they can be distributed. I'm considering something along the lines of pre-serializing RIFF/CLT files and saving them into a compressed archive. From that you should be able to import the files into a BF game directory and update its index/catalog entries.

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@@PikminGuts92 I guess it would be good to have something like npm like packet manager maybe? since you should really "install" your cdlc into the game I wonder if you ever tracked how dlc were distributed at all? maybe there's easy way or what, It should be pain for devs to maintain that list if they were successful at dlc thing so maybe there's a chance for "place a song package there and play" scenario?

REAPER for me is like "sample your own stuff" not the "tab out a song" so maybe you'd consider gp5 to BF mid file converter or what with auto lvl system perhaps ?

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@@Mrnec26 are you really going to keep posting random list of band in that thread? Cause that seems utterly useless so far as the development of BF customs even if in good shape is still far away from the point of mass uses for user as far as this thread suggest.


So i fail to see the point of listing bands like this in that thread as it's taking away from the important news of actual development of the customs for BF.

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Firekorn's workshop
In Flames Discography


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When it's time I guess we'll see kinda tools and instructions on how to get those cdlc in BF but as for now it's priveledge of the developers to play with cdlc and scripts, till it's done at some lvl of comfort to the others less expirienced people we could just wait for it to come, no need to ask if we're there every minute, right? :D


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On 3/3/2015 at 11:07 PM, tracso said:

Has anyone looked at Jammit as a possible basis for the cdlc? I haven't tried it but it sounds like has the stems or something similar for its music tracks, of course along with the separate tabs...

yeah, it worked well for me but the app is no longer available

however, some clone was developed and can be downloaded at https://unjammit.com

also, I heard the content was salvaged by the users so tracks should still be available

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